Your Chance To Try New DJ Music Service Pulselocker For Free


Pulselocker takes elements of streaming music services, online music stores, digital record pools and DJ promo networks to offer a new way to play, listen to and buy music.

Pulselocker is a landmark new attempt to change the way digital DJs play, listen to and buy music. It's a streaming and subscription service for DJs, that promises time-saving music discovery features, the ability to "borrow" tunes (that you can actually DJ with in front of your crowds!), and finally of course the chance to buy the tunes you really love.

It's just been announced, and already has over a million tunes in its catalogue, with five million promised by the end of the year. And best of all, we've managed to snag a free beta invite for every single Digital DJ Tips customer and subscriber. Read on for more about the service and how to secure your free invite to try it...

What is Pulselocker?

Pulselocker is an app you download onto your computer which lets you browse and listen to the company's already huge catalogue of digital music for DJs. The tunes are all full-length and high quality - so no two-minute excerpts or narrow bandwidth music files here.

The app has innovative features designed to let you plough through the week's new music fast. These include "needle drop", which lets you skim through a tune just like you would at a listening post in a record shop.

The service is very social, a little like SoundCloud, so you can follow labels, artists and so on to keep up with their output. The recommendation engine uses this input from all the service's members to let the most popular music bubble to the top - something anyone who'se used, for instance, will be familiar with, and again which is designed to help you get to the good stuff fast.

And here's the really clever bit - you can add tunes you're interested in to your own personal "locker". But unlike a wish list that just exists on a store's web server, your locker actually exists on your computer. The folder containing these tunes is then visible right there in your DJ software (Traktor, Serato ITCH, Serato Scratch Live, MixVibes Cross DJ - support for other programs coming soon). That means you can actually DJ with tunes you've not bought yet!

They're high-quality 320kbps MP3/AAC files, so are indistinguishable from bought files (WAV format coming soon, by the way). You don't need an internet connection to DJ with music in your "locker", and music stays right there on your computer as long as you leave it there. The thinking is that once you've DJed a time or two with a tune and you're sure you love it, you can buy it just as you would in any online store, thus freeing a space in your locker to try something else. (You get 100 locker spaces in this beta invite.)

This means you don't have to spend money on tunes you may only play once or twice. You could even fill your locker with tunes you'd never normally buy, for a one-off gig (a wedding, for instance) and then empty it afterwards, saving you a ton of money!

So you're probably wondering how good their catalogue is. Over to them on that one:

"Pulselocker offers a rich, eclectic and well-balanced catalogue of music that resonates with all DJs, regardless of the genre they play. DJs can enjoy a constantly widening spectrum of music ranging from House, Techno, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk, Rare Grooves and Jazz. With the daily addition of new partners, labels and artists, Pulselocker promises to offer nearly six million tracks by the end of the year."

Sounds worth a look? We think so. But while Pulselocker is now in public beta, the company has only limited spaces on its program and there's a queue. We can leapfrog you to the front of that queue so you can give it a go for yourself without waiting.

How to try Pulselocker for free

We've bagged a free beta invite for every qualifying Digital DJ Tips customer and subscriber. The service is fully working, so that means you can "borrow" and play up to 100 tunes right now in your DJ sets.

Pulselocker signup

If you went to Pulselocker's website, you'd be invited to join a queue to try it... let us leapfrog you to the front of that queue!

To get your free beta programme sign-up, if you're already a Digital DJ tips customer or subscriber, you need to simply watch your email inbox for a special email from us tomorrow (Wednesday) with a link to the sign-up form.

We'll ask you to confirm your name, email address and that you're in the USA, Canada or Europe. Then, Pulselocker's team will jump you to the top of the beta invite queue and you'll get a special link to download their software and start your free beta subscription. (Please give them a few days as we're expecting them to be overwhelmed with your invites, but they've promised it'll get processed as fast as possible.)

As it’s a beta (full launch isn’t until 2013), there are just a few limitations to be aware of. The biggest one is that it’s Mac-only at the moment. Plus, it’s only available to DJs in the USA, Canada and Europe. But as long as you fulfill these requirements, you’re ready to go!

There's still time to become a subscriber!
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Sign up now.

• Remember, Pulselocker is Mac-only at the moment. Plus, it’s only available to DJs in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Do you like the look of Pulselocker? Do you think being able to "borrow" music is a good idea? Please share your thoughts on this service in the comments - especially after you've had a chance to play with it for a little while!

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  1. "That means you can actually DJ with tunes you’ve not bought yet!"

    "The thinking is that once you’ve DJed a time or two with a tune and you’re sure you love it, you can buy it just as you would in any online store, thus freeing a space in your locker to try something else."

    HOLY S**T!!!!

    • I think it's a great idea and I'm sure they put in a failsafe to keep a DJ from just DJing on the "try before you buy" things.

      It could also be a help when you need a song then and there for that one night, but you don't want to buy it. When it happens two weeks in a row, then you'll end up buying it since you know this isn't a one-time thing.

  2. Too bad this isn't for Windows users (yet?).

    Just curious, couldn't users simply copy files off of their 'locker' just like ripping from a disc? I'm interested to know what safeguards, if any, are in place to prevent this.

