UK Government Wades In On Proposed AlphaTheta Serato Buyout

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 29 January, 2024

The proposed purchase of Serato by AlphaTheta, the owners of Pioneer DJ and Rekordbox, has stirred strong feelings in the DJ world. Now, the UK Government is inviting people to submit their views to a formal investigation by its Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”).

Looks like sh*t just got real! So what do you think? Might such a merger lead to better DJ software and less confusion in the market? Or do you believe as many do that it would give too much power to a single player? Maybe you’ve got something else you want to say about this?

Whatever your thoughts, if your want to make them known formally, the link to the CMA page on this investigation is here:

AlphaTheta/Serato Merger Inquiry – CMA website

We shared some of our initial thoughts in an article a while back, and also covered the reaction of a competitor to AlphaTheta, inMusic, in this article. And of course, we’re also always happy to hear your views. Feel free to share here or under the original article.

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