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    Dj JazzyPete

    Just setting up my new set up . Have a new laptop for djing ASUS 14in windows 8 and Denon MC2000 with full Serato DJ..
    Just looking at setting up the laptop..looking on what I should be doing to create music libraries I not using apple so don’t use Itunes .. Thanks for any advise and help .

    Dj JazzyPete

    or is itunes the way to go .. just never used it


    Well I do everything in iTunes, since it so neatly integrates with Serato.
    But there is no “must”.
    You can also simply use the crate features within Serato and be done with it. It offers almost the same functions as smart playlists from iTunes, just the interface is not as simple in my opinion.


    I love how Serato and iTunes play nice. You can analyze the BPMs of songs in Serato and then they will appear in Itunes. You can also change a genre for a large number of tracks in iTunes and it will show up in Serato….etc.

    If you are not using iTunes though, start by creating some basic SMART crates with some basic rules to help organize your music.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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