Exclusive Video: Numark IDJ PRO DJ Controller For iPad

Numark iDJ Pro

The Numark iDJ Pro offers full onboard iPad integration, the first DJ controller to do so.

Numark has today announced the first DJ controller to truly integrate the iPad and ditch the laptop entirely: IDJ PRO.

The controller was on show at the Media Preview Day of NAMM 2012, and has most of the usual DJ controller features, but with a great big slot in the middle where the iPad takes centre stage, providing music library, effects control and other features. It is designed to work with a special version of Algoriddim's djay software, which provides transport information, library, effects, VU meters and so on.

While looking similar in many ways to most DJ controllers, one big break with tradition is huge Akai MPC-esque volume knobs instead of faders. Apart from that, the hardware is business as usual, with hot cues, switchable nudge/scratch jogwheels, pitch controls, looping buttons and so on.

Unplugging the iPad from the unit.

Unplugging the iPad from the unit.

Input and output-wise, there is a line-in (Numark has broken with tradition and decided to put this on the front), a 1/4" TRS microphone in, and - round the back - RCA as well as balanced XLR outputs.

Quality-wise, it feels like a cross between the company's consumer-focused N4 and its more-pro NS6: While sharing some of the looks of the latter, some of the controls (especially the big, plastic volume knobs) have a decidedly consumer feel about them, and the unit is light, being mainly plastic with a metal top plate.

This wasn't even a working demo, so no word yet on pricing, but the company is confident it'll be able to bring this to market by the third quarter of 2012.


We think the iPad is the new laptop, and this controller marks a new chapter in digital DJing. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I almost bought the iDJ last year because it was so damn cheap, but then almost caved for the Alesis IO Dock but it had really mixed reviews. I am glad that I have waited, because this looks awesome. I need a second setup to run during weddings for ceremonies, and/or cocktail hour and this would be perfect to use with my iPad 2. I use the iPad at weddings for a itinerary, to keep track of the wedding party names, and also with DJay mixing on screen with the iPad on a stand for ceremonies, so the iDJ Pro would integrate perfectly into my workflow. Flight case this ish up, get a keyboard stand and hook this up to a decent top speaker and people are going to be wondering where the laptop is.

  2. While I doubt this particular controller is for me, the concepts it introduces are huge. Besides the whole "laptop-less" controlling, a huge touch screen down the middle of your controller that could switch through various modes as appropriate is something that will evolve into a great setup IMO. For now they've put an iPad in there, but once someone chooses to pick up an OEM quad-core tablet, optimise the whole thing for DJ software and build it straight into the device you the potential for an amazing stand-alone beast.

  3. I'd like to see the latency, how quick it is to answer to commands and so on.
    I doubt an Ipad have enough raw power to processing 4 audio channels in real time, with speed and pitch adjust, they have certainly did some shortcuts.

    Same for load and cut on the fly the ipad app are not loading very fast.

    And to finish how did they manage to have 2 pairs of stéréo outs on the hardware ? I though IOS was limited to only a pair of outputs ?!

  4. Looks like a great improvement from the very basic iDJ Live, it makes much more sense to have the iPad in the central section.

    My main wish would be to allow the swap out of key components - like the crossfader. My feelings are that the cross-fader will probably be pretty basic stock-quality, whereas to do any scratching of worth my preference would be for a magnetic non-contact crossfader. So perhaps allowing for something like an upgrade kit or Innofader to be installed by the end user would be grand.

    I wonder if other manufacturers will be following suit?

  5. my guess is that it will need iPad 3 to take benefits of all futures, such as stereo out.
    Apple wants you to spend money and most of their upgrades render so you older hardware useless.
    I bought a synthstation 25 for my iPhone 3gs but not working with my iPhone 4
    Bought a video out cable that was working perfect on iPhone 3gs but won't charge my iPhone 4 or iPad
    now they added thunderbolt so if I upgrade my Macbook I'm sure I'll need a new video out cable too.
    This device is not coming until 3. quarter so not even sure it will work with my iPad. djay already has some futures that only work on iPad 2
    If I need to buy a new iPad + the iDJ pro it's going to be really expensive portable controller.
    But as much as I have doubts about compatibilities and love the idea of turning up at a gig with only this setup 😀

  6. I think there is something that needs to be adressed with the iDJPro

  7. sameoldsong says:

    really innovative product. i love that they elected to go for rotary faders as opposed to line faders for volume control.

    i really hope controllers in this spirit designed to work with android tablets will follow.

  8. Pretty slick stuff from Numark. I think the idea of broadcasting your set wirelessly should be something that should be looked into more.

  9. What does it cost?

  10. My reaction is: finally! I've thought for decades (yes, decades) that combining the functionality of a hardware DJ/DAW controller and the display and processing power of a laptop into one portable unit would be my ideal setup. Most of you are probably too young to remember that Yamaha had a dedicated MIDI laptop-like device back in the late 80's. Ever since then, I've been hoping that someone would take that concept into the modern DAW and DJ world.

    I've been keeping an eye on the evolution of the Numark iDJ products with all of this in mind and credit is due to them for keeping at this and making significant improvements with each version.

    I doubt that I'll jump on this particular Numark/iPad approach at this point and price is going to be a consideration but no doubt this is very interesting and welcome step.

  11. Quarter 3? Maybe you need to familiarise yourself with the Osborne Effect.


    I'll be looking for a different controller for my future needs. Possibly the Pioneer one.

  12. JOHN J VILLA says:

    ...SO, guys, anyone of you have bought this device? Are 2 channel enough to perform a gig?

  13. JOHN J VILLA says:

    Does it include the software for the iPad or do I have to buy and install the iDjay form the apple store so the IDJ Pro works?. tx 4 da answ 😉

  14. J.matters says:

    Well this work with a ipad3

  15. No one has yet asked if the iPad (whatever Gen) is charged while in this Numark Pro unit?

  16. So beautiful. I'd love one for my android device...

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