Why You Shouldn't Post Your DJ Mixes On SoundCloud


SoundCloud nowadays has a wealth of content, from samples to spoken word to productions... but DJ mixes are at best a grey area.

SoundCloud has become a big hit with digital DJs wanting to get both their own tracks and their mixes out to the public, and we've recommended it in the past. But that's all ending, due to SoundCloud's recent policy of policing uploads for copyrighted material, sending automated messages to users informing them of violations, and unceremoniously removing their mixes from the site.

Since its launch, SoundCloud has become a creative hotbed for DJs and producers, with remixes, reworks and DJ sets fuelling its growth so far. Here's what DJ and Fool's Gold label cofounder Nick Catchdubs told the Chicago Reader: "I know DJs who play sets now completely comprised of stuff they find on SoundCloud because it's so underground. Like you'll find remixes that you've never heard before. You'll find artists that you've never heard before, before they even get to the point of being blogged or being Hype Machined."

But while the law may be grey, at least in the US (how do you apply "fair use" to DJ mixes?), SoundCloud's terms and conditions are clear: Uploading copyrighted material is not permitted. Nonetheless, this hasn't stopped the website tolerating it up until now. But as it has grown, just like other similar sites, it seems the need to assuage the copyright owners has meant it has had to take measures that aren't good news for DJs.

Because while not all copyrighted material is likely to be flagged, as SoundCloud will only take action if the copyright owner requests it (many copyright owners see services like SoundCloud as a promotional mechanism, after all), the fact is that you can no longer trust a DJ mix posted on SoundCloud to remain there.

Many DJs feel irritated by SoundCloud's policy. After all, they argue, it's not as if SoundCloud is like RapidShare or MediaFire, in allowing blatant pirating of whole albums - most of the material on SoundCloud of interest to DJs comprises DJ mixes or reworks, remakes and remixes that can't be found through official channels. Nonetheless, we are where we are, and with multiple reports of mixes being removed without warning, we can no longer recommend SoundCloud as a viable place to showcase your talents.
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Our current recommendations for sharing

The service you use will depend on what you want to share. Also it's worth pointing out that in our experience, the more "commercial" the material you're trying to share in your mixes, the harder a time you're likely to have.

  • If you're wanting to get your DJ mix out to the world, we advise that you don't use SoundCloud any more. We currently recommend Mixcloud, as it's free, you get unlimited uploads, and it's specifically set up to help you share your DJ mixes
  • If you're uploading re-edits, reworks or remixes you've made, our current advice would be to continue using SoundCloud (Mixcloud is only for mixes, not individual tracks), but to always credit your sources and disable the download function. This means that (if you get past the auto-filtering algorithm), the copyright owner is less likely to request removal of your work, as you're crediting your sources and making copying harder. Be aware that your work might disappear, though
  • If you're sharing your own original material, continue using SoundCloud, as you are operating within SoundCloud's terms and conditions

But is Mixcloud itself legal? Well, it operates from the UK, and this is what it says:
"Mixcloud has an objective to provide a superior legal alternative to file sharing. As such, Mixcloud is fully licensed by the PRS for Music and the PPL, and all playback of copyrighted songs contained within the tracklists on the site are reported so that the correct licensing royalties can be attributed to the artists."
So it appears that your mixes will remain safe on the Mixcloud site, at least for the foreseeable future.

Have you had your work removed from SoundCloud? Do you use Mixcloud? If not, where do you host your mixes online? Do you think it's right or wrong for DJs to be stopped from showcasing their talents in this way? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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  1. DJSpacekid says:

    Nah...I've had my mixes on Soundcloud for over a Year now with no problems...Soundcloud Rocks compared to other sites...it's easy to use and people can leave comments about your work on the site...I recommend Soundcloud to do your DJ Mixes especially if you're a House or Trance DJ....If you're a Hip Hop/Pop DJ then I understand these Bonehead artists can complain to soundcloud and take out your Mix...As for House and Trance DJ's, Soundcloud is your best Bet if you want your Mixes exposed

    • Phil Morse says:

      Looks like you've been lucky so far or the copyright owners of the material you're using haven't requested its removal... yet.

    • Not ture, i just got flagged for a mix that has a house track by Eric Prydz and it will just get worse

      • A several months back I was flagged for a remix track I uploaded. When they sent me a mail saying it was copyrighted, I tried an experiment: I wrote them back saying I had rights from the label for distribution.

        They reinstated my track and I haven't heard from them since. My guess is that neither they nor most label have the bandwidth to chase everybody. I would also guess they now have a blanket license that covers most tracks.

        • Interesting stuff, and kudos to you for experimenting.

          • i dunno if thats kudos for lying when its so hard to make ends meet in music now. The label may not have wanted a certain track on if it was planning a release and it wanted to hold it back. Just saying...
            I have had an instance though where sony bmg who are badies and very aggressive got soundcloud to take down my own track that we licensed to them many years back for a comp.

    • i gotta agree 2 days into soundcloud, i have 260ish plays and 50ish views [ = . this is without posting my labels stuff on facebook or myspace yet . i havent used sites like cloudkillers but i plan on testing there effectiveness , at the moment i want feedback any would be grand. heres my link http://soundcloud.com/fallen-prophets

    • I agree. I love SoundCloud. The Groups , The Comments, The followers. Its Genius. I have both mix and sound. I Only use Mixcloud to post my older Podcast from my Soundcloud account. I don't get the same results as in Mixcloud as I do in Soundcloud.


    • Interesting you say that trance mixes do not get bumped as I posted a set from 1999 compiled of nothing but trance tracks and it got bumped off the site immediately for copyright reasons. Yet, I have have four mixes up that are mostly house based, and they are still going strong. Interesting???

    • i've had friends songs removed for copyright when they created the whole song (it was weird noise music with vocals)
      as for Dj mixes - if its not whats mainstream (house, techno, trap, you know bullshit) most people won't care

    • dance junkie shep says:

      ive had a few of mine removed just starting out any tips on avoiding breaching this in future or is it a hit and miss some might work some might not

  2. I understand you guys won't recommend this site anymore but I think this article has a finger pointing tone towards SoundCloud.

    I think there should be more awareness for how overly stringent and ridiculous copyright laws are.

    Maybe there could be an article to help us DJ's better understand copyright laws, although this could be difficult to explain especially when the laws our so blurred in our area.

    Nice to know about this though. I'll be moving to mixcloud until they inevitably get hounded by copyright lawyers.

    • Phil Morse says:

      It doesn't mean to have. Copyright is one of the big battle grounds in music at the moment. Frankly I don't fully understand how Mixcloud's lawyers are interpreting UK law to paint what its doing as 100% legal, but they are.

      Did you know, for instance, that in the UK, if you buy a CD, rip it to your computer, and then laptop DJ with the ripped version, you're meant to have a licence that will cost you more money? I've heard that particular law vigorously defended by the PRS who police it, but it's morally ridiculous in my book.

      Maybe if SoundCloud told DJs to remove their own mixes and gave them a set amount of time to do so it would be better. YouTube are the same, so SoundCloud certainly aren't alone - I know someone who had scores of videos removed from YouTube, including one with 250,000 views. They were DJ tutorials, one of which happened to use a small part of a copyrighted song.

      • They started enforcing that same licence here in Croatia about 6 months ago, but it's done very unprofessionally. If you use original CD's or vinyl you're ok and you don't need it. You have to pay a licence for using copied songs (rips and alike) or mp3's, be it from a HDD or from a burned disc. You don't have to pay the licence if you have prove their legality, but there's a catch, you don't have to pay only if your laptop is the first place you download the music and you play it from that laptop. If you download that same music on your desktop and then copy it to your laptop or burn on a cd you have to pay for the licence and the prices are just to high giving the amount of money a DJ usually gets playing here. It just doesn't make any sense.

        • Phil Morse says:

          Maybe our Italian readers can confirm this, but I was told that in Italy, you need to provide a list of every tune you've played every time you DJ so they can work out who to pay royalties to!

      • I'll confirm it for Croatia. We do. But the only thing is that we know that the royalties aren't going where they're supposed to but are being pocketed by a few people that run the organization that's in charge of it (ZAMP).

      • Voodoo City says:

        The reason mixcloud is different is that they automatically pay royalties on every track in a mix tape.

