How To Find The Best DJ Name: 25 Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Choose a DJ name

We have a whole host of DJ name choosers for you, and loads of other ideas for getting the perfect name to spin under.

Unless you're one of the lucky ones who's happy to use their own name when DJing, one of the first things you'll do as a new DJ will be choose your name. It's a massively fun thing to do, of course, but it also has lots of pitfalls for the unwary.

Get this wrong and you're stuck with something you'll regret. I guarantee you that your parents spent months thinking of your name before you were born - you should definitely put the same effort into getting your DJ name right. It's really tempting to pick one in a hurry, but if anything comes of your DJ career, you're stuck with it for life - so don't make that mistake!

In today's post, we're going to look at some basic principles for getting your DJ name right, then give you a massive list of places you can go and things you can try in order to find the perfect DJ name.

Funny DJ names

A 'funny DJ names' post on the Serato forum - you want to make sure you don't end up being talked about somewhere like this!

At the end, we'll ask you to tell us the name you've chosen, and how you came to choose it - and whether, looking back, you're glad or sad at the name you chose! So to ensure you don't end up with an inappropriate name that people laugh at, like many of those in this Serato forum post, let's first outline those principles for choosing wisely.

10 Rules Of Choosing A DJ Name


1. Decide if you want "DJ" in the title or not

If you call yourself "DJ...", that's what you'll always be thought of. What if you end up wanting to produce music? Think this one through, because nowadays, the line between DJs and producers is more blurred than ever, but while people who aren't called "DJ..." most certainly get booked to DJ, those who are will forever be labelled a "DJ" above all else. My advice? Avoid using "DJ" in your title.

2. Make sure your name passes the "radio test"

If your name was read out on the radio, would the presenter be able to pronounce it properly from the way it is written? ("Pete Tong" is hard to mispronounce, for instance.) And if somebody listening to that radio station heard your name, would they be able to write it down correctly? (Again, most people would get "Pete Tong" right first time, I think.)

This is vital because if people can't say or write your name correctly, they won't be able to look you up online, and won't want to talk about you (nobody likes the embarrassment of mispronouncing a name).

3. Think about what the name you're considering suggests

Calm, anger, noise, harmony, fun, edginess? Does it reflect or distract from the music you play? Or is it just abstract, bearing no resemblance to anything (there's nothing wrong with that, by the way). You may be tempted to pick a "bad" DJ name, because it sticks in the head - but as this Top 25 Bad DJ Names article rightly points out, it's better that your music and performances are the things that are memorable, rather than the fact that you're called "DJ Mucus"!

4. Think to the future, not just now

Will you still be playing dubstep to 15-year-olds when you're 40? Or will you be scoring films, having had a fantastic career as a music producer and EDM megastar? Does the name you're considering have enough longevity about it to last you all that time? In other words, is it universal enough to fit different hats as you move through your career?


What will your chosen name look like as a logo? Note the length of these names - they're not massively long.

5. Think about the logo version

You're going to need a logo. It's one of the big things that's changed in the last few years. All the big DJs have a logo. It looks great on flyers, and stands them out from all the other DJs listed in a standard typeface on those club flyers. But think about how your name will look as a logo. Is it took long for a designer to do anything with? Are there other complications? (Lots of "m"s and "w"s can make for a messy logo, for instance...)

6. Try your name out in any second languages in your area

For instance, how does your name work in Spanish (if you're an English speaker living in a mixed neighbourhood with Spanish speakers)? Can a Spanish speaker pronounce it? Does it mean something stupid or rude? You'll kick yourself if you don't bother to find this out and it turns out that it does...

7. Consider more than one name

What?! Surely that's going against all of this? Well, hear me out, because this isn't as crazy as it sounds. Say you're a deep house DJ by passion, but also a mobile DJ to make ends meet. Would you want to use the same name for both "sides" of who you are? Probably not. People with this kid of dual role are extremely common, and it is well worth deciding if you want a name to represent your more "artistic" side, and one to represent your bread-and-butter "day" DJ job side.

8. Check your name isn't taken


If you're name's already taken, it's back to the drawing board I'm afraid. Sites like this make it easier to check.

Here's a tip: If you Google your prospective name using quotes around it, Google will search for the words in that order - it's an easy way of seeing if you're name's "taken". (For instance, "Phil Morse" won't return articles with those two words in it unless they're one after the other in that order.) To take this a stage further, run your search on Namecheck, which will check social media sites etc for you too.

