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    Vladimir Radosevic

    Hi guys,

    I just bought Bose Companion 5 speakers and they produce very nice sound for what I need it (home use). The speakers should be connected to PC via USB cable for full performance, however there is also a Control Pad that has AUX jack as an input. When I use Traktor and output sound to Bose Companion 5 with RCA to AUX cable and set audio setup in Traktor DJ as Traktor S2 , everything works fine except the fact that there is some single tone frequency noise heard in the speakers once I plug the AUX cable in the Bose’s Control Pad input. However, if I change the audio setup to Bose sound system and plug the RCA to AUX cable into MacBook Pro, the sound is more powerful and clear (and no noise of course). The problem is, that I cannot use the headphones with this set up or I don’t know how to set it up to use the headphones for song syncing. Is this even possible ? If not, can I at least get rid of the noise with the first set up if I buy a better quality RCA to AUX cable ?
    I have 14 days to make up my mind if I’m gonna keep Bose Companion 5 or return it, so any help will be appreciated !

    Thanks in advance!


    Assuming you set everything correctly, this means the switch on the back for the RCA’s is set to main not booth, any RCA to mini-jack cable should do (providing it is a regular left+right RCA to stereo mini-jack).

    It makes complete sense that you get headphone cues only when using the S2 for sound. Sometimes (not sure no Traktor anymore as I ditched it years ago) you can set the software so that main sound goes to one place (speakers through PC out) and headphones to your S2 for cueing. Still not an optimal way to go, not in the least because you can end up with different latencies.

    The other thing that is wise to do, is to disconnect the Bose from USB so the only connection is the aux in on the control pad.

    For testing purposes you an of course eliminate the cable as source by trying another one.
    Also you can try borrowing a pair of active monitor speakers and hooking those up with the Bose fully disconnected and turned off. That would eliminate the Bose as source if you still have those noises.

    Personally I am no fan of using movie/gaming PC speakers for DJ-ing, period. Too often not a good match. Also price-wise you don’t have to. A pair of KRK 6s will run you about 270 euro as opposed to 400 for the Bose. And you can hook them up with balanced Jack-Jack cables which should normally eliminate any cable induced problems.

    Should you need speakers that handle your other PC sound needs too, then I could suggest the Yamaha AG06 mixer. It has a built-in sound card, RCA’s for your RCA-RCA controller connection, an extra aux in (should you like to hook up iPad/iPhone or something) and lot’s of other features. If you play out in the future, it will be great for hooking up balanced PA speakers. You also get volume control right on your desktop. I have one sitting on my desk (well the smaller AG03) and I plug in my controller to the aux and my KRKs are connected Jack-Jack balanced.

    Just my 3 cents as usual.

    Vladimir Radosevic

    Man , thank you so much for this useful and constructive post !
    Taking out the USB cable eliminated the noise problem I had earlier, so I’m very happy about it! The sound is now just slightly less powerful than when I play using Bose’s sound card. I will try to name few reasons why I chose these speakers specifically:

    1) I am not a professional DJ, nor I live out of that. I just want to get more involved with it, as I am a passionate electronic music fan.
    2) I live in a small, one bedroom apartment. The satellite speakers are actually on my dining desk, and the subwoofer is sitting below – so you can suspect that space is an issue. I have heard many good things about KRK’s, however they occupy much more space than Bose Companion 5 satellites. Also, as far as I know, KRK’s are mainly for music production as they are reference monitors so they shouldn’t be constantly exposed to loud music (maybe I am wrong on this)
    3) I got a $90 gift card for Best Buy (I live in US), so I ended up paying $340 (it’s $430 with taxes in BB), which is about 290 euros so not that bad. Also, best buy only has these KRK’s, which are pretty expensive: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/krk-rokit-speaker-system-vinyl-black/4221727.p?skuId=4221727
    4) I am hoping I will once again have some time to play a bit of video games and utilize the full potential of Bose system 🙂

    I will definitely spend the next 10-ish days playing around with this, and if I can smoothly make mixes and enjoy the sound, I think I will keep them, although I understand that they are not primarily designed for what I need.

    Thank you again for helping me resolving the noise issue, and providing some good tips that I will try to remember for future when I move to a bigger place !


    You are welcome. The KRK’s you linked to are 10″!!! and 3-way instead of 2. So very logical they are expensive.

    I can see the size issue. As for the KRK’s being “reference” monitors, they can provide plenty of loud when used as nearfield speakers (i.e. less than 3 feet from your ears). But if you play them loud for too long your can experience some ear fatigue of course.

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