      • I posted a question on the forum a couple of days ago about the so called digital dj licence (I understand that the PPL have now combined the CD-ripping licence- 'pro-dub licence' with the more general licence for digital djs) and got hardly any response, although thankyou to those who did reply including Terry.

        By comparison, a post on managing your relationship whilst being a dj got numerous replies. I am not pointing this out to be facetious, as that was a valid post too, but I am just highlighting that there seems to be a general lack of awareness of licensing requirements for digital djs (I realise that there is a national dimension to this and not all readers are in the UK where the PPL applies)compared to other aspects of digital djing. Whether we agree with the PPL or not, or whether we consider we are unlikely to get caught without a licence, at the end of the day if it is a legal requirement then UK digital djs should know, in order to be put in a position of informed choice on this matter. I have never seen the matter of a digital dj licence being raised in any discussions of the pros/cons or costs of digital djing professionally.

        I would be good to see a definitive article on this on the ddj tips website, with some official confirmation of the position for UK digital djs from the PPL. For instance, does anyone even know what the penalties are for djing without one if the PPL become aware?

        Long post I know, cheers!

  3. I personally use http://www.podomatic.com. Not the best service because they do have a paid feature where you can get your stats, etc. But so far no issue and its expected that DJ and others will use it for that purpose.

    • Podomatic has no licensing agreement of any kind in place, so I hope you've paid up your online exploitation license.

      Mixcloud, as was mentioned earlier, has per track licensing in place. It doesn't integrate with iTunes though and I have to admit I'm finding convincing my listeners to move to be a bit difficult.

      Licensing is only going to get worse, and if you are using tracks from some of the bigger german/dutch trance labels (for example), you are quite likely to get contacted by their legal guys at some point

  4. I'm using mix.dj to upload my mixes. It's an assload of work to upload them there (you have to provide a playlist for every single mix and you can't just copy and paste your whole tracklist, because each tracknumber, artist, title and record label requires a new field) and if you listen to the mixes without being logged in, you hear a "mix.dj" namedrop from time to time, but so far I'm far from being disappointed with it.

  5. I was surprised when I tried to upload a mix and it was denied by Warner Brothers due to a sample from a Cheech & Chong album. Of all the sounds out there that amazed me.

    A lot of these sites are great for the initial release of a mix but if you're a dj putting out mixes and want them to stick around your best bet is to create your own self hosted web site and setup a podcast.. get a few dj's that you know together and you'll barely notice the costs. Maybe I should write an article about that and submit it.

    • Exactly what I'm doing with some friend through kattekwaad.cc (dutch) but we do use soundcloud too. It's just a nice platform widely known with cool widgets (check http://www.kattekwaad.cc/radio for a nice widget application). There are good alternatives though that are quick in making improvements in their lay-outs and interfaces.

      Too bad that soundcloud is removing sets without notice. Hope mine will survive a little longer, especially since that is the reason I upgraded my account....

      note: Hope my links are not seen as spam, although they might be spam, their also illustrative 😉

  6. I have my mixes on both Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Personally I think the latter gives the listener a far superior experience - with a stand-alone player and tracklistings. However 10x as many people have listened to the same mix on Soundcloud, even without a download option, so it is clearly the more popular option.It's a shame that Soundcloud feel the need to clamp down on copyright - most artists consider the exposure a benefit rather than a threat.
    I will use Mixcloud for mix-tapes but will continue to use SC for individual tracks (mashups and remixes etc) for the time being at least.

  7. Let's be clear, here. Copyright law and ownership is forcing this issue, not Soundcloud.

    Every major user submitted content service has mechanisms for the detection and removal of copyrighted material, and it's very much in their best interest to do so. Content regulation allows for a reasonable means to work with copyright holders with reduced risk of legal threat (and financial ruin). Any service (including MixDepot, MercuryServer, Mixcloud, etc.) that reaches a considerable size is going to have to face this issue sooner or later due to current copyright law. There should be no problem with having such a system in place.

    As for copyright ownership takedowns, well... it sucks, but it's up to the owners. Owners can issue takedowns, or enter partnerships (YouTube), or do nothing. Users can choose to mix with copyrighted materials or not.

    Takedowns pretty much always engender negativity and resent, but let's not badmouth Soundcloud, one of the best services for DJs and producers to come along in a while, when it's really the copyright system and fearful owners who force the issue.

  8. pepehouse says:

    We had this discussion at ALDJ forum a while ago after a pair of members complaned about SC removing their mixes and I arrived to the conclusion that only mainstream labels ask for removing the mixes.

    If you play underground music (as you should anyway, hehe) you don't have any risk of your mixes being removed because small, underground labels don't bother complaining.

    I´ve been on Soundcloud since the very beginning and never have a mix erased but now I hate David Guetta, that is.

    • That's because 'ol Dave Guetta (& Skrillex-Zedd-Avicii-Afrojack, etc). Are all slaves for the corporate machine now. Use one of their tracks on Youtube or Soundcloud and you-are-out-o-there!

      Keep EDM alive! - only play independent, underground, real music. It's SO much better anyway!!! :)

      Peace - Skyko

  9. I still tell DJs to get a web site and stop trying to find free spaces to post mixes.

    Over and over I see something blow up, and then it's shut down with loads of DJs complaining.

    Frankly, what bothers me on this debate is how many DJs are going ballistic because they believe they can't get the exposure on competitors that they get on SC.

    Move on...find a new spot...go from there.

    • "...stop trying to find free spaces..."

      I pay for my space on SoundCloud. I also have a website, but due to the host of my site, I use SC and it's players embedded within my site. So I'm paying "twice" so to speak. I also use every other site I can find...
      Mixcloud (not a fan)

      So slow your roll.

      PS having your "own" website doesn't protect you from potential copyright infringement litigation - only getting signed releases from each and every record label used will stop that - and that's the rub since it's difficult and very, very costly.


  10. Like someone else has said, I recommend http://www.podomatic.com/. I've been a pro member since September and love every single penny I pay for it, which is $10/month. Don't worry about the bandwidth caps, there hasn't been a month that I haven't gone way over (up to 4 times the allocated bandwidth) and they haven't done anything about it.

    This may seem like some shameless self-promotion (and I don't know if it's allowed around here), but if you want to see what $10/month can get you, head over to my podcast page here: http://totodj.podomatic.com/. They do all the work to make your podcast appear in the iTunes store in a professional manner and there are all sorts of tips scattered around the website. Oh and I didn't build the page myself, they offer templates (with more options for pro members) that you can customize, or you can build it with your colours and everything from the ground up, without getting in to the more complicated aspect of building web pages.

    There's a free option but you're limited to a ridiculously low amount of storage and can't add chapters to iTunes podcasts, which was the deal-breaker for me so I just went pro. iTunes podcasts are much more accessible and widespread than Soundcloud, especially among the general public.

  11. I just signed up for mixcloud (www.mixcloud.com/DJ_REiGN) last week cuz I got tired of spending all my time recording a live DJ set and spending all the time required to upload it just to have it denied. That's a major problem. Its a crap shoot on whether or not my mix will get posted. I also have had existing mixes removed. I actually pay extra to be able to post more music. Needless to say I will not be renewing this service, or lack there of. Good job on posting this info so DJ's find good alternatives. ~DJ REiGN

  12. Oh man. Copyright law really needs an overhaul. It's like a hotel front desk giving out mints in a bowl but having to send the manufacturer money for each one eaten. IT'S A PROMOTIONAL TOOL. The DJ isn't sat on a street selling CDs. No one is making or losing any money! Anyone that would complain is an idiot.

    • Jeanne Newhall says:

      It is not a promotional tool for the composer or musical artist or anyone involved in the creation of a track/song to have DJs play their tracks unless the DJ properly CREDITS each track. That means start time, artist name, song name, and album name.
      Providing a buy button ought to be required also.
      For example, a DJ currently on Soundcloud has (28 playlists that stream approximately an hour of various tracks) and on Mixcloud (70 playlists) that is not giving proper credit to the assist or track and No start time so the listener has no idea where in the playlist is the song. There is no announcements in advance or back announcing either.
      On Soundcloud, he is not even uploading his sets to SC one track at a time so NONE OF THE OPTIONS to buy or share a track are available.
      He calls himself Loverman by Digital Rhythmic from the Ukraine.



