UDG Unveils Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag

Joey Santos
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Last updated 5 August, 2017

UDG Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag
UDG has released a new headphone bag that stores all your digital DJ essentials in a compact, zippered case that protects your cans while you travel.

UDG has just launched a brand new headphone bag that could be all a digital DJ will ever need to carry. Dubbed the Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag, it’s a round zippered bag that has a mesh pocket for your headphones in the main compartment, and enough pockets for other DJ necessities such as USB thumb drives, calling cards, mobile phones, and more. It comes with a carrying handle and a shoulder strap and is made of ballistic nylon to protect your gear while heading to and from your gig.

As thumb drives grow in storage capacity, sometimes all you need to bring to the gig is a USB stick and your headphones when you’re spinning with CDJs. It’s all too easy to lose those thumb drives in a dark DJ booth after a few drinks, though, so a bag to store them and your other valuables is a necessity. The UDG Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag lets you do that in style while keeping your headphones safe, which is exactly what a busy gigging DJ needs.

Check out the photo gallery below.

Photo gallery

• The UDG Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag is available from May 2015 for US$39. Check out the UDG website for more details.

How about taking one of these along your next club gig instead of your bulky rucksack? Do you think these are essential, or are you fine with stuffing your thumb drives in your pocket and just walking in with your cans in hand? Let us know in the comments below.

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