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    DJ Tristan

    Hello all i am reaching out for some advice. I am currently torn between the Pioneer DDJ SX2 and the RX. I currently have the Traktor S8 controller and while i like this controller i want to move towards a pioneer controller as its the industry standard . My problem is that i primarily do my sets online and stream my sets aka bedroom DJ. Though live shows are something too i eventually am going to venture into. Would either of these controllers be better for this. i have found issues with the traktor s8 for online djing the controller doesnt seem to be stable enough and i run into problems. Its also another reason i want to venture into Pioneer i have a few friends who use Pioneer and seem not to have the issues i have. Any Advice would awesome thanks 🙂

    All Murray

    I would pick the SX2 over the RX just incase you want to use other software instead of Rekordbox DJ, both controllers are compatable with rekordbox DJ, but with the SX2 you can use the likes of Serato if you decide rekordbox isn’t for you.

    Todd Oddity

    A couple of things to address here…

    First, if you are having stability issues with the S8, it is far more likely a computer problem than a controller problem. A new controller isn’t going to fix a computer issue.

    Second, Pioneer controllers aren’t “industry standard”. There is no such thing as an industry standard controller – by their very nature they are portable and therefore people bring whatever they are comfortable using. Odds of running into installed controllers in a club environment (that’s what makes things an industry standard) are still quite low in most places.

    However, I suspect what you are hinting at is that Pioneer itself is an industry standard, and for quite a few years, yes, their club equipment held that title. In a lot of places, people will argue it still does. But that’s going to be some kind of CDJ and mixer setup, and to be frank, there is little crossover between that kind of setup and a controller, beyond the fact they have jog wheels and a play button. Controllers have a whole whack more features than you will find on “industry standard” club gear. Just think about it for a second – when was the last time you saw a CDJ with performance pads?

    That’s not to say one is wildly better than the other – they are just very different experiences. If you can play well on a controller (even a cheap one), you can play well on a CDJ setup. If you can play well on a high end controller, you will notice the lack of features when moving over to a CDJ setup.

    None of this is to rag on Pioneer gear – it’s all very nice. But the idea of “industry standard” is less and less a thing every day, so not where to put your energy in my opinion.


    Oddity said it perfectly I have to say.
    You might want to fix your computer problem and stay with the S8 if that is comfy for you. No rush to learn something new.


    i have found issues with the traktor s8 for online djing the controller doesnt seem to be stable enough and i run into problems.

    I’ll just assume that you’ve done all firmware/driver updates on both controller and PC already.

    You need to solve this problem first. I see two sources of problems in your statement. The first and most obvious one is bus related. Are you running Intel or AMD? AMD, while cheap and fast, has a horrible bus architecture that causes a plethora of I/O problems on USB/whatever.

    Secondly, it could be related to the way you stream your audio online. You need to elaborate on this before I can provide further details. If you are outputting the sound from the controller via USB to your PC – rather than going through a mixer/soundcard – you could be looking at the first cause stated above.

    DJ Tristan

    Thanks guys for the responses, i was unsure if it was a controller issue or maybe just a pc issue, while i am tech savy this has def been a learning experience for me, and thus doing my homework before i do decide to upgrade or move over to a different controller

    I am running a intel core i7 @2.40GHz, and yes all updates have been done and up to date Controller and PC. As for the Second second question Tord i am outputting my sound via the S8 controller which as its own sound card i believe in the audio setup in traktor pro. Though yes the controller is connected via usb cord and not running through anything else external.

    I guess i miss stated myself when stating Pioneer being the industry standard, i more or less was stating it being used primarily. Do not get me wrong i am a big fan of the S8 but i would like to mover over to a pioneer controller.
    I do understand once you learn the basic’s you can spin on anything really, but with me more or less wanting to venture out into the real world eventually and do live gigs i would rather get comfortable with something or at least style of controller i might run into in say a club.

    Thank you aldoboymusic, id like to have something that is able to used say on different software then just stuck on one.

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    DJ Marnik

    The SX2 is much more capable but isn’t standalone like the RX.
    You would only choose the RX if you wanted standalone.

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    THe DDJ RX is not standalone.


    I’d say this…..
    The last release of Traktor fixed most if not all of the software stability issues. IF you have hardware issues, the older versions will find a way to crash. I think that pretty much explains that.

    What I would say is this. It’s about comfort and usability. The SX2 is geared to be more open, where RX is is almost a Rekordbox exclusive tool. But it’s about what you are most comfortable with.

    I personally took a dive with the SX2, and it has YET to let me down. The BIGGEST change I made was moving away from Mac OS to Windows, Specificaly the SurfaceBook as part of my workflow. Folks look funny when they say “you use a tablet?” I say it’s a computer, it’s just some of the tooling it has now make it a good tool for DJing.

    I have the surface book, i7 with 8gig of ram, the surface dock and the SX2; I’ve moved to Rekordbox and My tool of choice from Serato or Traktor. The Surface Dock makes MY workflow better. Since it’s USB3, and almost directly interfaces with the computer, I get all the bandwidth I need and little to Zero Dropouts.

    Again, this is my setup; I’ve gotten completely comfortable with that setup. I’d say:

    Open up and try the Rekordbox software, first, then make a decision. IF you’ve not used Rekordbox, other than prepping tracks, give it a whirl.


    Nice summing up Carlos, I tend to agree with your summary.
    Also I have lately given the Surface Pro 4 a run with Serato on my MCX8000 and it works actually quite nicely (also i7 with 8GB and 512 SSD). I still prefer the screen real estate on my 15” MacBook but Windows 10 seems to work better and better with every update.

    DJ Tristan

    Thanks folks, what you guys have shared has helped alot, i think i am going to go for the Sx2 seems to be a more to be a versatile controller

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