9. Consider the URL you want to use

Even if you don't plan on having a website immediately, you should buy the .com (.com is best). Some really big companies, products and brands don't use their exact name as the URL...

Ideally, you want the exact match to the name you've chosen. But if that's not available, you can have a variant as your .com, or even go for a .dj or other clever domain variant. Some really big companies, products and brands don't use their exact name as the URL, and so this isn't necessarily a deal-breaker. You can always put the DJ afterwards ("" if you want to call yourself "DJ Hercules" and that is taken, for instance), or add "hq", or even a word like "official", or just some other clever variant.

Weigh this up with how much you want the name you've come up with. If it's taken by a house building company, for instance, that's obviously better than the exact URL being taken by another DJ. Check Twitter, Facebook and YouTube URLs while you're at it, as mentioned above.

10. Ask other people what they think of your name

Don't be bullish and just go for something - check with as many people as possible, and ask them why they like (or don't like) your name. And while you're at it, ask them to come up with names or variations of what you've chosen! They may hit on just the right name for you.
Time to start searching...
So having outlined some basic rules, it's time to take that big, blank piece of paper and start the search!

Here's some tips. Take words that mean something to you, and combine them, with each other, with numbers, with one of more of your own names. Keep a sheet of words you like and try and combine those. Nothing's too stupid at this stage: Write everything down (this is brainstorming, not trying to make everything you come up with good). Once you've got a shortlist, that's the time to go back to the rules above and work out the best one of the lot. Don't try and name yourself in one session - keep coming back to it, and have faith - you will get there.

Of course, you're going to need some "seed" words, some places to start, some ideas of avenues to go down. You could modify your own name. You could start with someone else's name, or even an existing DJ's name. Or, you could start your search by getting your ideas from the sites and tactics we've listed below. Here, you should find plenty to keep your quest going below. Good luck!


15 Ideas For Choosing A DJ Name


Quiz meme

Sites like this one tend to make stupid suggestions, but it all helps to get you thinking.

Try this DJ name generator

It seems to come up with weird, wonderful and often inappropriate names, but it's worth trying this site to get those brain cells working on something more worthwhile. You can find pages on the internet of people discussing the names this thing has generated for them - maybe a little bit sad? :)

Go to site: Quiz Meme


Mr P

Want a block-rockin', old school DJ name? Mr P's name generator might be just the ticket...

...or this old-school DJ name generator

Looking for an old school, hip-hop, block party kind of name? something Grand Master Flash might have been proud of? This very web 1.0 site churns out countless such names, many of which seem to have "Wizard" in the title. Hint: Don't even bother entering your normal name, just keep clicking the "go" button for different suggestions.

Go to site: Mr P's Name Pistol


Name generator

BBC Radio 1Xtra's name generator is slick and fun, but a tad on the safe side, and quickly gets annoying for generating multiple names.

Looking for an urban DJ name? Try BBC Radio 1Xtra's version

Looking for an edgy, urban name? Covering UK garage, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, dancehall and r'n'b, and with a male/female button, this slick tool (it has a double decks "name mixer" that scratches your new name out for you!) can give you a few ideas. Overall, though, it seems to play it a bit safe (it came up with "DJ Rhythm Beatz" for me).

Go to site: BBC Radio 1Xtra's DJ Name Generator


If you were born after the late 90s, your parents almost definitely used a site like this to choose YOUR name - and such sites are a great place to investigate potential DJ names, too.

Look on a baby names site

Baby names sites are huge, and the best thing about them is that some have names from all over the world, so if you want a fancy Russian name (it worked for Sasha), you can go right ahead and look for one.

I chose this particular one purely because it had to facility to look for names beginning with certain letters, so obviously I typed in "DJ"...

Go to site: BabyNamesPedia


Name anagram generator

Tell it your name and it'll instantly come up with the best anagram it can - I'm 'Hero's Limp'. Mmm, back to the drawing board...

Use an anagram generator

What it lacks in flashiness, it makes up for in effectiveness - this basically crunches any name at all you put into it and spits out an anagram of it.

You can try your name, your nickname, other DJ names you've come up with, other DJs' names - whatever. A great way of doubling up on any suggestions you might have.

Go to site: Name Anagram Generator


How DJs Chose Their Names

Want to know how famous DJs got their names? This article collates numerous DJs revealing the source of their own monikers.

