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    Anyone have an opinion on the best music service out there for downloadable music for DJ Mixes? I currently use iTunes but am growing tired of paying for a track everytime I need a new track. I know there are services out there that allow me to use songs from their library for a monthly fee, which ones are the best?

    Thanks in advance!

    MC Hutsell

    Bryan Singleton

    MC, try BPM Supreme it cost 20.00 bucks a month and has all the radio hits you will need for gigs…


    Frankly, you should let only a limited number of tracks into your collection each month. And at that number, buying is still cheaper than a service. Bonus is that having to pay for each track actually helps you make choices instead of falling into the digital DJ’s trap of collecting as much music as possible.

    Just my 3 cents as usual.


    Ok I tend to agree about the purchasing. What is the best place if I want Stems?


    On Stems I can’t help you much. Ditched Traktor long before Stems arrived. Hopefully one of our Stems-“wielding” readers can help you there.


    I still have an old school Traktor S4 that I tinker with, I only use it when playing clubs. Im looking more at Live to get into Music Production and looking at the best ways to supplement my methods and my music selection as well as loops for re-use and such. This is not music production for distribution but more for performance for clubs.

    Bob V

    I am a Virtual DJ8 user and I have content unlimited. 10 bucks a month and no downloading needed.

    S M

    MC I buy quite a lot of STEMS from beatport, as I found they have a lot in the Genres I like(Techno,House). If you looking for other genres you going to have to search long and hard, however the following will help:


    https://www.reddit.com/r/Stems/ and r/songstems

    Hope it helps

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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