Download Virtual DJ 7 Home For Free

Download Virtual DJ 7 Home for free - link at the end of this post.

Download Virtual DJ 7 Home for free

Virtual DJ 7, the award-winning DJ software, is now available as a free download for the first time to all DJs, in its Home format.

Virtual DJ 7 is a considerable advance on the previous version, and the software now has up to 99 decks (we think you'll be happy with 4 or even 6), as well as a host of advanced features including auto key detection (the only DJ software that does this to our knowledge).

The Pro version of the software costs US$299 / €227 / £199, but Atomix will now let you download Virtual DJ 7 Home for free, with nearly all the same features as the Home version, for absolutely nothing and to use forever.

What it won't do
Obviously there is going to be a catch here, and it is that the Home version won't work with external hardware. That means you can't plug in a DJ controller or control vinyl system - you have to DJ exclusively from your laptop. Considering that my first DJ software was Virtual DJ back in 2004, and I actually DJed using just the laptop in clubs all of that year with it (I couldn't find a DJ controller I liked and just found it easier to use the keyboard), this shouldn't put you off, especially if you're just getting into laptop/digital DJing and want to try it out.

There are other trivial limitations - you can't use it to broadcast with as that function is disabled, and full-screen video output is also blocked, but apart from that you get the full, real deal.

An astute move
It's a fantastic move by Atomix, who are obviously aware that many people downloaded their 30-day trial of Virtual DJ Pro as their first step into digital DJing but needed more than a month to get "hooked".

They're gambling that people will become used to their interface, and that when they get a bit more serious and buy a DJ controller they'll upgrade to the full version.

Grab yours here:

Virtual DJ 7 Home Edition

Are you glad you can play with a fully featured software version with no time limit? Will this persuade you to have a play with Virtual DJ for the first time? Was Virtual DJ your first foray into digital DJing too? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Its gonna be a great Christmas :)
    First a new version of Mixxx, then a Traktor 1/2 off, and now VDJ for free!

  2. Yup save your money cause things in the DJ are getting interesting.

  3. wow, this is a great move by atomix, Virtual DJ is also the first DJ software i used and learned mixing on it a year ago, having a free version would help want to be DJs get the idea on how to mix and eventually learn... I agree that this will make newbie DJs want to have the full version eventually because they will want to use a DJ controller after learning to use Virtual DJ for a couple of months like i did.. (still waiting for the new Hercules

  4. AdriaticBlue says:

    What a nice offer from the company.

    I attended a house warming party in Chicago in '09 and the House music DJ there used Virtual DJ. That's where I first got to see it in action, and he said he enjoys it.

    I also want to say, I'm glad that Atomix finally listened to the Mac screamers who long awaited a simple Mac OS demo of VDJ. Now Mac OS users can get this free version too.

    WTG Atomix. 😉

  5. Bryan Singleton says:

    Hi Phil, I first tried vdj in 2007 and shortly after that upgraded to the full version. Trust me once DJs try this they will want the full version but this is a great way to learn to go all-digital. Take care - Bryan

  6. Looks good, I'll have to try it now.

    Still wish the Home Version would support midi.

  7. Phil, I first tried vdj in 2007 and shortly after that upgraded to the full version. Trust

  8. DAVE-T DJ says:


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