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    Pete Lindemann

    Hi just looking at tips and advise at improving my practice sessions . Usually just do a mix one a twice a week and record it and practice scratching a little . Does anyone here have any tips to make the most out of practice time /Thanks

    Peter Lindqvist

    Hi there. For a long time I was doing exactly what you are doing now. Recording your mixing is essential to improve, but after a while, a boost of creativity is needed. If no one else can hear what you’re playing, there’s also that risk of getting to think that it doesn’t matter… and sloppy mixing may stop you from getting further.

    For me the turning point came when I stated to post my mixes online, and the most rewarding place to get hem up, is on Youtube. Because of their strict copyright rules, your mix will easily get blocked an no one will hear it. So, while choosing the right tracks I also make a speed mix of all the tracks I want to use and add a few extras just in case. 30 -60 seconds/track is enough. Give the mix a name and upload it to Youtube. After posting the video you’ll get copyright warnings telling you which track will be allowed and which will ban the hole mix entirely, or in which countries it will be blocked. Now, you should be able to make a mix that will stay open to everyone.

    Now, since I got a fiber connection a while ago, I can now upload at will. Only takes a few min’s regardless of the length of the mix. During this time I’ve gotten myself a couple of hundreds of followers, and about 45 000 views. Not much compared to the big and famous, but for me, a normal working DJ it’s huge. This makes me want to do the best I can every time not to disappoint my followers. I spend almost as much time preparing and programming these sets as I do my payed gigs 🙂 . Thinking about it, it’s even more important, because anyone can listen to the details over and over again. When the numbers of your followers are growing, this also is the base for your future customers who will check you out before contacting you. Using your phone or a couple of Go Pro’s filming your set will attract even more people, done right. It will also increase your focus and awareness of the task ahead. This has helped me getting as close to a live gig as possible when practicing.

    Ramon Bordoni

    wow, thanks Peter!! You convinced me to do sets in Youtube…good advice 🙂

    And JazzyPete, search Psychrobatic in Youtube…is directed to Psytrance Djs, but maybe it will help u

    Pete Lindemann

    Wow thats a great idea !!!

    Scott O’Toole

    Hey DJ Jazzy Pete,

    One thing that I often do myself is have practice sessions that are separate to mix sessions. I also play Guitar and there are some parallels, sometimes I put on an album and just play through the whole thing, it’s fun and you work on your technique but I don’t consider it practice as such. Practicing on guitar is working on scales, chords, improv etc.

    With DJing I’ll often have mix sessions (jamming along with the album) but I’ll also set aside 30 minutes or so to just focus on one aspect of DJing, Hot cue juggling or scratching for example (to me the DJing equivalent of working on scales, chords etc).

    Obviously being a musician first and foremost I approach it a little differently so it might not be as relevant to you but hopefully it’ll give you some ideas 🙂


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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