Your Questions: Can My Mixtrack Pro Work With Traktor Pro 2?

The Mixtrack Pro 2: Comes with Virtual DJ LE in most of the world, but you can use it with Traktor too. Here's how...

The Mixtrack Pro 2: Comes with Virtual DJ LE in most of the world, but you can use it with Traktor too. Here's how...

Reader Arjun from New Delhi, India, writes: "I just ordered my first controller, the Mixtrack Pro, which ships with Virtual DJ. Though it is a great software, I was wondering if there is a Traktor 2 mapping available for the same. Since I am a beginner DJ, I won't really require four decks at the beginning, but I would still like the flexibility of using Traktor 2 and Virtual DJ, since I am adept at using both the softwares."

"Can I do that? What will I need to do if i want to switch my software when I want?"

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, there's no problem with doing that. Indeed, in some territories, including Europe, the Mixtrack Pro actually ships with a version of Traktor.

Here's how to do it: Once you have your Mixtrack Pro installed and working fine with Virtual DJ, launch Traktor 2 with the controller plugged in and turned on. Now go to Preferences > Controller Manager and click Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions to choose Numark then Mixtrack Pro, and answer the rest of the questions accordingly - you can tell it how many decks (two in your case) and also whether you're using an external mixer or not (you're not).

Traktor Pro 2 Mixtrack Setup

Setting up your Mixtrack Pro in Traktor using the controller wizard.

When the wizard is finished and you're returned to the Controller Manager page, in the Device drop down menu at the top of the window, select your Mixtrack Pro. You may have to select its entry in the adjacent In-Port and Out-Port drop-downs too. Finally, got to Audio Setup > Audio Device and select your Mixtrack's sound interface in that dropdown. You should now be good to go.

Now, to use your Mixtrack Pro with either software, just launch the software you wish to mix with at the time.

Have you got a Mixtrack Pro? Which software do you use it with? Got any tips and tricks to share with us on this controller? Please let us know in the comments!

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  1. DJ M.T. says:

    i've got a Mixtrack [Non-pro] it came with Virtual DJ in the box (it's Asian version probably) and i'm using it with Traktor 2 at the moment. it works seamlessly.
    however, i've gotta note you the some of the functions doesn't work out of the box with my Mixtrack. i've got to re-map them (namely the Cue buttons) but it was no big deal anyway. hope your Mixtack Pro will fare better.
    cheers, from a happy Mixtrack user. xD

  2. I use a Mixtrack (non-Pro) as well, and I use Traktor 2 and it works seamlessly! All I had to do was select "Mixtrack" from the import wizard, and I was good to go. You'll have fun with it :)

  3. I use a mixtrack pro with tractor pro 2 about every night. Works great. I would suggest looking around for alternate mappings and learning to customize the mappings for your self as you'll want to do things that the default mappings won't include. Do a search for the devil_07 mappings on the web. He includes a lot of details that will help and show how complex you cancer with the mappings for the MTP

  4. The mixtrack pro works with with traktor pro 2. I suggest exploring other mappings than the ones from NI. Search google for Devil_07 4 deck TSI mappings. He provides a lot of details and you will get a good idea of what's possible with the MTP and TP.

  5. The mixtrack pro mapping is the same as the regular mixtrack mapping. if you'd like hot cue functionality of the mixtrack pro, there is a mapping that can be found here:

    I did not create it but I do use it, and it works quite well. The only problem is that the LEDs don't really function. I don't mind it so much, as it doesnt make a huge difference for me, but it will take some fiddling.

    for auto looping, the auto/manual button must be pressed and lit, otherwise it is in manual mode.

    Also, to delete hot cues, you must press the delete key, press the selected cue to delete, and then press delete again in order to disengage the delete function.

    other than that, it's pretty spot-on

  6. I made a LED map for the mixtrack/mixtrack pro with almost all buttons lit up some flashing/blinking autoloop button LED is RED Instead of the default yellow, it makes it easier to use in a dark enviroment. just download the TSI file here:

  7. It's pretty simple to get the Mixtrack Pro to work with T2.. I recently purchased it and made my own maps for 2 deck, 4 deck and 2 deck + 2 sample decks setups.. Works flawlessly with all of them.

  8. Indeed, mapping the mixtrack to get it working with Traktor 2 is not too hard... you just need a little patience and do some research. Anyway, I'll shamelessly plug my own mapping here for 4 decks (2 sample decks).