  13. podomatic terms state that you will not "Transmit...data that infringes any ... copyright ... of any party". that means GaGa can't be in your dj podcast. podomatic terms also state "PodOmatic may or may not pre-screen Content, ... shall have the right ... to pre-screen, refuse, or move any Content". that means they'll delete your mix if they want or get a copyright complaint as designated by the DMCA.

  14. I have recently had a mix removed from sound cloud because it contained the song Perfect Stranger from Magnetic Man ft Katy B.

    I host mixes on my website http://www.djmyko.com with the sound cloud widgets. When I first discovered it had been removed it was from the widget on my website. It didnt work in the first place and when I clicked on the comment bar it linked me to a sound cloud page saying Columbia Records had requested that my mix be removed due to the the rights blah blah blah.

    I dont thing I would have known what was going on except for the widget on my site. Sound cloud removed my mix from my profile and no explanation given.

    I think SC is a good tool and not to blame for stingy record company profit margins.

  15. oh crap.. time to move out my mixes out of soundcloud.. anybody used Official.fm here? please give feedback :)

  16. I ran into their copyright wall about four days ago. I uploaded a mix that I did for Ultra Music Fest (which had set release dates: March 8th (digital download) & March 25 (hard copy at Ultra Music Fest) and it was removed before the waveform even began forming. I received that dreaded Case Notice email telling me that my upload contained a track belonging to Walt Disney Records (from the Tron soundtrack).

    I immediately became flustered, not knowing what to do. This was mainly due to the fact that this mix had a set release date that everyone was aware of, I had been promoting it for the past five months and simply uploading it to a different site just didn't cut it. Soundcloud and facebook have that incredible integration with Bandpages that is ESSENTIAL for any musician's facebook page and I couldn't shake that.

    So I uploaded the mix to mediafire for people to download from in the meantime while I began figuring out my plan b. I sent Walt Disney Records an elongated counter notice explaining to them that I'm not profiting off of the FREE distribution of my mix in any way shape or form. It was a pretty lengthy letter that I sent, but to my incredible surprise, I received an email two days ago thanking me for the counter notice and that my mix was released back into my account and was now accessible to the public. I was stunned but unbelievably thankful.

  17. Hello, I doesn't using SD because ilimited upload data is overpriced, I agree that the waveform player with download & users comment is the top but I have prefered to pay for a illimited data web hosting, mixcloud is limited at 100 mb, official.fm has no limit !

  18. I believe out mixes should not be removed unless its available for download. My mixes don't have an option to download. You can only listen to them. I do not think its appropriate to remove them.

  19. Mixcloud is so sloooow, you have to know you want to listen to there and just wait till it loads, I just dont have the patience - with Soundcloud I can idly flick through mixes for good tracks, each one downloads to me very quickly.

  20. DJ Shades says:

    Officialfm is where it is at. (Formally Fairtilizer) I haven't come across a better hosting site yet. Not to mention officialfm has a team of copyright lawyers at their disposal. They are easily the number 1 site for DJ's right now. Granted, if they get big enough, the riaa will be coming after them as well. I think there should just be a thing called a "International DJ license" 100 bucks a year and it will let you sell your mixes wherever and whenever you want without having to worry about copyright. until that happens, we are all working for the promotions department for the record labels for free.

  21. lordpyro says:

    I havent had a problem yet...I knew some people who had their stuff taken down though - it seems weird that they would start it this way and then slowly start changing it when they get enough people who depend on their services (hmm).

    If copyrights get enforced it's not going to be great for mixes. I like Mixcloud but it seems to take a long time to upload and the layout takes a bit getting used to. I honestly dont think that Soundcloud uploads faster though.

    It's pointing to the solution that DJ's need (myself included) to start having their own websites, a) so that they can have it stable regardless of the format changes in facebook or the copyright enforcement on Soundcloud and b) so that they can control the content.

  22. I believe the Soundcloud code is open to the public so that other people can develop players and other kind of interfaces for music that include waveforms, commenting, etc. Its a matter of time before somebody starts using that code and distributing it for DJ's to use through their own servers.

  23. I think the point missed here while people are talking about the best site to upload to - is that the law is the same the world over. You play music you haven't created you pay for it. If you copy the music you bought, you pay again. If you want to be a DJ you need to invest and that's the future...more cost.

    I use Podomatic, and the added security I feel is that I pay a lot for the storage and production they do for me - so I hope that they will pay the copyright bills when they arrive - WHY?, well its their site so they are legally responsible, so I kind of assume they wont ask me for more money but take the small hit on the $500 I already pay each year.

    It remains to be seen, but I do play a lot of my own stuff so am at a smaller risk!

    • Phil Morse says:

      The point is also law is actually differently applied in different places, and I also agree with you - if you go with a paid service you maybe should expect a bit more security for your material - but who knows, eh? It's a fast-changing landscape.

  24. I believe that the last line speaks for itself. "So it appears that your mixes will remain safe on the Mixcloud site, at least for the foreseeable future."

    Therefore, it is clear that mixcloud will also face the same Copyright issues later in the future.

  25. soundcloud basically screwed my shit right up! How else can i get my facebook page to link to a player that keeps track of how many views its had?

  26. Interesting article. Soundcloud is bacoming big, and therefore always come privaciy issues. Money is money... :)

  27. Jon Cravenwood says:

    I disagree with this entire article as most online DJ competitions that are online require you to post a mix up on?.......soundcloud! If it was such an issue why would big events who organise these competitions to give amateur DJs a shot at playing with some of the biggest names in the industry...ask you to do this?

  28. The more immediate reason dj artists should consider an alternative to Soundcloud is more due to space. I'm paying premium, and with 20min-1hr sets already don't have room for all my previous weekly episodes.

    Upside to soundcloud as I understand it is
    the player allows audience to start listening right then, you're not depending on a commitment to download or at the mercy of your host's download speeds.

    There's a general population already familiar and friendly with the player, and know what to do when they see it.

    The lack of citations on my soundcloud is starting to nag at me. I did a couple guest appearances on East Village Radio, and the dj's plug every track in as they play. Real drag. Very little time to do anything off-the-cuff or tricky. What I'd enjoy is some kind of Citation search built right into soundcloud. You could enter each tune for your latest set one by one as you upload. Then the soundcloud player page would feature the set list, replete with the artists iTunes link, say, their soundcloud link, their songkick profile, their wiki entry, whatev.

  29. ShowRocka says:

    The whole goal for me is to get my style out there, if someone bites it all the better. Cause in the end I AM THE CREATOR, and my following knows me. Local praise is what we all aspire to anyways then global and by that time you still hope the biters are out there to raise awareness of your music.

  30. DJs should upload their mixes to DUBSET.com - you get your own radio page and its LEGAL. DUBSET has mixscan technology that automatically scans the mix and lists the track name and clears the rights for the songs used within a mix. Rumor has it an embedded player is launching this month. Its a sick solution for all the DJ soundcloud drama. DJs sign up here: http://dubset.com/#/signup/dj/form/1

  31. As recommended I'm working on my own website. I have mixes and tracks hosted on an archive.org netlabel that I should probably move to my own site.

    This all reminds me of my experience with mp3.com around the turn of the millennium. It was the same then. Create a sexy looking seemingly highly liberal service to attract customers. Worked great for while until mp3.com was bought out and everyone's carefully worked on pages disappeared almost overnight. Moral of the story ? We are still seeing the same mp3.com pattern repeated over and over. Beware of liberal looking corporate services. There may be good deals out there but look out for the crapola that comes with coporate ... money starts talking and then crapola stars walking. So don't get caught up in history repeating. Stand up for the music.

  32. I just wanna chime in and state that I feel that Mixcloud isn't on par with SoundCloud. The only way I can get anyone to listen to tracks on Mixcloud is via pimping it on Twitter/Facebook. And as far a FB is concerned, people only care about playing games and posting about what they're cooking for dinner (maybe I just need a different class of "friends".
    At least SC had groups that get me plays/favs/downloads. I worked just as hard in the past to promote on Mixcloud as I have of SoundCloud and the former ended up being a waste of time.
    Also Mixcloud's file size limits are a PITA. My mixes are an hour or more, and the only way to "fit" them on MC is to lower the bitrate considerably.
    So pimp Mixcloud all you want - but "no me".

