What Did You Get For Christmas?

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 25 March, 2018

It’s definitely better to give than to receive, but opening gifts you got on Christmas is just so cool – it’s the best part when you’re a kid, and even when you’re an adult, as we’ll find out…

So what did you get – DJ gear or otherwise – this year? Did you get that new DJ controller you’ve been wanting, or a new pair of headphones? Maybe you treated yourself to some new apps or music downloads? Perhaps you even went big and decided to get your first DJ gig outside of your bedroom with our How To Digital DJ Fast course, or someone thoughtful (and supportive of your DJing) gifted you with one of our DJ Training vouchers? Or maybe even something else entirely…

Me? I had a Nintendo-themed Christmas morining (opened a Nintendo Switch and an SNES Classic), plus I kicked off Christmas day with a Facebook live streaming DJ set featuring some of my choice house and techno cuts. The cool thing is that one of my DJ friends happened to be scrolling through his Facebook feed (weren’t we all) – he saw my stream, packed his USB sticks, and said he was headed straight for my studio that very second. Instant back to back set! One of the many awesome things that social media and digital DJ technology affords us these days.

I’d love to know what’s new in your DJing world this holiday season.


So over to you! Tell us what you’ve bought, or are planning on treating yourself to, for Christmas this year, and how you’re getting on so far with your new DJ purchases.

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