Take inspiration from how famous DJs got their names...

From the All You Need Is Bass site, this is a neat and useful pair of articles, that simply collates DJs saying how they got their names, from interviews all over the web. Hopefully the comments to this very article will develop into something similar, but for now this is a good place to start.

The idea, of course, is so you can apply the same thinking to see what you come up with for yourself. I particularly liked The Gaslamp Killer's confession as to where his name came from...

Go to site: How DJs Got Their Names

Chauvet Blog DJ Names List

The Chauvet blog asked its Facebook fans to tell it how they came up with their DJ names...

...and not-so-famous DJs

The Chauvet blog asked its Facebook fans to tell it how they came up with their DJ names, and published its findings in an article that also has some creative suggestions as to how to come up with new names of your own.

I particularly liked the suggestion to hone in on physical or personal traits for your DJ name - although my friend Johnny Twelve Toes might have been best not using his unusual physical trait as his name were he ever to have decided to be a DJ...

Go to site: Chauvet Blog DJ Names List


DJ names competition

Throw cash at it and you'd be amazed what people will do for you, if this is anything to go by...

Pay people to come up with names for you!

It doesn't have to be very much, but going on your favourite DJ forum or website and offering cold, hard cash in exchange for a DJ name seems to have worked for at least one resourceful DJ out there.

He offered US$15 and by the look of it, got loads of people sending him long lists of suggestions....

Go to site: Help me choose my DJ name - $15 REALLY EASY contest


Band name generator

Band name generators will be less likely to have been mined by other DJs, so may give you something more original.

Use a band name generator...

Why? Because other DJs might not be, so you are more likely to find something that's original. Band name generators often let you "choose your genre" (so metal might produce aggressive names, rock might produce epic names, and indie, quaint names) - and you can also often experiment by giving such generators a single word and letting them come up with names that include that word.

The generator we've chosen to show you here includes those three genres, of which we found "indie" to be the most promising for DJs, especially when you give it an idea by adding a single word of your own.

Go to site: New Band Name

Fake name generator

The fake name generator can create a complete new identity for you, but we're just interested in the name generation part (unless you need a whole new identity, of course...)

...or a fake name generator

This site is for when you're being asked all kinds of personal details online and want to give them something that's not you. But the name generator part of it is really good, because you can choose the "name set" it uses from loads of different countries. So if you're looking for a Russian sounding name, it's no problem.

You can also choose gender, and even "age" of person (not sure how this affects the name, but there aren't many females in England under the age of 50 who are called "Peggy", for instance!)

Go to site: Fake Name Generator


Star names

You're gonna be a star, right? Then why not pick a 'star' name? This site has lists of all stars which have been assigned names.

Name yourself after a star

No, not a pop star or a movie star, but a real star. This educational website has alphabetical lists of stars which have been given proper names. What's better, each star has a "common" name, and "astronomical" name, a "meaning" (which gives you translations usually from the Greek or Arabic), and a constellation - which are all in themselves rich sources of ideas for your DJ name.

Go to site: Star Names


Street name

There are lots of streets out there: Why not find your DJ name on one of them?

Get ideas from street names

Of course you could just walk around your neighbourhood (and there's no reason not to look at street names while you do), but there's a better way: Just look up every street name in your postcode, or in Detroit, or in New York, or in wherever's important to you and your music, online.

Melissa Data has US and Canadian street names in a huge, freely searchable directory, but I'm sure if you looked online you'd find a similar service for your country.

Go to site: Melissa Data


BBC History

Choose someone from history you identify with, using this handy A-Z guide to many of the world's greatest names.

Find a historic figure and steal his or her name

The good thing about this tactic is that you can find someone you identify with, so if any clever interviewer asks you where you got your name from, you can say with a straight face that you're named after [insert fascinating historical figure here], because you "really identify with their struggle" etc. This tack may have you investigating obscure Mongolian leaders of the 14th century, but it's all work that'll pay off in the end!

Go to site: BBC Historical Figures


song lyrics

Song lyrics can be a great place to start your search, and will give you something cool to talk about when you're a famous DJ being asked where your name came from...

Scan the lyrics of your favourite songs

Dial up your favourite songs and read through the lyrics, looking for a word or a combination of words that resonates with you.