  33. I spent a while looking for good mix upload sites and ended using mixcrate. Some of you guys should try it :)

  34. Many artist rely on Dj's to have there songs heard, most love it when there songs feature in a dj mix, however i do see the problem, on my own website i feature some dj mixes, but i do not allow downloads, that is not to say that a clever clogs would be able to figure out how to. I believe many artist are more worried about the download than streaming, i have never featured dj mixes on soundcloud, only my own songs, so i don't know whether mixes are being removed because of the option of being able to download them.

  35. I put DJ mixes on soundcloud, hopefully they are underground enough to stay under the radar for now, but who knows!

    Just found an extremely annoying feature of soundcloud. The only way to delete old hidden tracks is by deleting the current ones until they appear. So now to upload my latest mixes I've either got to delete my current mixes along with the comments or upgrade, sneaky!

  36. soundcloud is for musicians. if you don't play an instrument you shouldn't post there

  37. I'm a SC user and a Laptop Dj. I love SC.. I have a mix with several samples and have never been warned nor have had any of my mixes taken down.

    I don't listen to top 100 or what you would call mainstream, so I guess that mostly answers why my experience with them has been rather nice in the last 3 years as a lite account holder.

    djs are musicians btw. get over it.

  38. You make some strong points on why you should use Mixcloud. I think as a DJ it is important to use a lot of different services to post your mix. But #1 reason you should Not ignore Soundcloud - They get far more traffic than any other DJ Mix hosting company out there. From just 2 mixes I have had over 10,000 plays in 100 countries thanks to Soundcloud. Mixcloud would be 2nd in traffic, with Mix.dj coming in third. You should post on all 3. Soundcloud is right there next to Youtube as one of the most recognizable embedded players on Facebook right now. Fans have accounts to leave comments. Don't ignore it.

  39. I have been using SoundCloud to upload my mixes for over a year and it is by far the most solid service of its type out there - including its mobile app. I have gotten exponentially more listens, downloads, comments, "followers", etc from Soundcloud than all other services combined including Facebook. That's why I am literally depressed and so sad about what has happened to Soundcloud with this new "Over-enforcing" of copyright laws. I don't understand, I legally purchased my music on Beatport, and recorded my DJ mix live, so all of the music is mixed, not just uploading single tracks which I could understand - it seems the artists would appreciate and WANT DJ's promoting their music and (hopefully) generating further interest and profits flowing back to the artists.. I first heard about this when a DJ friend of mine had her upload blocked because it was scanned as it uploaded, and I didn't believe it at first but I just yesterday was notified that a DJ mix I have had up for several months was taken down because of one track that had been detected. Now I am just waiting my other mixes to disappear one by one. This SUCKS.

    For reference (I removed my name and the mix name):

    Hi xxxx,

    Our automatic content protection system has detected that your upload "DJ xxxx demo mix - xxxx" may contain content that is owned or licensed by Winding Road (Schmoov!, Destination).
    As a result, we have paused the upload of your audio for the time being.

    If you are the original creator of the audio in all its parts, or have obtained all necessary licenses and permissions to upload and share this content, please contact us using the form below.



    The SoundCloud team

  40. I have never used soundcloud as I have never like their gui. I use to use MusicV2 which I loved! Once they folded, I switched to podomatic and then I found http://www.mixcrate.com, which I love! Mixcrate is created by DJ's for DJ's and their mix sets!

  41. L. Corday says:

    Here is the bottom line. For marketing purposes, Soundcloud, Podomatic, and Official.fm are all great hosts. They all work well with mobile devices, however Podomatic is the more expensive option of all three, with Official.fm being the cheapest with unlimited downloads. For your listeners, locating specific mixtapes on all three hosts by title and or deejay name may be a slight annoyance, with Podomatic and Soundcloud having difficult search engines. Also note, Soundcloud and Official.fm both have one-click download options. All three work well on Facebook and most webpages with little or no problems.

    Mixcloud is a great alternative for your listening fans who do not mind not having download function, although the site is often known for regular technical interruptions. On the other hand, Mixcrate is known as a casual forum for your occasional "bed room" deejays. The interface is simple and customer service is very responsive, however your fans may not fall in love with the two-part download process, either - or the absence of a mobile app. House-Mixes.com? The average listener is not going to create a profile and register in order to be able download a mix. It is an inconvenience to the listener. In addition, while you will see popular names like Paul Oakenfold and Dave Aude on Mixcloud and Soundcloud, respectively, you will not see that type of caliber at HM or MC.

    So it comes down to individual cost (to the deejay with regards to time and money) and convenience of the listener. After all, you want people to listen to you, don't you? Then make it easier for them do so.

  42. playitagain says:

    I think the thing that leaves a bad taste in your mouth is when the label requesting take downs actually has its own DJ mixes on Soundcloud that include plenty of material not released by them! Go figure!

    I don't blame soundcloud or the copyright laws but more the labels who are taking this action and requesting the take downs. Lets not kid ourselves, with EDM, for the most part, the only people who actually buy the tracks are DJs. DJs will then either use the tracks to play in clubs, if they are lucky, or will use the tracks to mix up for fun, sharing the mixes for promotion or again just for fun. If the labels succeed in wiping out these online mix tapes then my fear is they will end up killing their own already fragile businesses.

  43. I had to reply to this. Now my opinion is that if a track is remixed, then it means the original track is pretty decent for someone to do so. In my case when I remix my tracks, I always credit the original DJ / Producer and of course the vocalist(s) if I know them.

    The way I look at it is that of someone remixes a track which is pretty old, or has not made it into any of the charts, the person who had remixed it has given the original Free Publicity!

    Sorry to say I have seen tracks uploaded to various sites where the person claims it is their original, and that to me is theft!

    Now finally I have uploaded a tune which I had created, I would love to hear a remix of it, as long as I get the credit like:
    Name - Title (Name Mix) etc.

    Comments would be interesting?

  44. If i would upload a song of mine to soundcloud, without proper copyright on it, is it still protected somehow by soundcloud or is everybody free to do with the song what they want?

  45. I have previously posted four remixes to soundcloud(see link) and have disabled downloads and credited the artists in the description, however when i uploaded my latest one it was denied despite doing the same thing of disabling downloads and crediting the artists

  46. zer0000 says:

    thx very helpful article

  47. An update on MixCloud:

    It is far superior. For hobbyists, non professional money raking DJ's, etc. The no limits thing has made me record more mixes than I have in years. Nice. Too bad they don't allow OGG Vorbis file formats... open source bites the dust again.

    But Mixcloud has had a couple shifts and changes:

    1) It does not always list the tracks and artists in full, like it used to. I do not know why, and it seems that it is somewhat inconsistent. Right now, all my mixes have the full tracklisting, at other times they don't pop up.

    2) Unless it is my browser, you can no longer change to different tracks, or slide to other parts of a song. It seems they are treating the mixes more like a radio station than singular tracks.

    Just an update on this awesome article that has created a community of responses. Not many places to discuss this. If someone could confirm or set me straight, I would appreciate it.

  48. Yes this is really difficult. I use house-mixes as host because they include sales links for the featured artists in the mixes. I hope the labels look at my mixes as promotion for their product instead of warez. I even make extra long mix-in and outs to not let any song play solo too long to suit the labels. But still i fear i breach the copyright ,damn comicality. Even if you buy a song you can't make use of it the way you want to. WHY do only firms have rights and we as consumers don't seem to have any after we buy one of their cd's. I am a musician myself so sure understand the need of copyright. But on mixes ? If you only play the song solo 50% of the song ,then the consumer still needs to buy the product else they only have half of the song. IMHO mixes are like old school radio Back then we hated the radio host who talked through the song if we taped it. Now dj's shorten the song by starting a new song. So we only partly play their product and some like me even provide sales links for the featured songs. Yet its still not really legal as far as i know. It will always stay i fear cos i do long mixes to limit solo play of tracks but if it would be legal Then i bet warez dudes will mix in 2 sec and mix out 2sec And then anyone can cut those warezed mixes to single tracks. So i fear it will always stay a grey area where we dj's will have to move within. I checked mixcloud by pressing play on a mix that was embedded on a forum before i came here. Then grabbed the stream to see the quality 26 mb for a 56 minute mix hahahaha The streaming quality must be bitrate 64 mp3 That way it makes no sense to up a mix there. Then we dj's might as well download our songs from youtube as 192 mp3 And then mix with that. THEY want us to buy their 320 mp3 don't they ? Then give us a way to make use of it ! I didn't even put my headphones on to check the mix as at that low size it can't sound well. But heck i'll do the above and grab some oldies from the tube and build a mix with that and up it to mixcloud just for the sake of fun. After 30 years copyright should be gone as far as i know So 10 more years and we can legally mix those old school songs and up em on the net haha Just sharing my thoughts here to hopefully make some think and who knows one with power might read it lols Thats why i don't link myself got too many mixes online that i don't want taken down. SEE more prove of how counter productive this insecurity is I could have linked myself here and have promoted hundreds of songs cos all my mixes have sales links on the players of the featured songs. Now i'm too scared to help to promote your material here hahaha

  49. Lil correction here.
    I joined mixcloud myself and tested again.

    If you download the stream with a video downloader like ANT or downloadhelper then you get low quality version.
    But if you use a special way to grab the real stream
    Then you can get a true hq 320 version.
    Thus the stream quality [What you hear] is not lower on mixcloud.
    They only seem to influence what quality our tools may download.