    Just go to post number 4 if you want such mapping... all info needed is on this thread


  9. is their any word on a mixtrack pro successor?

    is their any product in the same price range as good as the mixtrack pro (except vestax typhoon/spin)

  10. i'm not usually one to come in with a negative comment. however, i believe people would benefit from further research before asking you this question or going to another forum and clogging it up with posts about "can i use this controller with that software?"

    go to the software and hardware manufacturers respective sites and do your homework. research midi controllers in general so you understand how they work - you'll be able to answer alot of your own questions if you do this.

    I will say the majority of articles/posts - whatever you want to call them - on this site are interesting and informative. this one seems like a waste of space. it's just too basic.

    • Phil Morse says:

      Fair point. But we are the first place many people turn to so we try and pitch stuff at all levels, and digital DJing can be confusing to the absolute beginner.

      Also, you'll notice that at the weekend we publish readers' letters, and publish original material in the week - and those letters range from the really basic to the quite complicated. We try and publish a good mix of them all.

      Thanks for commenting Deco, it's appreciated.

  11. thanks phil, you're the man!!!

  12. Csoftsounds says:

    I just picked up the Mixtrack Pro, I was using Traktor LE already and I like Traktor over V DJ. I Have not been able to setup Traktor yet V Dj is working fine. The Wizard is not taking me to the Configure Controller setting page it go's right to Choose manufactor page and Numark is there but Mixtrack is not. Help

    • Phil Morse says:

      Traktor LE is supplied with hardware and is specifically only for the hardware it is supplied with. It is not possible to use a Traktor LE copy with hardware it's not meant for. You'll have to buy Traktor Pro if you want to use it with your controller.

      • you can try the download at this link also for Traktor LE. Not sure if it requires a license or not.
        The download is labeled as specific as for the Mixtrack.

        Traktor LE is supre limited and it may not even let you load alternate midi mappings. Traktor Duo also works with the MTP and is not bad if you don't need everything in Traktor Pro.

  13. Iain Stewart says:

    Mac users sd avoid Traktor Pro. It took 2 days to set up and load my tunes then nothing worked playlists cd not be created and no linking with Itunes. Horrible bit of kit! Try serato.

  14. pepe borregon says:

    Can somebody Help me! ? I use traktor pro 2 with my mixtrackPro and I can´t use the headphones , please help me how to setup that

  15. Hi I just got traktor pro 2 and i got it working with my mixtrack.
    everything is working fine the only problem is that the mixtrack does not have a soundcard so i bought an external usb soundcard which works perfectly with virtual dj but not on traktor.
    Does anyone know how to set up traktor and mixtrack with headphones?
    Thank you

  16. Can I connect my i pod touch 4th gen on the mix track pro

  17. hey arjun, i am from india too and i am interested in buying numark mixtrack pro but i am not able to find a suitable retailer even online. can you please help me buddy in telling from where i could buy and how much price it would be.
    your feedback would be appreciated from heart.

  18. I recently bought the Mixtrack Pro and am using it with Traktor Pro 2 - I have the ASIO4All drivers installed, and have set the sample size to the lowest so latency is 5.0ms. I'm having a lag/delay problem where the right play button on the controller has a significant delay (but if I use the mouse for the right deck there is no delay) - how would I go about fixing this?

  19. Giovanni says:

    Hey I'm looking to do the same thing except I can't get my headphone cue to work ! I have traktor PRO 2 installed everything works my set up is as follows: Audio device: Speakers(2-Mixtrack Pro) and Built in sound card: Speakers(2-Mixtrack Pro) ... Also my output routing is: Internal>Output master: Mixtrack Pro Out 1/2. I have no options for input routing it just says nothing is connected. PLEASE HELP I've djed from my laptop using traktor for over a year I was really excited to have my mixtrack PRO up and running and this is really frustrating me lol ! Thanks A bunch

  20. Why My mixtrack pro does not work with virtual Dj Home,, just wondering,,thank you

  21. Liam Dutton says:

    Hi, I am thinking abouting getting a Numark Mixtrack Pro, but just wondering if it needs any soundcard drivers, for it to work?

    I have Asio4all installed and traktor scratch pro (latest verson)

    My laptop has a bad deafult sound driver :(

    Please help thanks!

  22. Ok so i did the setup wizard as well and no luck, my Mixtrack Pro doesn't seem to be working with Traktor LE 2, somehow, even though it usually does work. Any help people?:) much appreciated thanks.

  23. I upgraded my tracktor le software to the pro 2 version today and it looks great but when I tried to use the effects with my mixtrack pro nothing happened , none of the effects work, i was wondering could anyone shed some light on my problem?

  24. Josh Ham says:

    Hey, i have had some problems with installing the serial number with virtual dj it is saying it is invalid. Is it possible to get the Tracktor 2 software and use that with the numark mixtrack pro?


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