Try joining the words up to make one long word, "wordsearch" style, then try and remove random, made-up words from the jumble in front of you that sound cool. Again, it's going to sound great when you tell an interviewer where you got your name from when you're famous one day.

Go to site: Song Lyrics


Alaska Jim

Alaska Jim's music charts are a goldmine of lost scenes, cool names from previous decades, tempting-sounding song titles and other stuff that should get your creativity flowing.

Trawl through the music charts

This awesome site has masses of music charts, from all ages, all countries, and of all types. You can research whole musical scenes long forgotten, pulling out the names of all their big.-hitters. You can see song titles and artists.

If this lot doesn't inspire you, you really shouldn't be trying to be in the music business at all. A great place to get lost... just remember, you're here to pick a DJ name, not to trainspot!

Go to site: Alaska Jim's Music Charts


Got A Name? What's Next...

So I hope that lot inspired you, and you've come back here because you've now got a name! Once you have got your name, you should go ahead and reserve it everywhere that's important to you - as a minimum, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube plus buying your chosen URL.

You'll also want to get someone to make a logo for you. That is a subject for another post, but there are great resources online nowadays - things like 99designs, for instance - where you can pitch your logo project to lots of designers all over the world for a relatively small sum of money. If you're at college, you can definitely find art students who can help you with this stuff, too.It's worth looking at as many DJ logos as you can and writing a short brief to outline what you're expecting before giving this job to anyone, to save wasting everyone's time.

Finally, I know we opened this article with a whole list of "rules", but the truth is you don't have to fulfil absolutely every condition I outlined. It's more important to be aware of the ideals, and if your chosen name falls short, in an area, just to give due consideration to what that means. After all, "deadmau5" fails the radio test rule, and he's not doe so badly...

So, what's your DJ name? Did you use your real name, a variant, or something totally different? DJ or not DJ? How did you choose it? Are you happy with your name? If you got to choose it again, would you choose something different? How did you find it reserving your name URL and social media handles? Has your name got you in any trouble? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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  1. I chose my (second) DJ name in the summer of 2010.

    I was getting a lot of gigs playing dubstep at the time and was picking up a reputation for my playing style which is kind of what I'm known for now. I jump around alot and really get into the music. I interact with the crowd alot and it really works well.

    My name just came to me one day and I loved it, as I'm a fan of puns and word-play anyway.

    My name is Half Man Half Bit-Sick.

    It's a play on the name Half Man Half Biscuit (an established band from years ago) but also works because I am a 'bit sick' on the decks when I play!

    Added bonus as well, that band are actually from about 5 miles from where I live in Liverpool!

    This is the logo, it's a simple font, no fancy images or anything, but it's instantly recognisable and I've had it put on tshirts and posters alike.

  2. when i started uni there where 3 guys named chris(tian) in my studygroup. one was a metal dude, one was into classical music, i was into anything from soul to distinguish each other we got called metalchris, classicchris and popchris. that turned into chrispop and somehow got stuck. i'm still happy with it almost 10 years later and feel it might be a name i won't be ashamed of even 20 years from now. and even though there seems to have been a casting show candidate called "chris pop" somewhere and some people use "chris pop" when talking about christian/religious pop music i didn't have many problems setting up a fb page and never got into trouble or yeah, i'm happy with it.

  3. Pretty happy with mine, nice and easy to find as well =]

  4. I spent ages trying to think of a DJ name, decided they all sounded rubbish, so stuck with my real name! That said I think it also depends on what sort of music you play. Apologies if this offends anyone, but the names and logos of the artists in the graphic above are what I think are in the pop end of electronic music (EDM?), so perhaps have names/logos to help market themselves better in the overly crowded mainstream. That said there are more underground Artists/DJ with made up DJ names; Shifted, Perc, Speedy J, etc.

  5. Thibault B. says:

    Hey ! I've read a lot of articles like that.

    Friends call me B.Boot'

    I'm using that DJ Name, what do you think about that name ? The url of my facebook page is different, done with my real name : thibault b.

  6. Mine's just first name, middle name.

    I have added DJ though - sometimes I use it, sometimes I dont. It's in my url too...

  7. Mine is Durban or Dj Durban.

    It actually has been my internet handle for a long time, probably 20 years now, i picked it because it was the first *ahem* i smoked that was named...It was called Durban Poison.

    When i started Dj'n seemed like a good enough name :)

  8. We are a DJ duo and go by Catch!ness. It hasn't been mispronounced :) We like it, because we like to play catchy tunes and make a night to remeber 😀 What do you think?

