Traktor Audio 6 Interface & Traktor LE 2 DJ Software Confirmed

Traktor Audio 6

The Traktor Audio 6 high-end DJ interface comes complete with brand new Traktor 2 software.

News of the much-touted new high-end DJ sound interfaces from Native Instruments has gone public today, with pre-orders being taken for the Traktor Audio 6 sound interface by Dolphin Music in the UK, being offered with the first of the new generation of Traktor software, "Traktor LE 2 DJ".

This news fills in the picture as to where the Traktor range of products is going; Native Instruments heavily discounted the existing range of sound interfaces and software before Christmas, triggering a flood of speculation that was only heightened further by the release of their teaser video a few weeks ago. Read on for full details...

Traktor Audio 6 Sound Interface
With extra-robust metal casing and pro-friendly features including a direct thru feature to make switching between DJs easier (complete with 12-LED signal chain status), the Audio 6 has 6 inputs and outputs including support for 2 DVS decks, plus an effects send/return loop which also adds extra flexibility for DJing with Traktor's new sample decks and loop recorder.

Dolphin Music Traktor Audio 6

The pre-order page on the Dolphin Music website carries full spec of the Audio 6.

Traktor LE 2 DJ Software
The Audio 6 comes bundled with Traktor LE 2 DJ software, so it's probably safe to assume Traktor Pro 2, Scratch Pro 2 etc. The big news is apparently full iTunes integration (something Traktor badly needed) as well iPod compatibility, plus those coloured waveforms we saw in the teaser video - called "TruWave". It's still not clear what these do or how exactly they work, though.

Traktor Audio 10 Sound Interface
There's been much speculation about an Audio 10 interface too, and while this doesn't appear on the Dolphin Music website, apparently official pictures and specs are easy enough to find on several DJ websites tonight. We can speculate that it will add another 2 DVS decks, allowing for full 4-deck DVS support on top of the features of the Audio 6.

No release date or pricing information is yet available.

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  1. I guess I'll be getting an Audio 10. Exciting times!

    "pro-friendly features including a direct thru feature to make switching between DJs easier " Huge. Hopefully clubs will invest in Audio 10's now. Seamless setup for DDJ's. :)

  2. audio 6?...I wonder why not push the audio 8?

  3. This looks great, but...

    I just ordered the S4. Will the newest version of Traktor sw be compatible with the S4? Will there be an update?

  4. Only a marketing manager could roll out Traktor 2 a few years after a product called Traktor 3.

  5. sameoldsong says:

    thanks for the heads-up on this! i heard it here first :)

  6. Yeah thanks for the news, as always.

    As a S4 owner myself I am curious to know whether Traktor S4 will be seeing a (free) update as well. I NEED full iTunes support, I waste so much time switching back and forth organizing two separate playlists. Seems like such an obvious thing to have.

    • TrailerPark says:

      No one said anything about a free update, and nor should they. It's a product, that a large team has probably spent years to develop. Im not sure why everyone on the forums and comment threads seems to think it will be free. I am expecting to have to fork out some money for the upgrade. If for some reason they do make it free then great but I wouldn't get my hopes up, I have my $$ put aside.

      • No one is expecting a free update from Traktor Pro to Traktor 2. But as a Traktor S4 owner, I actually do EXPECT a free update integrating at least the iTunes support and the new waveforms. Even at the very least they should give us full iTunes support, this is not some groundbreaking new technology, its something that should have been integrated into all versions of Traktor long time ago.

        • Phil Morse says:

          There's nothing wrong with the way any current versions of the software work though, and any company has a right to charge for improvements, even if not all choose to do so.

  7. Drool, I just got a Audio2, but this looks sexy... exciting times in the Digital Dj world

  8. DJ Urkel Dee says:

    Although I'm using the MOTU Ultralite Hybrid for my interface it is interesting to see a Audio 6... I'm hoping it means 1-4 for decks and 5-6 for the sampler... If thetas the case I'm going to trade or sale my Evo4 for a Rame Empath Rotary mixer... Can't wait for more details.

  9. Outputs 5-6 are for the loop recorder I beleive. Same as outputs 9-10 on the TA-10.

  10. Dolphin music has deleted the product page!

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