    This to correct my statement that gave mixcloud a bad name.

  50. eleveneleven says:

    I know this thread is mainly for Dj's but i found it by searching google for a similar issue I just had with soundcloud. A track that I fully produced and paid a singer to come to the studio and sing was taken down after that same singer went batshit nuts and decided she didnt like her vocals... Crazy thing is the song is amazing, but ignorant people get weird when they hear themselves or see others making progress. She sent a letter to SC saying she owned the rights and to take down the song and they DID. Moral of the story, even if you ARE the copyright owner, and random joe out there can basically lay claim to have ownership of your shyt and have it taken down.

    I agree with all the other folks in saying that u just need to host ur on website and go that route. I have my own but was using their widget. There are no scruples out there and dont expect any due diligence on the Soundcloud, bandcamp or any other site for that matter. They will just take it down and ask questions later which may be Costly. Use these online tools however u can, but build from the ground up n work to sidestep this BS. peace

  51. You should probably make more clear that this is the specific meaning of mix, and not 'any track' as I took it to mean. How would this relate to things like covers, mashups, use of an existing theme, or style imitations?

  52. Sup Y'all - i am djcruMbs (soundcloud.com/djcrumbs) (mixcloud.com/djcrumbs)

    1. i use both services, yes mixcloud is free and i have uploaded hours and hours of mixes, both personal and for the contests that mixcloud holds on site, and have never had a problem with removal. Soundcloud however, i have had 4 different (mixes) and 2 (remixes) removed without question or notification first. one of the remixes was 100% original music with the exception of the acapella - GONE!
    2. i dont think its fair when using "other's or owner's" tracks in a dj mix that you can be accused of copyright infringement. When Doc Martin played or Sasha or John Digweed play somewhere, they do not spend 3 months getting the explicit permission of every single artist / track that they are going to play in a 3 to 4 hour set. That would be absolutely absurd! This is because A) they are famous and / or signed and B) the music used in the mix is not being infringed upon. It is being used and heard and shared in its original intended form that artist created it for. Beat-Matching two songs, no matter what they are and regardless of genre is not changing the original or bastardizing the intended use. I Say BULLSHIT!!!! Isn't that why we make music in the first place? to be heard and played and enjoyed? Jebus Christo!
    3. these are other sites i find somewhat useful (at least most of the time)

  53. Indeed. I've attempted to upload 4 of my DJ mixes to Soundcloud and 2 of them were rejected. I received a notice each time regarding the particular offending track (one was a popular dance track, the other was an obscure piece of Bollywood soundtrack), and those mixes were taken down as soon as I uploaded them.

    Soundcloud is a fantastic environment for discovering artists and producers (or being discovered if you're an artist or producer), but this decision to control rights in such draconian fashion is really really LAME. It's more heavy-handed than it has to be.

    But whatever, it's not my web service, I just visit it. There's better fruits in other trees, right?

    As a DJ I won't be uploading anything more to Soundcloud. No point in it. Thanks for the list of alternatives!

  54. Do what I did - instead of spending $30 to upgrade your SoundCloud account to something that can actually host more than 1-2 mixes, get a cheap web host with unlimited storage and bandwidth for the same price.

    Get a couple of DJ/producer friends to join you, and presto - you've created an exclusive online community of artists showcasing their cool, underground works. Promote it via social networking, word-of-mouth, and shamelessly when you leave comments on sites as I am doing here.

    My site is online now, and I plan to throw an "official launch party" later this year. It is already gathering content and steam as I have 3 DJ friends on it, with promises from another 2 DJs, 1 more producer and a freelance writer/music reviewer to join in the fun. With all of us posting our productions and mixes, as well as promoting our gigs, there should be at least 2-3 new reasons for people to view the site every week.

    Visitors who come to the site to check out one DJ will often look around and check out the others. And even though it's a simple WordPress-based site, it's customized enough to make it look deliberate and valuable.

    As an unsigned techno producer, my original tracks get about 1 play per day on SoundCloud, and 0 comments. There is almost no value in that. But when somebody "discovers" me on my web site, I look like a star.

    Yes, there's a bit of work involved, but face it: the days of getting famous by just mixing a few records are over. Talent is worth nothing without some promotion/marketing to back it up.

  55. I posted a live set of my original songs and had it flagged and taken down.
    When I investigated the track it allegedly sounded like I heard no similarities.
    I contacted sound cloud months ago and haven't heard back.

    I subsequently uploaded the studio versions of the songs that were in the live set and had no problems with flagging.

    Venues in my area (NY Metro) want to hear your live show before hiring you for gigs and this is killing me.

  56. Well soundcloud has just lost my $12 a month.
    Auto-generated copyright warning.
    Ive started using Mixcrate, but the problem being that most people Ive spoken to want to download a mix and listen to it on their idevice or whatever and Mixcloud forces you to create an account if you want to download, which is also an issue as most people dont want to have to create an account on sites.
    Soundcloud was the best solution but their policy now makes them unusable.

  57. This has just happened to me - tried uploading a new mix to SC and received an immediate takedown notice. This is a real shame, I'd started to build a little following on there and my mixes were receiving listens, whereas on Mixcloud it seems the mixes are just lost in the ether. I understand copyright law, but surely tracks like ones used in DJ mixes are designed to be mixed and played out.. If I don't make the mix available for download, I don't really see the difference in being able to hear it in a club, or at home (although I'm guessing it's the PRS/PPL license thing).

    No notice yet what the offending track(s) are though, how long does that take to come through?

    One things for sure, if this automatic takedown starts happening to my original work (like has been reported on here), SoundCloud will lose another customer.

    At least this will force me to get my own website up and running!

  58. please check out here my experience related to soundcloud's copyrigt policy ..http://5dvisions.blogspot.nl/


  59. Under no circumstances should you upload any original songs to soundcloud ,me and my friends from another site did, only to find out that soundcloud had them for sale on another site as ringtones ! They have all deleted their accounts !

  60. I don't like soundcloud any more for that reason everytime I make a new mix and I want to share my mix with my follows I get a stupid messages about the copyrights and my mix get remove or delete for no reason I think the soundcloud copyrights are suck and soundcloud is going to lose a lot of members like deejays I already close my account on that stupid website

  61. yes I've had 2 mixes removed for copyright, and It was a DJ mix so therefore the entire full length song in question was not uploaded as it was part of a mix. Seriously ridiculous !!

  62. Anyone had issues with Mixcloud not posting to Facebook Newsfeed? My mixes/Mixcloud link only seem to post to Facebook Timeline so it is essentially buried unless someone clicks on your timeline. That ain't so great if one is trying to promote yourself and your music on Mixcloud. I messaged Mixcloud about this but never heard back. And yeah: Soundcloud: No DJ freedom :-).

  63. I thought id try soundcloud as I see people promoting themselves with dj mixes all the time. I uploaded my first mix and it was removed in the space of 5 minutes!!! I think its a disgrace. If its wasn't for DJs a lot of songs would never even be heard. I use mix cloud now.

