NAMM 2013: Vestax VCI-400DJ For Serato DJ Software

Vestax has surprised us at the NAMM Show 2013 by sneaking out the Vestax VCI-400DJ, a limited edition run of the Vestax VCI-400 that comes with Serato DJ software in the box.

As Vestax's other Serato controllers, the VCI-300 and the VCI-380, are currently only for Serato ITCH, that makes the VCI-400DJ Vestax's first DJ controller for the new Serato DJ software.

Apart from the new colour and the Serato branding, the controller itself is exactly the same as the the VCI-400, meaning it shares all the same features. That means you can use it with any software as well as Serato DJ, and with a firmware upgrade it can be used as a full four-channel standalone mixer.

There's no price yet, but release is expected "within six weeks".

Are you surprised by this? Would you buy a VCI-400 to use with Serato DJ? Is this a good move by Vestax? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I you are going to make a new controller why not include the latest firmware? thats just stupid

  2. Jam-Master Jake says:

    Nice move on Vestax's part. I won't be buying one, but the 400 looks like quite a unit!

  3. Pontoon Joe says:

    Keep the updates comin Phil!!!!!!! I need more NAMM product information!!!! I'm on twitter reading stuff, I'm on blogs....I'm freakin out man...

  4. scooterADAM says:

    according to the labelling on the pad banks:
    hot cue - loop - roll - sampler

    No slicer?

  5. will the old vci-400 eventually get the serato dj upgrade?

  6. Phil, you say "and with a firmware upgrade it can be used as a full four-channel standalone mixer."

    On the vestax site it says:

    "The v2.0 firmware transforms the VCI-400 into a hybrid controller / mixer, with an integrated 2 channel stand-alone audio mixer."

    so only 2 channel standalone. On the german vestax site it says

    "2 Stereo Line Eingänge (Nur Software-Mixing)"

    = 2 Stereo line ins (only software-mixing)

    Can anyone confirm what of this is correct. Also, does line-in here mean you can't hook up a turntable? (no phono-in?)

    • I own a regular VCI-400 and I can confirm that you have two line-ins, usable for hardware mixing. This can be done whenever you have a laptop connected with the right software, but with the 2.0 firmware you can mix standalone over these 2 channels. You have to use deck C and D faders/EQ, to do so. You can bypass using those two channels by flipping a switch and routing directly to master out, but ofcourse you won't have any control over that sound apart from the pre-amp volume.

      Sadly, these pre-amps don't allow for turntables to be plugged in directly, and you need a phono pre-amp to get a decent volume on your line-ins.

      Hope this helps. It's a great controller, but its a shame the soundcard doesn't have more functionality such as phono or four channels, and Vestax doesn't give much info on their website, considering this is their flagship controller...

  7. Interesting, so since the VCI now supports DJ, can we just plug it in to dj and it work? Was planning to buy one in the next week or so, but why wait? I plan on putting a custom skin on mine anways.

  8. Hey guys, the VCI-400 will also work in Serato DJ when the VCI-400DJ is supported as they are the same controller, the silkscreen is just different. You may just have to update the firmware on your unit when Vestax release it, that's all :)


  9. Will this version offer a beatslicer function with the 8 pads above the jogs? Just like the DDJ-SX which works with Serato DJ, and the VCI-400 Ean Golden SE. This is an attractive feature for me. I'm not keen on these mentioned controllers however.

  10. I just sold my DDJ-S1 and was about to get the DDJ-SX but i'm considering to get the VCI400 instead any thoughts on this would be helpful

    • Look at my response below.... that might be helpful to you. The DDJ SX is an awesome controller, just a little big. Instead of showing up to a packed club just wearing a backpack its the backpack and your big controller in your hands. I wrap my ddj sx in a blanket when I'm walking from my car to the club in downtown San Diego because I don't want anyone to jump me and take it from me. Plus, I haven't purchased a road case for it and that's when stuff goes from semi-portable (you can carry it in your hands) to heavy and bulky (you'll want a hand truck/small dolly) to transport it.

  11. How can I be the first to know when this controller comes out? I like the Pioneer DDJ SX but I feel like its not portable enough for me, can't fit it in a backpack like the vci 400 and I have a hard time squeezing it into DJ booths without annoying other DJs/club managers so I'm thinking of exchanging controllers. Would anyone advise against this? Are there any major sacrifices I should be ready to make?

  12. I have been looking over the internet to where can I purchase this VESTAX VCI-400DJ. Does anyone have any information where can I avail this VCI-400DJ instead of having the regular VCI-400?

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