    • Well obviously it breaks the "radio rule", but I quite like it - And of course, there's !!! who've managed to get away with a very leftfield name!

      • Hi Phil (love the website by the way, new user)

        I don't think this name breaks the radio rule at all. Maybe you are trying to pronounce it as two separate words?

        I think the trickiness this name is going for is that the 'i' is upside down. Hence you pronounce it "Catchiness"

        It's a horrible horrible word that doesn't sound right, but it is in the dictionary apparently. :)

  9. My friends gave me this name in 1992. The "AM" are my initials.

    I'd go use my real name, but my last name "Moschopoulos" is a trainwrecker.

  10. king of snake says:

    Great article Phil!
    I got mine from an Underworld song (the 'band' that is, not the movie)
    I'm from a town called Sneek in the Netherlands, which is pronounced 'snake' in english
    I spent time working in asia, so i relate quite a bit to the song (snake fighting, drinking wodka, people dancing on the street at midnight..)
    Still play underworld snippets now and then during a performance
    Am in africa now and the name is a little intimidating to some
    Works well for me though
    Am happy with the name

  11. I spent ages trying to come up with mine "Electronomist"... all the good names seemed taken. Eventually i came up with this, googled it and got zero results, so I had to choose it and get a website going!

    I have sometimes come across non-native English speakers who can't say it properly, but most people have said it's a good name (for me).

    I don't have a logo as yet though, just my name in a certain font which i like, to keep it simple.

  12. There was this old cartoon that used to play on late at night called 'Undergrads.' On this cartoon there was a geeky character that had a superhero alias named GPrime.
    Being a little geeky and into the whole DJing and technology thing, my friends started referring to me as JPrime when I got on the decks.
    I like it, it stuck, and there's something about NOT giving yourself a DJ name that I like 😉

  13. Corey A. Keller says:

    Hi all...
    I've had a few names actually over the 20 years of playing music. Some have been personal, some had to do with the times. I actually just finally settled on a permanent name this past year. Dj Stefan. I was adopted as an infant and about 2 years ago I started trying to locate my birth parents. I was lucky enough to find them after 41 years of living with the whole situation pretty much unknown. It went pretty well and I learned my given name from them, first and last name. Stefan Matura. So Dj Stefan was born again just a few months ago and a pretty successful electro house Dj as well to date. I am planning on getting back into producing someday again and will probably drop the Dj and just goes as Stefan. Website and social sites coming soon.... Thanks!!!

    Dj Stefan

  14. I choose Dilby as it has been my nick name since I was around 13 years old. I don't know if it technically works but it does for me because it IS me, if that makes sense.

    I have a had reasonable success releasing music and DJing as Dilby last year signed a record that was a bit more Techno that my usual Deep House sound. It is being released soon and I decided that I want to release it under a different name.

    Last week I went through this process (shame this article wasn't released a week ago!). I came up with the name Last Word after a bunch od brainstorming and talking to people. The hardest thing for me was to find a name that wasn't already in use on Beatport. That is probably something to consider if you are at all interested in writing music as well as DJing.

  15. I shrunk the middle and last name into GUIMO and I think sounds very nice pronounced in English as well as in Portuguese.
    Plus I have been using for years and no one else uses, so far.

  16. I only just created mine at the end of last year (im new)

    My internet gaming name for some time was "Sinister" which I called myself due to being Left Handed, which became more of an issue when I started playing guitar and instruments. (They called Left Handed people 'sinisters' in the 1600's and were burned like witches). I was into alot of metal so the name sounded evil enough.

    Fast forward to recently and I had to 'pick a DJ name' however I didn't want to sell out my former identity as I am always going to love metal and I also thought the sinister word's background was pretty cool. I wanted to include sin.... hhmmm DJ Sin? no thats pretty tacky and unorginal. OH I KNOW, what do DJ's do? They mix! When they mix, they are mixing (Mix Sin). And hence the name was developed in only a few short thought processes, I didn't go though a range of options as I was already halfway there, I just needed to update it 😛

    Also, I think the religious idea of sin is preposterous, and when you say it "Mix Sin" it's like i am committing a sin against the mix.

    I dunno, I just wanted an original somewhat evil human element.