  64. Soundcloud is still superior to Mixcloud. The problem i have is mixcloud isn't very social. You can't post in more than 5 groups in any given seating. Soundcloud you can post in up to 75 groups. There are other services that are superior like play.fm, podomatic, mix.dj, house-mixes.com. I promote on all of those sites and i get the least amount of listens on mixcloud

  65. I've been using Soundcloud and Podomatic for about a year now. I've had my house music podcasts removed twice due to copyright issues. Apparently, one of the songs in each of my two mixes had European copyrights but not in the US. Thus, the removed the entire podcast and informed me exactly which song it was and why.

    I MUCH prefer Podomatic. I'm not sure why this site doesn't recommend it. I get many more listeners to my music than on Soundcloud. Compare:
    Podomatic: over 16,000 plays/downloads since January, 2012.
    Soundcloud: around 1000 plays/downloads.

    For me, Podomatic is the best.

  66. Even after I removed the said copyright material from a mix, and several emails back and forth escalated to their copyright legal team, souncloud will not allow me to replace the file and keep my stats, and have failed to provide me with a reason why.

    For the full history and copy of correspondence, please email me cvoukidis@focusbt.com.au.

    A highly undesirable outcome, soundcloud have lost yet another customer.

  67. I think soundcloud is awesome but just today I got flagged on an original track that I produced from scratch and has no copyrighted samples. Hopefully they respond to my dispute. The only music I upload are tracks that I produce.

  68. This aught to lead to more DJs producing their own tunes. These mainstream artists want even more competition?, then they're gonna get it!

  69. Mirroring some of the above...

    We've used soundcloud since 2010. We also did everything the old school way for years before. The international copyright law hasn't changed, pre to post digital (including) soundcloud. The digital era just makes it easier (not foolproof) to do wave form analysis on copywritten works. Once you understand technology, and the law, like it or not, you have two choices. Either you pay for music, support artists, and believe the law overall results in a fair system (better than 50% positive) or you don't.

    Regarding soundcloud, as a product, they chose to focus on technology, and abide by the law. This is why we all get great product, part of which is great community, etc...Some of the other services may also, which promotes innovation, but I struggle to see how any of the enforcement issues have anything to do with whether or not you should use soundcloud.

    ...and the hamster wheel shall rotate.

    • We're talking about whether or not you should use it as a safe place to host your DJ promo mixes... and the answer is basically no. That's fine - we still rate it highly for own productions (and personally I find a lot of the music I play in my sets there).

  70. Pretty sure SC turnover is coming for a big chunk from DJ (mixes).
    Only had a few issues on copyright.
    Pretty sure they will tighten up the scanning for free subscriptions and lesser tight for paying ones.

  71. I'm an upcoming digital Dj and I singed up for a SC account to start uploading my mixes, however, the first mix I uploaded got denied because of its content even before it was available online (right after I uploaded it). That is the reason I read this article, out of necessity, so to all you guys saying that SC is great, if you haven´t had problems yet I'm glad for you, but some others have had problems already.

    I just singed up for a MC account, uploaded my 46 min mix in 15 minutes, and I was able to upload my Traktor playlist as well to timestamp my mix

  72. In regards to help clear this topic a little. Soundcloud does not pay any publishing dues to the respective publishing agencies. I.e. ASCAP, bmi, sesac. Sound exchange is strictly a digital publishing agency. These agency collect the royalties for said artist and labels owning copy written music. Mix cloud is registered legally as a audio streaming site. Mix cloud pays a annual fee into theses companies. Works like terrestrial radio. DJ LIFE: WE ARE THE FOUNDATION!

  73. Im just a bedroom dj and dont want to spend anymore money on hosting than i need to. I did use soundcloud and some of my mixes were pulled despite them containing remixes that I had did and gave the artists credit for it.

    I use mixcloud but i also used http://www.mixcrate.com which is pretty fast, reliable but you do need to post your track names - if it's a short mix i do, if it's longer or maybe a drunken session and ive forgotten - then i just put unknown in and copy/paste.

    Lots more places out there, i do like soundcloud but wont be using it again in any hurry to post my own mixes

  74. DjKriksta says:

    After 7 years of making mixes to share directly with my friends I chose to start publishing my work on sound cloud as a way to gain exposure and at the end of the day to promote the music I like to a wider audience. It wasn't until recently that one of my mixes was reported for copyright and muted. I have produced a few songs of my own and although there nothing amazing it still took a lot of work so I understand the artists wanting to protect there work from infringement. At the same time I do feel that a bit of freedom should be granted to DJ mixes as they rarely showcase songs in full and the mix is a complete audio file therefore the listener has no way of breaking them apart unless they download the songs individually which is of there own discretion. I believe that if you upload your mix as a sole audio file and pay tribute to the artists by adding a track list then there should be no issue whatsoever in respect to copyright infringement. I do not profit in any way from anything I upload, And at the end of the day I do what I do to share the music I love to anyone willing to listen and that's what music used to be, and should be about, now its all marketing and greed and its really evident in these situations.

  75. Yeah Soundcloud have made it harder now, tagging my mixes with known tracks, so I had to stop posting my Spreaker broadcasts to it. Mixcloud offers "buy" links to known tracks so therefor promoting known music. I am guessing that's why MixCloud is less stringent.

    What makes it worse is if you use a sample pack of some kind in your own music that someone else has happened to use, and it gets blocked as their track rather than your own... That's a bummer! Although that hasn't happened to me yet, but it has to some that I know!

  76. Noam katz says:

    I Had been trying to upload a mix to soundcloud for a competition about 2 months ago a mix that i had work on for hours get everything 100% perfect finding the best tracks i could and working so hard to finding the most interesting and best reworks re edited remixes mash-ups and originals i could find but the rules of the contest said it had to be uploaded to soundcloud so i could not upload it for the copyright reasons. i think i would have had a good chance at winning but soundcloud prevented me from even entering. even today when i tried to put up a new mash up it stopped me from uploading it. i think from now on i will stick to YouTube,but its a shame that they have blocked soundclould from the aspiring dj who doesnt have the production skills yet but may be great at djing from being found on soundcloud

  77. I used to use Soundcloud as a paid customer but found the Mixcloud was far better as there is no limit to uploads and FREE.
    It's a shame but also a good thing that you can't download from Mixcloud as it does protect copyright but makes it hard for our fans to get our latest mixes on their media players.

  78. dario canuso says:

    All this copyright things are absurd for DJs, especially in the Electronic Music scene. What ever happened to just MUSIC ??!?
    If one buys all the tracks (vinyl,cd,mp3) as a DJ thats their style and passion.

    I understand if someone is uploading whole tracks etc. they should be blocked. But in a DJ mix ? come on world... you take all the fun away from DJing..

    MONEY RULES THIS WORLD...I hate the digital era just as much as I used to love it

  79. I personally use mixcloud.

    Another great way to share your sets is zippyshar.e

  80. I must admit to being a little awed by what I have read in this thread, so perhaps someone could help clarify the comments?

    Am I right in thinking that a "mix" of a track is regarded as 'new work' that should be credited to the DJ, not to the original producer?

    Is the notion that it is best to source 'underground' tracks because - as @pepehouse puts it - "If you play underground music... you don’t have any risk of your mixes being removed because small, underground labels don’t bother complaining," really going to be left there unchallenged?

    DJ's make money right? You are paid for doing your set?

    And yet this thread seems all about locating somewhere on the Web that is 'copyright-free'; somewhere hidden from those pesky musicians/artists who made the very product you are using to promote yourself and ultimately earn your own money!

    And yet we get (in this thread and other DJ forums) the sense that once a DJ has sequenced someone else's track in between two other people's tracks, then it somehow by osmosis now belongs to the DJ to exploit as he sees fit.

    As a go-to forum for inexperienced or up and coming DJs, I am amazed that no Admin or Moderator has stepped in to clarify music rights. This is really nor rocket science: Here is a link to prsformusic that explains in simple terms what you should do as a DJ at a venue: http://www.prsformusic.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/Emails/Newsletters/Newsletter%20December%202012/HELP%20US%20IDENTIFY%20DANCE%20MUSIC%20MORE%20EFFECTIVELY%20WRI.html

    And as one of those artists whose music has been misappropriated by on-line DJs - (in one case nine tracks of mine appearing in someone's 45 minute 'mix' with no credit or track list provided to identify any of the works) - I am only too pleased to know that all my works are registered with PRS and MCPS and I have backup should anyone use them without permission.

