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    Rory Fackrell

    Simple question here guys:

    I currently have the NS7 III been offered a swap + cash for a SX2. Good trade or stick with the NS7?

    The only real reason for looking to move on is the damned weight of the NS7 and my expanding hernia.




    I have the SX2 and it’s a solid controller. Personally I am not convinced it’s the best option for mobile DJ’s. The main reason being the integration of mic inputs on regular channels. So for me going back to Denon by getting the MCX8000 was the best path.

    That said, I guess the major workflow differences would be giving up the motorized platters and the screens.
    Again personally I have never cared for motorized platters. In my opinion it is only mimicking something that once was -turntables- and that is fine if you never got over losing that feeling. Purely functionally speaking I don’t think there is anything you can’t do with static platters that you can do with motorized ones.
    You did buy the NS7, so motorized platters could be a big deal to you, in which case the swap is a bad one.
    Same can be said for the screens. I love the ones on my MCX8000 as I could easily move the laptop to the side of my setup and still have all relevant info in front of me. This too could be a big factor for you.

    There are a few things the SX2 has that are missing on the NS7. If you are a big sample user, the separate sampler volume fader might be something. Slip support, DVS support … well you can find the features for both, put them in a list and just prioritize them.

    I can’t really advice one over the other, just give you these thoughts.

    Good luck with your decision.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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