  17. 3 years ago my wife and I sat up one Sunday thinking about a dj name as I was about embark on doing music full time and my previous name was either taken or would have been perceived as a hjack. She came up with Siid James almost instantaneously! I said that's it! I love the artist Sid vicious and what's more common and easy to spell than James? Sid james was a British Actor from a time passed and i have always had an old spirit so i took it and just added the extra i in sid. She told me think about it and I said no it's non-descriptive and it just sounds right. Got a URL for it and all! If you google it all my of my online presence comes up, no one else ( a good thing). Currently playing on radio where I live and have numerous residencies. I am pretty sure a lot my bookings are because it . playing on vibe103 Fm week days 12pm-3pm.

  18. Lots of great suggestions! It seems like some people just don't think at all when it comes to choosing a name.

  19. Been trying to come up with a name that isn't suggestive of any genre, sounds unique and does contain any harsh letters like Xs or Ws. What do people think of Leonard Tilt?

  20. How cool is this. I am now "DJ Slimy Wang", as suggested by Quiz Meme

  21. Mi real name is "Dario Jose Freije", so my initials are "D.J.F.". I born DJ jajaja.
    I'm between "D. J. Freije" or "Dario J. Freije" but I am not convinced.

  22. I'm still trying to think of a name, I wanted to just use my real name but it's taken. My nicknames were Simmo which is taken , Simmiundo, Jonaldinho (a take on Ronaldinho, I played a lot of football) and I wouldn't want them as a DJ name. At the moment i'm using SimmoJ (pronounced Simmo- jay) which isn't taken. Does anyone think this is ok or could I do better?. Maybe it should be Simmo J or Simmo Jay? I want a simple name that doesn't mean anything, that way it's unlikely to be cheesey.

  23. Gbadegesin says:

    In my life time, I have probably come across only 10 other people who bear the same name as me, as such, using my real name was a no brainier.
    I also decided to use my real name because I got into the game late and I thought it will be so much easier to market. So far, so good.
    Coming from Africa, my DJ name is so simple (just four letters) but a bit difficult to pronounce.
    On a plus side, people have heard me play do a search in google and my stuff pops up nicely including my mixes.
    One day , a chap emails me to say "man! I love your mixing, you mix just like the other DJ Ta.." I couldn't believe it. I found the other namesake on the web and we became pals.
    A few months later, I meet another chap in person who bears the same name as me and was also a DJ (his DJ name differed from mine as he didn't use his first name). We exchanged mixes and all that. I bumped into him a couple of weeks later and then he tells me " I have a confession to make" yea? I said". He goes on to tell me that he was spinning at a party and decided to play one of my mixes. Since I had DJ drops in all my mixes, he said all the people dancing thought it was his mix since his name is the same as mine.
    Moral of the story , You can run but you can't hide.

  24. Nick Powers says:

    I was lucky enough to use my real name, Nick Powers. The only thing is that I'm worried it sounds to generic

  25. DJ Forced Hand says:

    I chose Forced Hand (over 10 years ago) because it portrays an air of mystical power... something which mystically moves through me directly to the listeners (and the local DJs were lazy at the time, so if I wanted to hear good music, I'd have to play it myself). I chose to drop the DJ prefix because it seemed to lessen the impact, it was a qualifier.

    One the symbols which identifies human beings is the hand and that is my entertainer symbol (I am currently changing it from the "don't walk" closed hand symbol to an open hand, which expresses more emotion, but also less strict). I play more aggressive, dark, electronic music so this symbol works well for imagery and it works well as a pulsing (quick scaling of the symbol to the beat which looks like it's giving a high-five or playing a drum) DJ symbol above my head.

    It's timeless and means a lot of things to a lot of people, but mostly, it's a human connection through the electronic medium in which I play (there's a human behind all of the technology).

  26. Hi,

    My name is Corjan Rodenburg. And thats typical dutch,but its hard to prenounce for foreign people, So after several names(like maddutchy and stuff) i found out that my sets where pretty mood shifting also because i play alot of styles as well. So first i had my monthly show called moodshifter, but that worked so well that i dropped my real name and used moodshifter as my dj name. Its been like that for a few month now and its really starting to work.