    And that is the real rub isn't it?

    I do not produce Creative Commons work but from time to time I am approached by someone who asks permission to use a track in their video or even a mix... Thus far I have always readily agreed and waived any fee. If I can see the individual concerned is not making a commercial profit then I am only too pleased to allow him/her 'fair use'.

    This kind of dialogue is to be encouraged! Please, DJs - seek permission from the artists, email, have a chat! As has been noted there are plenty of bedroom musicians out there who would be only too delighted to be included in a mix - as long as they are credited.

    I hope this stirs up some positive debate about these issues and I certainly do not mean to 'troll' - I just thought this thread was in sore need of another voice for balance.

    Best regards,


    • Look at Mixcloud as an example of how we feel SoundCloud should handle this stuff.

    • When it was stated that Underground labels don't care, I believe perhaps it doesn't matter to those artists or labels that someone put their track in an hour or so mix. If I were an Underground producer, I'd want people to put my stuff on their mixes because it would only get my name noticed by more. Yes, of course, put up a track list, give credit where its due. The artist should only want more exposure, and the label should want more traffic to their other artists; they're going to make money.

  81. Been using Mixcloud for ages, and really like it. Yes, it's not as social as soundcloud, but at least the mixes stay online.

    I use soundcloud too, for tracks I've produced, and that works well enough. I did upload one DJ mix to soundcloud recently (made up free downloads from other soundcloud users) and that's stayed up, and it's had way more listens than mixcloud.

    Mixcloud recently got rid of groups, presumably because they weren't working as well as they hoped, but since then I've noticed a definite drop in listens.

    Mixcloud needs to improve the commenting system to allow proper replies to comments to make it more of a social experience.

    As for the lack of downloads on Mixcloud, it's easy enough to upload it to a filesharing site and provide a link in the description.

  82. I'm another DJ that has received that copyright message from soundcoloud.

    The private message doesn't even tell why I've being flagged!

    I've started a dispute and see what come.

    but will try Mixcloud and if my issues with soundcloud continued I will cancel my premium account

  83. Adam E. says:

    Soundcloud does not want good sounding music to be up on their site. That's why I am not uploading anything, it's just going to be a listening page, there will be no sound effects, no music, absolutely nothing. Because Sound Cloud does not deserve good music even if I did have the licenses, their packages are way too expensive and they are based overseas. I am through with them.

    • We don't recommend SoundCloud for DJ mixes, but it provides a massive service to DJs and to write it off is in our view very counterproductive. It's an awesome resource for finding new music in our opinion.

  84. This just happened to me a few days ago for the first time. I love soundcloud. But it is a little ridiculous. It happens to be a mix I deleted because I needed disk space and thought, "well, its on soundcloud, I'll get it later"

    Anyway, at least we've got mixcloud, which is an excellent medium for mixes.

  85. da sample seeker says:

    the soundcloud software clearly does not work... people with acoustic tracks just singing their own songs and playing guitar have been accused of breaching the copyright of some lame euro-synth track that isn't even in the same key!!

    other people i know have had tracks removed but no email advising why.

    try searching for a big names, bieber, madonna, stacks of uploaded tracks not even samples or remixes, just the original tracks... DON'T TELL ME THAT THESE MONEY-GRABBING ARTISTS ALLOW THIS!

    • melody master says:

      mate it's not 'THESE MONEY-GRABBING ARTISTS ' thats causing the problem. For a start most don't even own the rights, look at the bigger picture e.g sony, universal, emi and warner. They have so much power and they just bleed the industry. People like soundcloud have to do what these labels want or they get squatted like flies. All we can do as DJ's is ensure the artists get the respect for the music they make. These labels only care about money and they not stupid, so we have to be clever back and not play into there hands. Each time we buy a track we enter an agreement that says we can play the music and thats about all. Use to be written on the cd's etc and these days its in the terms of the download site. Personelly I'd like to go and burn down these money grabbing ********, but sadly we can't :)

  86. Something has definitely changed. UMG is doing some serious trawling through your tracks now and it's not just the first 30 seconds or so that will stop you from auto uploading. No matter what I do to my mix I get a takedown notice within 24 hours.

    Will continue to experiment and report my findings.

    Before this discussion devolves into alternatives, let's be up front that there really are none. I have 103,000+ plays on SoundCloud and 300 on Mixcloud. I love Mixcloud for their timestamping feature and sensible attitude to copyright, but they have neither the infrastructure nor the audience that SoundCloud does.

    These are the sad state of affairs we have to deal with.

  87. My trance mix was flagged as soon as it uploaded, i think they must use the track list to flag it. :(

  88. @ Phil Morse: Yes, it is a lovely TAX. A state agency (SIAE) collects the money and then delivers some of it to the owners of the broadcasted/played content.

  89. I've a radioshow (in Spain) and soundcloud drop me my podcasts, but I have a question. In Spain we've an agency they collect from radiostations all the money for labels and artists, so can I have the rights to play my podcasts or not?


  90. Have used soundcloud for several years to host DJ mixes and have allowed downloads without any problem.
    Recently heard about more DJs getting there mixes removed and eventually it happened to me.
    My latest mix got removed as soon as I uploaded it and I got a notice which track it was. It was the very first track which I only used 30 seconds of as an intro. I had also mentioned it with full details in the tracklist. Not sure if it had been found by the sound or the tracklist and was left wandering if it only finds the first track in a mix as after that its all the same track as far as an upload goes.
    Anyway I removed the full details from the track list and added a 20 second spoken intro to the mix and left everything else the same and it uploaded fine and is still there. not sure how long it will stay but for now that worked.

  91. Posted my original work on Soundcloud tonight. Not a sample in it. Got immediate notification of the supposed claimant and song. Sounds nothing like my original work as I went to find it and listened. Again, I used NO samples. It's silly. I post my original music to Soundcloud for fun and to get a little feedback. Not any more. I'm not playing that game.

  92. I have never used soundcloud because I never liked their GUI. I have been using http://www.mixcrate.com for a few years without incident.

  93. Swim thought it might be worth pointing out.

    Swim recently had a mix pulled for using a 'The Black Dog' track. Swim found this weird - because it was a variant mix to one Swim already had up that included the same track.

    After a bit of research Swim discovered that The Black Dog had sent a large number of take down requests to various buy that mp3 sites.

    Listening to both mixes back and forth - the first mix has some more background stuff going on in the other three decks and layers differently into the next track - there is also far in the distance, some talking.

    The one that got pulled was just a straight transition over of two tracks.

    Swim would also take time to point out he has a couple of selector/radio mixes up there that are also just straight transitions and they have not been bulled.

    It is straight down to the artist in question - and if you do get a track pulled - go back to the mix - obscure it just enough for analysation software and it should be fine.

    'Least - that's what Swim thinks.

  94. Well I'm always game for it mixes are good we do our own label mixes and sometime others to show how our music fits in. if anyone has license concerns then I'm sure they just need to speak to the up loader who could remake the mix and take out the issuing tracks.

  95. melody master says:

    I think the problem with soundcloud and copyright is when DJ sets are enabled to be downloaded, cause then the DJ is giving away other peoples music. Mixcloud doesn't allow download and also links to the tracks to buy. Soundcloud should include a mix section that you can only listen to and links the track listing to the artists page, this would then benefit all concerned. I use both but find soundcloud better as you reach more listeners and with mixcloud is mainly just other Dj's

  96. If the original artist of a given track are genuinely getting a share of the cash on mixcloud is there any wonder soundcloud mixes are being removed.

    Think about it!

  97. Great article, thanks for this. I had my mixes up on SC for a few years and had amazing stats (to me anyway) of where people who listened to my mixes were from. Then one day, blown away, but only after they got me to pay for a new subscription to post more than one mix because my existing subscription had expired.. haha, we live and learn, but mixcloud here I come. Fresh start for 2014.. HNY!

  98. Not sure if this was ever mentioned..but just a tried and tested tip to evade the soundcloud copyright detection.
    Put your mix in a daw like ableton and use a filter to subtly cut out the highest freqs of the the first 1/2 minute of the mix.
    I have used this techniques on mixes I have had pulled and it has worked everytime.

