Your Questions: “Help! I Can’t Cope With Maintaining My Social Media…”

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Last updated 6 April, 2018

Social Media
In today’s article, our reader wants some tips on how to manage the daily deluge that is social media.

Digital DJ Tips reader Axel writes: “I deleted my social media accounts because I had too much to manage: I just have my Bandcamp page for my own tracks now. Changing details, artwork and so on on old YouTube productions of mine when I needed to, for instance, was turning into a mammoth job!

“However, now I feel I’m missing out on something. Could you give some tips on using social media and managing my presence on other platforms without going in over my head?”

Digital DJ Tips Says:

We feel your pain, Axel. Sometimes it seems you spend all your time on social platforms and precious little of it doing the stuff you feel you should be doing. Here at Digital DJ Tips, of course we have what I can promise is a much larger amount of social media interaction to manage than the vast majority of DJs do. Here are some tips from our own experience both as DJs and from managing multiple social media platforms in our company, too:

  1. Only use the platforms that you know will benefit your efforts – I’ve seen kids sign up for anything and everything, placing 10 to 15 icons on their websites, but only seeing two to three platforms gaining them a fan base. If you really don’t see a market on a platform, or you have no time to use it, then skip it
  2. Make an investment in your social media – Beyond signing up for too many platforms, the biggest mistake I see many people make in social media is to use them solely for promotion. If all you’re posting are new releases and upcoming events, then people will ignore you. The winners in social media are those who actively engage with fans on a daily basis. They’re the ones sharing their personal lives, conversing with fans, and being with them as opposed to above them
  3. Secure yourself and your accounts – I have one colleague whom I swear seems to delete his accounts and set up new ones every few weeks. He says he gets hacked a lot, or is overrun with trolls, so he “cleans the slate”. What he should do is make sure he uses strong passwords (to hopefully prevent the hacks) and learn to ignore, ban, and deal with trolls. Your fans won’t keep re-liking your profiles if you keep deleting them. Build that strong fan base, and they will become your advocates in the long run
  4. Understand and accept your limits – If you have lots of tracks and mixes on social media and sharing sites, accept that when you change your logo, or whatever, you can;t go back and fix everything – treat “old” stuff like history, and concentrate on maintaining your current look and feel for what you post from now on


Social media and marketing is a side portion of your work. If you find you’re spending more time on social media than on your actual work, then it’s time to cut back. The folks I see who “invest in social media” still only post something once or twice a day, or even a few times a week. Take a deep breath and look into what will benefit you, and what is just a waste of time.

How do you juggle your social media accounts? Any tips you’d like to give our reader? Share them with us in the comments.

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