Virtual DJ Launches iRemote For iPhone, iPod And iPad

iRemote for Virtual DJ

Turn your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a wireless remote control for Virtual DJ 7.

In a typically forward-looking and provocative move, Virtual DJ has today launched iRemote for Apple devices (US$9.99), allowing you to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod to control your copy of Virtual DJ.

The software - available as of today on the Apple Store, and compatible with Virtual DJ from v7.0.2 upwards - is, in typical Virtual DJ style, likely to polarise DJs into those who think it's cool and those who think that the features it offers have no place in "real" DJing.

For instance, in their own words, the new app will "let you work from the bar"!

However it's not just an auto-playlist gadget for Top 40 DJs. It is full skinnable using the same skin format as the Virtual DJ app itself, meaning users with the ability to write skins can make their own Virtual DJ wireless control surfaces.

"The versatility of the skins means your iRemote can be anything, from a turntable-like scratch pad on your iPad, a drum-pad to launch samples, a basic play / pause / loop controller, or a playlist monitor," say the Virtual DJ Team on its official launch page.

iRemote for iPad

iRemote running on an iPad.

"It can be skinned to be anything," they add on their Facebook page, "and there will be tons of skins for the app to download free from our website."

"It can be a playlist/automix skin, it can be a trigger pad skin... anything!

"So real soon you can choose exactly how you want it to be by simply changing skin."

If you're an Android user, Virtual DJ say that a version for Android "might" come later.

What do you think? Will you be shelling out US$9.99 for this? Do iPods, iPads and iPhones have any place in the modern DJ box at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. It looks....amusing, to say the least

  2. That has some crazy potential.

  3. Awesome! I just purchased it. Can finally go to the toilet without putting on a non-stop.

  4. algoriddim djay ... one for virtual dj I'll TAKE IT !!! :)

  5. I don't know. As a digital DJ I should maybe be more open minded, but I think DJing over a cellphone or similar device is all kinds of wrong. I'm okay with it when it will only be used at some teeny's basement party, but I hope this won't enter the clubs. Come on, do we really need DJs who just stay in their booth and look at their phones? Even the ones who only look at their laptops all night long, seem at least to do anything, but DJing over your phone? Sorry, this is a line that shouldn't be crossed.

  6. Hey Psycho, do you understand the concept? This is a controller.

    That means you can get out onto the floor and still keep going. anyone who would sit in the booth and use this (at least look at your laptop screen, come on) is really lame.

  7. Oh, I do understand the concept. The questions that pop in my head are just how controllable your equipment will be, the further you leave your booth and if we really need DJs who disappear from their workspace, to do their job somewhere in the middle of the other side between the audience.

  8. Well, it works of with a wifi connection so it should work pretty well even without line-of-sight, although having to set up your own router just to use it would be a major pain.

    Its also kind of a one-off gimmick kind of thing you wouldent do a whole gig with it, but it's cool to go to the bar and bathroom, plus you dont have to run back real quick.

  9. I use Traktor Sratch Pro with control-cd's and we have been working on a similar system using TouchOSC and OSCulator. This generates a midi signal over wifi witch can be assigned freely in any dj-software or even video or light.

    With this you can create any interface you can possibly think of on iphone or ipad. My regular Vj uses it on Resolume and Modul8, works like crazy!

    One of the advantages I can think of is another possibility to interact at a different way with you're audience. If you play shows for a lot of people on a big stage for instants the distance can be quit far sometimes. This tool gives you the possibility to move around and get crazy. You don't need to control everything on remote, but the basics and some effects can do a lot.


  10. There is no need for a router.You could create a more reliable ad hoc network.

  11. I create a network on my MacBookPro or MacBook, works fine for the distance you need.

  12. luv it! we need some sample and cue pads jajajajaja the interface its really nice!

  13. Kayron Pozo says:

    Cannot get it to connect to the laptop, any ideas??

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