BPM 2012: Vestax Spin2 DJ Controller For Mac & iOS

Vestax Spin2

DJ in full stereo with headphones cueing on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with Algoriddim's djay and vjay software on the new Vestax Spin2

It's the BPM Show 2012 in the UK this weekend, and the first product we're bringing you is the new Vestax Spin2 DJ Controller for Algoriddim's popular djay and vjay software. It's the first DJ controller ever to allow users to spin both music and video files, on their choice of Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Fully certified by Apple, it is also the first controller to offer true dual stereo outputs for iOS6 devices, meaning proper stereo headphones cueing and stereo master outputs no matter what device you choose to DJ from. The tight integration with Algoriddim's software and Apple's OSX and iOS operating systems brings benefits.

It means that users can browse, preview and buy tunes from iTunes within djay and vjay while DJing, and that iTunes Match users can immediately sync cue points and meta data to the cloud for use on their other devices. iTunes Match users can also buy on one device and immediately see their purchases appear in the djay / iTunes libraries on all other devices.

Vestax Spin2 features

Vestax Spin2 top panel

The touchstrips are an unusual but welcome addition at this price point. (Click to enlarge.)

Following on from the spirit of the original Vestax Spin, the unit itself is a simple two-deck controller with a basic feature set, although the inclusion of a touchstrip for quick track search is an unusual addition at this price point. The choice of a 24-bit/48kHz four-out sound card to deliver the full stereo cueing and master outputs for iOS6 iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users is an advance on the original Spin too. A legacy "splitter" mono cue/master mode is availalble for previous iOS versions. The Spin2 will ship with a mains adaptor for use with iOS devices, powering the DJ controller and keeping your iOS device charged, and it is planned that it will come with an iPad stand too for the rear. djay4 for Mac is in the box, but you'll have to purchase the iOS apps separately.

First thoughts

The Vestax Spin2 offers the easiest, neatest DJ system for Apple device DJs yet.

Vestax Spin2 with Mac

Vestax Spin2 with Mac: The unit doesn't require external power when used in this manner as the USB can provide sufficient.

While a consumer rather than a pro unit, for home / party / bar DJs who have any combination of Macbook, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the combination of the Vestax Spin2 and djay / vjay is a powerful and innovative one. If you choose to use iTunes Match too, it's also going to be a really simple way of having all your music and cues with you, all the time, whatever device you bought and prepared that music on. That's pretty cool. And of course, offering true dual stereo outs via the multipin connector into the Spin2 is a complete world first, and something iOS DJs have wanted for a long time. We are looking forward to getting a proper look at it. • Suggested retail price is US$349 / €329 / £269, and the unit will be available December 2012.


  Want to know more? • See our Vestax Spin2 photo gallery on Facebook • Read the official Vestax Spin2 press release on our newswire • Get the lowdown on the Vestax product page


Are you a djay/vjay DJ who's excited by this controller? Are you pleased to see full stereo cueing finally on an iOS device? Do the cloud music features and in-app music purchases excite you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. No Lightning connector? It's out of date before it even gets released.

  2. So many fun affordable DJ devices. That was pretty damn slick.

  3. "Fully certified by Apple, it is also the first controller to offer true dual stereo outputs for iOS6 devices, meaning proper stereo headphones cueing and stereo master outputs no matter what device you choose to DJ from."

    WHAT? Any USB Class Compliant MIDI controller with 4 channels sound will do...

    • DJ Forced Hand says:

      The problem isn't with the controller, it's with the software. Apple just recently upgraded their software to be able to handle two stereo channels at once. Most of the DJ software written for an iPad operates with this limitation.

    • I think Vestax is saying that their controller has a lead with a 30-pin connector on it, no camera connector kit, and that needed to be approved by Apple.

    • the primary thing for this "certified by Apple" would be:
      1. direct connection (no USB adapter)
      2. works on both Pad & Phone (the USB adapter does not work on Phone)
      3. Charges the device

      Probably the "certified" is the one to blame for the high price tag, but other than that, I like what the controller offers.

  4. This looks like the perfect match for both ios6 and ipad or ipod! Did they know something Numark didn't?

  5. Nice! Vestax = quality, although it´s more like a consumer deck this one could be used professionaly I guess. And it´s pretty compact and well laid-out too from what I can see.

    I´d guess that red button on the top center is a REC button, right? But I couldn´t find a MASTER TEMPO (keylock) button anywhere. Also, does anyone know if the buttons and jog wheels are backlit in some way? Would be nice for operation in dim-lighted booths.

    • DJ Forced Hand says:

      Vestax makes two different classes of controllers, the smaller, lighter, cheaper, enthusiast models, and the professional models... this is one of the former. This isn't to say that the enthusiast models aren't capable of giving you a lot of control, it just means that the physical unit is light (which almost feels like a toy) and the professional units(while very rich in features) are built like tanks, which comes at some cost in weight.

      The promotional pictures I have seen for the Spin 2 have color coded wheels (Blue = Left, Red = Right), some backlit buttons and a V/U meter.

      I don't presume that Serato, Virtual DJ or Native Instruments will make an iPad version of their software anytime soon, but this seems to be a very good controller matched up with some pretty good DJ software for the first time DJ.

  6. DJ Forced Hand says:

    I'm a little past this device, but I strongly endorse anyone strapped for cash getting into digital DJing with a controller and integrated sound card, so for that this is great! This is great for DJing small parties (because it's small and light) and practicing at home. The form-factor means you can drag this around with you in your day-bag.

    • Michael L says:

      Sure, it's aimed at consumers. But with its feature set, I could see using it as a backup in case my laptop or my pro controller dies during a gig.

      Too bad it's $399 -- at that price, I'll just have to keep packing an iPad as a backup. Wish it was the same size as an iPad, too. Perhaps the QuNeo is what I'm looking for...

  7. anyone notice that Algoriddim's sync feature isnt that great? i always get a little bit of drift with my tracks.

    im playing stuff thats 170+ maybe thats why?

  8. mynameisbrent says:

    Hmm, I wonder if this will lead to a Typhoon 2? The components are all the same, only the software that's used is different.

  9. Paco Loco says:

    Seems expensive to me. I guess Apple certification doesn't come cheap...

  10. I'm a little confused about what the Apple Certification really means? Does it mean that Apple provided technical know how or info or revealed API's or hardware info to Vestax that is otherwise not available to other developers? Or is it simply an endorsement Apple bestows, presumably for a price?

  11. Strange, because the Pioneer CDJ-2000 nexus also comes with the same cable to connect to IOS devices and it does not seem to have the so called Apple certification...maybe the certification relates to the integration of djay and vjay software with iTunes, no?

    • It relates to the fixed (non detachable) cable for iOS app, the fact that such hardware has to pass tests to ensure that it doesn't interfered with iOS functions, and finally such approved products can be sold in the Apple store.

  12. Test by using Lightning to 30-pin Adapter. SPIN2 works fine with my new iPhone5. I like it.

  13. I've read a lot of reviews saying that the original Spin was not good for bar/club use, and instead just for an at home DJ. Will the Spin 2 be suitable for parties/bars/clubs?

  14. Sonny Love says:

    Can this controller so be used with Virtual Dj and Traktor on windows desktop? If no will there be mappings soon?

  15. Ahmad Nader says:

    Could this work on Virtual DJ on Mac? Is there a mapping set out there for it?

  16. derek phillips says:

    i just purchased a spin 2 and once I plugged it up to my I Pod 4th gen, I received a message that charging is not supported with this device. I did upgrade to IOS 6 but still the message appeared. I called vestax and e-mailed but no response.I'm very concerned at this point. Please help. Thanx.

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