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    Dj JazzyPete

    Noticing many djs using ipads and controllers.. seen a few Djs over the past few months using the NUMARK IDJ PRO CONTROLLER FOR IPAD and Numark iDJ Live Controller for iPad and they are all saying what im using is old fashioned and what they are using is so much better now .
    I was wondering if this is the going to be the way to go .
    I know reloop have a new ipad beatpad as well ..

    I have a Reloop mixage ie atm with an old Toshiba laptop with tracktor .Its going ok .Travel a bit with Dj gigs and will be djing in Africa in December .. I was wondering if I’m better off going down the iPad or tablet path ..I actually don’t know if you can use an Android tablet instead of an iPad ?

    Just wondering how you guys see this area .. and what is available .. recommended etc

    Marco Solo

    Why is it old fasioned when a laptop is literally a couple of dozen times more powerful than a tablet? Plus you have multiple usb ports, good luck fitting something like an F1 next to your controller for samples on a tablet.
    I don’t see any reason to use a tablet if you’re already using a laptop.


    I use a laptop (Traktor) but my gear (Denon) has its own music management software that works on an iPad and I’m seriously considering going down this route if it agrees with my M.O.
    Marco makes an important point above, you can plug more stuff into a laptop and they’re generally more powerful than a tablet. My Denons would handle the music processing and my mixer has fx on it already, the iPad would simply be a music display tool, so power and usb ports wouldn’t be a problem in my particular case. This is worth bearing in mind if you’re considering tablet DJing, what exactly is doing your sound processing and where’s your storage?

    The point is that laptops are far from old fashioned when it comes to DJ work, and given their connectivity they have far more utility than a tablet anyway. Do your own thing if it works for you 🙂


    For me at this time it is actually not about that a tablet is bad, but honestly it is about organisation and apps.

    A tablet does not truly have a file system. I like to organise my music the way I want to as a professional. So a tablet just does not cut it.

    If I am on stage in front of 2000 people I want easy and fast access at my fingertips, so the screen real estate of a tablet and the latency in general, just does not cut it.

    The way storage and expandability work for professional work, the tablet just does not cut it.

    Things like iZotope effects etc. need A LOT of processing power. Yes even an i3 desktop processor can do it easy, but a tablet… not so much (yet).

    And the are more reasons, like expansion hard disks etc.
    So at this time, I just cannot see in a professional environment me using a tablet to DJ.
    But I am also sure that in time, that will possibly be very different. But in the near future (like next 3 years) I see tablet DJ stuff good for newbies as a good entry step, but I see it as a semi-pro thing at best.

    But I can see tablets easily taking over other areas of DJing that are not so processor and expansion dependent. Look at DMX lighting… I can see that easily take over by tablets or remote controlling your PA system, …. I can see tablets do great stuff in pro lighting and sound in the very near future.

    DJ Vintage

    I own (and use) a Numark iDJ Pro that I use for quick and/or simple gigs, like playing for my own American Football team during home games. It’s ok with the DJAY app it’s “made” for. It’s infinitely better with DJ Player which has a very nice mapping. BUT … (there always seems to be a but, doesn’t there) … I use Cross for my laptop and currently the Cross iPad app does not do portrait mode, which is necessary in the iDJ Pro. And since I don’t want to keep two track collections (both all done up with cuepoints, droppoints, beatgrids, etx.), I will probably end up selling the iDJ Pro.

    I think the concept is strong. Modern day iPads have plenty of processing power for this kind of job. I think the mechanics of hooking up the iPad, usually on some lame bracket at the back of the controller where it is easy for drunk guests to lean on and break something, is shabby at best. Numark did THAT right with incorporating the iPad inside the actual controller.

    The touchscreen is great for many FX applications. It’s way more compact and easier to hook up than a laptop, slide it in, one connector on the iPad, two to the speakers (and perhaps one to booth) and a mic and headphone. Not much not to love.

    Obviously the connectivity issues are real. And your controller HAS to charge your iPad while playing or you WILL run out of steam before the night is over.

    In the case of using Engine (with Denon gear) or RekordBox (with Pioneer gear), using an iPad makes perfect sense. Even though it is nothing more than a glorified track browser/loader, it WAYYYYY beats the little displays on CDJ-like device (high-end Denon displays are acceptable, the CDJ-2000 displays are better). The iPad suddenly makes for a much more enjoyable experience. Used this way I don’t consider it digital DJ-ing though. It really is just replacing the CDJ screens with something bigger and with touch capacity.

    It needs to connect through (wireless) network, so be sure to have all devices hooked up and your router with you.


    Dj JazzyPete

    Great information thanks guys .. yeah will stay with what I have atm on the strength of this info .. Just wondering if you can use a android tablet with a controller ?Be interesting to see how tablets go with controllers going forward as tablets get more powerful.

    Dj JazzyPete

    Have a good friend who brought the RELOOP BEATPAD DJ CONTROLLER FOR IPAD & DJAY 2 he hasnt giged with it yet so be interesting to see how he goes with it ..

    DJ Vintage

    I think Mixvibes are the only ones with a serious solution for Android tablets. I am guessing that it should work with a controller, never dug into it though. Check out their website and forum, I’d say.


    Marco Solo

    As far as I know there is no possibility to connect a controller to an android device although mixvibes seems to be working on such a feature. Currently you can hook your Android device up to a mixer, but that’s it and seems kind of pointless to me.

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