  3. Robert Wulfman says:

    oh sure, wait until the end to say mac only.

    • Their loss then.

      Not going to buy a Mac just to appease devs who can't think beyond their own setups or the "myth" that music people only use Macs.

      It's like when devs only make new apps for iOS and yet complain how Android is sweeping up the market share.

      • Sometimes developers have limited resources and have to pick their target without being to go after the others.

        I can already tell the way they implemented this on the Mac was far easier than would it have been on the Windows side due to unix / fusefs / etc.

        It's probably nothing personal that PC people get left out - its just easier to developer initial version on a Mac platform then port it over due to it's unix roots.

  4. Err... Australia's considered part of Europe, isn't it?

    • No. Australia is its own continent, just as Europe is. Think about it - would you call an Australian a European?

      That sucks for Windows users though. I'm sure they will add support for PC's just they eventually did with iTunes and the iPod. They probably used iTunes model of negotiation with the record companies by saying "this is only for Mac which represents 5% of the computer market - if the business model turns out to be a train wreck and people are abusing the system, then you are only partially exposed to 5% of users instead of 95%

      That is exactly how Steve Jobs & Eddy Cue pitched the idea to Sony, Universal-BMG, Interscope, etc.
      Look how iTunes worked out. Not saying that this will explode like iTunes did, I am just saying that their business model in based on the most successful & revolutionary music business-concept-marketing there is. Have a read of Walter Isaacsons' bio on the late Steve Jobs. It outlines everything about how iTunes came to be, including that excerpt about exposure to only 5% of the market to hedge their bets in case it all turned to pooh

      • As another Aussie I know what he meant!!! Anyway, pity we can't try it :(

      • My take is that it's probably a technical challenge. I suppose the program works like some kind of virtual disk or streaming server, but only accessible through the DJ programs, and the developer is mainly a Mac developer. Somebody, most likely somebody else, will have to port it to Windows. The platforms are different enough that you cannot simply use the same source code.

    • Maybe Europe includes Australia. I presume the limitation is related to music rights, so it depends on whether the record labels etc have given rights to Australia as part of the European licence. That's something Pulselocker need to answer.

      • Hey guys

        The application will be available to Australian residents during the beta period; however, due to our licensing arrangements, we will be unable to accommodate longer term usage (i.e. subscription) until we get those sorted sometime next year (we're trying for sooner than later).

        In the meantime, Phil and Digital DJ Tips will set you up with beta invites, which last for 60 days, and include unlimited on-demand streaming and a 100-track locker.

        Lastly, we're further optimizing the app, so expect your invites by the end of this week or so. Sorry for the delay.

  5. This looks fantastic. Lucky for me as Im getting a MAC this weekend. :-)

  6. John Andrews says:

    Absolutely gutted with the Mac only bit at the end..... I was Super Excited until then.

  7. This sounds awesome! I'm going to sign up to the beta for sure! Best news all week, thanks digitaldjtips for keeping us up-to-date!

  8. This looks great! Can't wait to give it a try :)

  9. B.B. Koning says:

    Godverdomme. That sucks about the no Windows thing.

    I'll chalk it up as a non elitist thing, but more of a platform limitation thing for now.

    Hopefully a Win version will come soon.

    This has the potential to go live in a big way.

  10. George Sparks says:

    This has potential to be huge

  11. This sounds like an amazingly good idea! I wish it worked for Windows, but it probably will eventually. Also, it does seem like someone could just copy the files in the folder to somewhere else on the computer. Maybe that's why it's mac-only, because they've only fixed that problem on mac yet?

  12. Don't suppose we will ever be seeing this service available in South Africa, considering we still don't have access to the iTunes music store?

  13. Serato already does this with their "White Label" music service, more or less. If this comes out for windows, I'll be interested in trying it.

  14. lordamercy says:

    Sounds good to me, roll on Wednesday. Thanks ddjt and PL hope it does the job

  15. It's amazing how many Windows users are popping up here. Goes to show it's not a totally Mac world in DJing.

    I'll take Phil's word for it on the Windows version coming soon. Maybe they're looking at Windows 8 and seeing how easy/hard it would be to get compatible or even put widgets on the Metro interface.

  16. Pro Audio & DJ Tutor says:

    Interesting Concept. They need to make sure beatport doesn't get all the exclusives and first releases though.

  17. Finlay Stewart says:

    You had me until Mac only...

    Make it fully (and properly) browser based so it's platform agnostic and I'd take a look

  18. I noticed VDJ wasn't listed. Does that mean we're shut out of the beta as well?

  19. First Post ;)... Just like to say thank's for the work phil & all.

    Can't wait for the windows version this sounds a great tool.

  20. Wow! Pulselocker sounds great and I can't wait to try it out! Thanks Phil!

  21. I can see the appeal, but part of me really is curious why this is going to be such a huge hit. Normally when I hear a track that I like (be it on Youtube, Pandora, or the like) I've already started to line up other songs it would go well with. Having the ability to preview the song really wouldn't be that much of a benefit, because I know that I already want it.

    Still a cool idea though, when the Windows version comes around sometime in 2013 might give this a try.

