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    Marvin The Martian


    I have an idea (not new one, thou) to make some monthly introduction to the new music of a specific genre (mostly salsa and timba). Just as simple as 10 to 12 new songs that came out during past month. Due to genre, i cannot call it “a mix” – just the sequence of songs. What goals? Actually, I dont know. To introduce, to promote myself as a DJ in that scene, just because i like that kind of music etc…

    So, few questions:
    1) The question about mixing – should i try to do a mix? All salsa mixes that Ive heard sound like one long salsa song and its quite boring to listen that kind of mix

    2) Should i post a track list and any links to the musicians profiles? Is it so important?
    3) The picture – is it important? Should i try to make a good and specific one?

    4) The most important – how to promote and how to get more than 20 listeners? =))
    P.S. Here is an example https://www.mixcloud.com/MrWendal/new-salsa-around-the-world-october-2016/


    First Mixcloud, because Soundcloud will ban you anyways 😉

    1. Yes do a mix, if you do not like other mixes, than do it differently, but do a mix and not just one song after another…

    2. Yes a tracklist is essential. Musician profiles are nice to have.

    3. Yes pics will attract listeners.

    4. search for D-Jam on our main blog, he has tons of articles on promotion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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