  99. I have tried posting live mixes onto Soundcloud to let promoters get a chance to hear how I would mix for their venue. Some mixes got shut down right away, which is frustrating. Especially when it's all because of a song that's right in the middle of the mix!!! I'll check out mixcloud since it sounds DJ friendly. But sheesh man! I'm not getting paid to promote these artists on friggin soundcloud!!! It should be all love no??!!

  100. I just found the solution . Suppose If the original song timing is 4.00 . You should make your mix to different Time means some gap from original song timing . then soundcloud will accept your file . its work for me and I hopes its works for everyone .

  101. Hi Phil,

    It seems Mixcloud is following into the footsteps of Soundcloud. My friends from Insein Radio, who posted each week a new mix, their account was deleted without warning. http://www.mixcloud.com/insein/

    • I must add to my comment that their mixes are still available. When you enter "insein" in the search field all their cloudcasts are still available for listening.

      • Everything got settled with Mixcloud. The only thing my friends needed to do was to remove "inappropriate material", let's say images of vinyl record covers that contained nudeness. The lesson we've learned from this is you've got to think twice which record cover image you use when you promote your mixes.

  102. Ive used soundcloud for over a year now to post mixes on never had a problem until today when i got the very message saying my mix contained a track thats copyrighted but only one out oc yhe hr mix so ive now put it on mixcloud gonna cancel my subscription now as well

  103. djbigspinda@gmail.com says:

    My first mix was flagged. The first song of the first mix I ever posted got flagged & the whole mix was rejected. That's the only one though.

  104. Use http://www.AudioBoo.com - they at least pay PRS.

  105. was looking into possibly posting dj mixes on SoundCloud but have decided not to

  106. I've had several mix sets removed for copyright issues as well as individual tracks that were completely original...I have had 0 problems with Mixcloud. So if you have original stuff to promote Soundcloud is good..with mixes you have to be very careful..if it is Indie stuff it will probably pass but if it has anything to do with mainstream...BEWARE!

  107. CeazAmaze says:

    I have been having Issues with Soundcloud and I pay for my services. They have removed my Mixes more than 7 times already and recently those bastards removed an mix that I have had up for nearly a year without notice to me. I was very upset. I will be Leaving those Assholes. I wont be giving them anymore of my Money. F Them

  108. trickivicki@live.co.uk says:

    I`ve recently had one of my mixes taken down due to this so called copyrighting, I play hardhouse, bounce & harddance, i dont even have the track im supposed to have copyrighted, yes i have gone through all my music on hardrives etc, ive even googled the track which isnt even the genre that i play !!, yes its annoyed me because i disputed it but SC told me to seek legal advice !!! WTF , stupid as i may be i`m still using SC as they have the D/L feature which mixcloud doesnt, but im slowly moving over i`d rather pay for dropbox/mediafire for people who want to D/L the mixes :-)

  109. difference between a REmix, a Mashup and a MIx please?

    • trickivicki@live.co.uk says:

      A remix is a previous track that someone else puts their own twist on , a mash up is various clips of tracks all put together as one track & a mix is playing a set of various tracks in a set of say 1hr

  110. I tried to upload a Frankie Knuckles Tribute mix I did and these lame ass boneheads took it down.

    I use mixcloud and mixcrate with no issues whatsoever. I've even included my own original stuff I've produced in my mixes and still no issue with either one.

    I'm done with soundcloud, they can die a slow painful death with an ear infection for all I care.

  111. So for individual tracks and not mixes what is a good alternative to Soundcloud? I'd like to get off of there altogether. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!'

  112. It's going to happen anywhere copyrights are being misused. You can run but you're just wasting your time. Make your own music and stop being a poser with someone else's material. It's their right to exploit it not yours. That's what the law is about. You guys are killing the music as we know it and you're too dumb to recognize. It's hilarious what a bunch of whiners you all are. Get yourselves some business.

  113. i upload my own track and mix i recorded from my vinyl records and I have no issue so far.. they don't want you to put the latest beatport chart in a mix and offer a free download option......, their ass has been kicked by beatport etc,. obviously.)

  114. they just clearing the rubbish

  115. Mixcloud has block a couple of my mixes citing Blanket Licensing garbage stuff.
    The mixes were of songs that I produced, but they're saying that you can't have
    a mix of three or more songs by the same artist. I hate all these sites now.

  116. I myself had a 30 minutes set automatically removed from SoundCloud. The funny thing is, it made it to YouTube and it is still up there, as I'm writing this. I uploaded lots of remixes too on SoundCloud (before they changed their policies), and they're still up too. I'm getting really pissed of this stupid laws driven by companies that make billions $$ ... and against whom ? well, against bed producers that don't make sh*t.

    @Deeva you sound so retarded right now. Music is about creativity. Now tell me, how is it that I'm posing by making a remixed version of a song ? That version is unique, cannot be bought anywhere else .... and it has SOME of MY creativity joined to the original track. But yeah you know what, by posting my remix, the companies who already made huge lots of money with their release, they will encounter money losses. Who's the winner, now ? retard.

  117. I made a three song mix and posted it on sound cloud and i was flagged but get this i turned around and posted all three songs one by one separate tracks and they were accepted . till this day all three songs are posted . but when i tried to post the same three songs in a mix they flagged me again my last time with soundcloud


    If you dj an event using original CDs or Vinyl you do not need a licence as the venues have you covered with their own PRS licence.

    If you download music from a paid for site and use on your laptop to dj an event you do not need a licence as the venues have you covered with their own PRS licence.

    If you rip music from a shop brought CD or from Vinyl to a digital format you DO need a "PRO-DUB" licence. This is not covered by a venues PRS licence.

    If you Dj an event in an educational or church venue you may be required to purchase your own PRS licence as these venues have special licences that don't always cover DJ's.

    If in any doubt phone PRS for Music.

    In addition to licences, it is also worth noting that running a mobile entertainment business in UK you should to cover yourself also have PLI insurance, Equiptment should be P.A.T tested and should keep accounts books and pay National Insurance and TAX.

    If your running as a professional set up your business as a limited company.

    I know many people would say they just don't earn enough to do all this, but they can all be offset against your incoming which means you would pay less tax.

    I know of a few venues which are now asking for proof of PRO-DUB, PLI and PAT CERTs and if you don't have them they won't even let you set-up. Which means the booking party can take legal action against you for their loss of entertainment.

    One DJ in Brighton has just had this happern to him, he had PLI but did not have PAT and PRO-DUB Certs. The client took him through court and instead of earning £650 for the wedding reception the courts ordered him to pay £1500 that the covering disco charged + compensation. That in total cost him £3500.

    Personally I think as a country we have gone over the top.

    Hope this clears a few things up, I am happy to offer more advice to anyone who needs it's just get touch with us.

    • "If you rip music from a shop brought CD or from Vinyl to a digital format you DO need a “PRO-DUB” licence. This is not covered by a venues PRS licence." << Agree with you, this is ridiculous and rarely enforced, although not "never", as you point out.

  119. Hi, personally I use http://hearthis.at (I'm not sponsored), cheap and has great features.
    Somebody should write an article about it.

  120. Michael Boiger says:

    i also encountered my mixtapes being removed immidiately after upload for several times. But this is not the only thing that makes me very angry. Soundcloud in my opinion charges high fees for a service that became free in almost every corner of the internet over ten years ago. Why pay? Because of the good service? What service? Automated copyright messages? Buggy players that will cause high CPU loads, no matter on what browser and PC you are listening from? Statistics that are so incredibly false that not even the dumbest ass would believe them? Crashing uploader functions that enforce you to upload your set at least three times? And then they change the whole page layout without any advance notice, to a crappy design that hides the description written by the author, stretches and cuts cover images and generally makes it difficult to provide information catchy and easy to read. Searching music also does not work properly - you simply won't find what you were searching for. I will not extend my pro account once its period will end. When i once decided to go on a pro plan, Soundcloud was something different to now. What offends me most is that i built up a real audience of at least 30 listens a day, throughout a whole year, and that was very hard work for a single DJ located in an area with rather few potential listeners, running against thousands of big ad-supported music crawling sites. I have had thousands of plays, and also a nice number of downloads, likes and shares. This would have expanded and increased, i'm sure, but now i will have to start from zero again on Mixcloud, a platform that may be more attractive at the moment. But as countless DJs will switch to Mixcloud the next time, i think we will encounter the same thing as with Soundcloud in a few years.

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