  22. Will dj tips followers on windows get a free trial when they launch the windows beta? What will be the cost of the songs?

  23. Sounds like fun! Guess I'll hang on to the mac a little while longer... I'll be watching that inbox. Thanks Phil!

  24. I am going to try it but I am not happy with their pricing. Coincidently my annual payment to my record pool is up in 2 months. I am excited about having a new routine to get new music with other DJs on the same website BUT I AM TERRIFIED of letting a BETA program practically partitian my hard drive or whatever else it is programmed to do. I like my work flow. How am I suppose to audition new music walking around the neighborhood if this program is limited to my computer. I do not plant o bike or walk in the park with my macbook. Just saying. We need a phone app pronto! In all practicality.

  25. Hi guys,

    Really appreciate your support Phil. Just wanted to stop by and answer some of the topics that the members are bringing to the table.

    We are aware of the demand for a Windows version and we will be releasing it by second quarter 2013. We have a lot of good friends in South Africa and Australia and besides that , we are getting great support from the most relevant local content providers so to answer your question : yes, we will be releasing Pulselocker in both territories during 2013. Security is a gigantic priority for us and we have invested almost two years in developing the technology used in Pulselocker. In other words, it is much more complicated than it looks like. We really believe in the idea that the future is access and convenience and we have developed the platform working with over 200 Djs from all around the world in order to release an original, forward thinking and viable product. Over the next three months we will be releasing updates in regular basis so If you are already testing Pulselocker, keep an eye on the product, you wont be disappointed.

    Thanks for all the positive comments, it means a lot to us.

    Alvaro G.Velilla

  26. Tony Stork says:

    Feels sad that this in only for Mac users. Most people still use windows I guess. Hope that in future it will change.


  27. Phil,

    You say "soon" for VDJ, any estimate?


  28. I love the idea and will use when you release the windows version. It could be a game changer with the labels support and correct pricing. Is there any idea of subscription and track costs?

  29. I am a Windows dev if they r interested I can help! But windows is a must!!!:)

  30. Another Windows (7) user here. Sad for the Mac restriction, but, God, Pulselocker promises to solve what is one of DJs' biggest issue: knowing how a track may sound in a full set. It's not about the full-length (you can check the whole track on the artist/label Youtube page, most of the times), but about the molding of two subsequent tracks, about the feeling a chain of tracks can stir up, and unless you try a tune this way you can't be sure of that (at least, this often happens to me, and I'm sometimes "forced" to download a track, I admit it, but I also have long receipts from Amazon and iTunes). The "locker" could be the real wildcard of the whole service. Unfortunately, I still cannot afford a Mac. :/ I'll patiently wait for a Win beta (possibly for 7): I'm sure the devs, after this long list of Win-users' requests, will change their minds. :)

  31. what about africa there are dj's in africa aswell will we be able to get this software?

  32. dj shawn says: what about africa

    Alvaro G.Velilla says:
    We have a lot of good friends in South Africa and Australia and besides that , we are getting great support from the most relevant local content providers so to answer your question : yes, we will be releasing Pulselocker in both territories during 2013.

    I say we need some idea of pricing before we get too excited

  33. I have not received the email yet?

  34. Is sad that the beta is only for those countries :( We need this in Mexico!

  35. For all of us SuperStar DJ's in Asia ? no?

  36. Sorry, don't have the time to read the whole article and comments.
    But my main question is about selection. Is this only electronic or all of the music, starting 60ies rocknroll or smth.
    Very important question for a mobile DJ working mostly at private parties.

  37. Lordamercy says:

    Has any1 heard from PulseLocker yet?

  38. Still nothing here either. Just some stuff about saving pandas, but as a rule I don't normaly get junk.

  39. I was SO excited this morning to see my Pulselocker beta invite in my inbox! Then I downloaded the software and got a message telling me it's not compatible with my old MacBook. ARGH! Just another reason to upgrade! So bummed!


  40. Hey guys,

    Fred from Pulselocker here. First off, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your interest and lively discussion around Pulselocker. The response was simply unbelievable and we're working hard to keep up with demand, which leads me to my next point.

    We made a promise to Phil that all DDJT readers would receive immediate access to the beta program, and want to apologize for not delivering on that promise.

    Our goal is to provide the best possible experience we can. Unfortunately, the massive spike we saw at launch put a slight strain on our system and we were concerned that adding all of the DDJT signups would have created a sub-par experience for all our users.

    We have since resolved the issues and are now running optimally. For the very small group that has yet to receive their invite, expect one within the next 24 hours.

    We hope you guys are having fun playing around with the application and welcome your feedback. If you'd like to drop us a line, feel free to do so at


  41. Windows users, don't even sweat it. The techno, house, and minimal jams are a few months behind, their library is not very large, and if you are an open format DJ their disco and funk jams are crappy reproductions from unknown artists. That's all I got so far.

  42. Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you know that we've finally launched. Now based in the browser with a revolutionary new discovery UI, Pulselocker now offers sync clients for both Mac and Windows. Lots more to come, too!

    Check it out today. Invite codes are no longer required and we offer a 30 day free trial.


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