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    All Murray

    I’ve been looking to add a sub to help with the lower frequencies, I currently use the RCF ART 710’s as tops which are pretty powerfull for a 10 inch cab, and I’m wondering if one 12 inch sub will help add a little bit of low end, people have been on to me that I need a 15 inch sub and up, and I’ve read some good reviews on this 12 inch sub when it was paired with a pair of RCF ART 310’s, the gigs im looking to do is pub/bar/ birthday parties and weddings further down the line, say gigs of up to 100 – 150 people…

    DJ Vintage

    15″ sub to 10″ tops you run a risk of creating a “hole” between low and mid-low. Think the 12″ would fit better.

    Best bet is to find a place that has both subs and your tops (or bring your own), rig it up, bring your own music and do the smart thing: “trust your ears”.

    All Murray

    Think am gonna go for the Sub 702 as have had heard good reviews on it when it comes to providing the low end, and the SPL matches my tops, the weight is the deal killer for me as it only weighs 17 and a half kilos… How much low end do 12 inch subs provide, what I’m looking for is to just add a little bit more low end to what I already have… The Specs on the RCF Sub 702 are…

    Acoustical Specifications

    Frequency Response -3 dB: 40 Hz รท 120 Hz
    Max SPL: 129 dB
    Woofer: 12″, 2.5″ v.c.

    Input/Output Section

    Input connectors: Stereo XLR
    Output connectors: Stereo XLR
    Input sensitivity: -2 dBu / + 4 dBu

    Processor Section

    Crossover frequencies: 80-110 Hz Hz
    Protections: thermal, rms
    Limiter: soft limiter
    Controls: Volume, EQ, phase, xover

    DJ Vintage

    There isn’t that much difference between 12″- 15″ – 18″ subs from the same brand. My Mackie HD series sub (18″) goes down to 43Hz, it’s 15″ sibling does 44Hz. The big difference is in the measures 3dB max SPL difference of course.

    However, it is also this relatively big difference in SPL that causes the “gap” I mentioned, not the frequency range. As they all usually run higher than the cross-over frequency which is (like the 702s) somewhere between 75-120 or so.

    Frankly, the smaller diameter subs give a tighter bang, as you said to complement the lows of your full ranges (actually taking over a lot of the energy, giving your full range fuller low-mid and mid), where the bigger ones (18″ and up) give more oomph to the real low end, simple physics, more surface to move that air.

    Think you made a good choice. Nice setup.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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