    So the show has a different name now( Shifting Sounds) and i am stickin with the moodshifter name. I even made a logo for it:

  27. My name was actually given to me from a club owner I was doing police security for. Their DJ sucked, and one Friday night he couldn't make it, and since I'd been messing around on my bedroom technics for a year or so, I told them I'd jump on them. I think the shock from the crowd that knew me only as a cop that I actually knew old school hip-hop was what set the night off. The rest, as they say, was history. Owner said "hey, everyone's asking about the cop who's a DJ, so I told them you're DJ 5-Oh". They "fired" me from police security, and I was their resident DJ for over a year.

    I tried to get away from the name, but it stuck (mainly wanted to get away because idiots always thought I was working "undercover" to bust them for their low-level crap.) So I rolled with the name. Year and a half later, I can't stop getting booked and turns out, I appreciate the chance I got. A lot of clients have said the cop/DJ hybrid thing is intriguing (especially Sweet 16 dads....they seek me out like crazy. $200 an hour though, I'm not shying away from the name anymore).

    I'm loving it, and I'm only upset I didn't get into it full-time ten years ago when I was 20. It's a mess juggling both jobs though, as you'd imagine.......

    LIKE me on the FB, and I'll like ya back though! Stay safe y'all.

    DJ 5-Oh from Austin, TX

    PS...sorry that was so long. Never really explained al that before!

    • Why man? That name is awesome ....and it fits. Years later someone will ask u "how'd u get ur name?". Instead of some lame old reply like "oh...ummm...I needed a DJ name sooooo....yeeeaaahh" have a neat little backstory that goes along with it.

    • Those guys that were so worried u were undercover where probably tweekers....or they were just drunk and their 2+2=4 skills went out the window. They worry Pay'em no mind. I guarantee u ppl talked about you playing that night to friends and what not....simply bc they knew u before as police/security. Great promotion!
      No1 in their right mind would think the house DJ, or any DJ playing for that matter, is functioning as an undercover cop.

  28. Back in 97 I played drum n bass and had my first gig in a nightclub and had to come up with a name. Also into graffiti at the time I came up with Aerosoul. I'm dutch by the way.

    Gig went pretty good and in the following week I received a call from an English guy. First thing to mind; My breakthrough! Unfortunately he called me to inform my that Aerosoul was already a clothing brand and I could get sued if I'd kept using the name.

    So I had to come up with a new one :)

    Started using DJ Vintage. Referring to the fact I the liked older DnB style better!

  29. Grandiose says:

    I picked Grandiose because I new the basic definition of it but someone asked me to explain what it meant so I just told them to google it so I wouldn't steer them wrong ha. The definition on google that comes up first is "impressive or magnificent in appearance or style" which I thought would be a good DJ name and I was trying to think of one for awhile so I went for that..

  30. DaWreked oNe = Dereck Dunn

    Works for me. Getting my site stuff taken care of ASAP

  31. Ive got a cool looking logo out already....albeit it's prob very popular considering it's just a googled pic with my name on it.
    You know what would be cool is the movie "The Godfather" type logo. U know the hands overhead holding the strings (puppets).....just make the puppets like dancers and the hands overhead like their on record decks.

    Already copyrighted it ppl.....

    J/k....have at it if u like the idea. Lol

  32. I recently changed my name to That DJai. reasons? I like it.
    not gonna call my self something I don't like.
    besides it meets all your tips, would sound good on the radio, with a logo, not genre specific. etc.

    I think the best names have a little mystery, it peaks ppls curiosity.

  33. Hey whats up! So I think my name is unique enough to just use on its own, what do you guys think? My name is Scottie Manners so I just go by DJ Scottie Manners, It has worked out so far and it's really cool here at the University everyone I pass by greets me like "Hey DJ Scottie!" so that's pretty cool lol, but anyway do you think its good enough and is the 'ie' at the end a bad thing because most people spell scottie with as scotty, but ig its good so far because I have gigs weekly and have my own website. I really wanted the name TableManners but it was taken 'cause that wouldve been sweet combining turntables with my last name! haha, Should I stick with DJ Scottie Manners or use my middle name and go by Scott Kendale! (Scott Kendale has potential as an EDM name). As far as as a logo I really dont have like an iconic image but
    I just have my name in cool lettering I throw on fliers, heres two that I use for things tell me what you think! Thanks your feedback is appreciated! If you'd like you can respond to me by emailing to thanks so much guys (btw this isnt spam and that gmail is legit lol) Heres my two logos below:

    Tell Me what you think!!!

  34. Kevin Hearts says:

    Haha what about these:
    DJ Mi Che (dutch people will understand this one :P)
    DJ Yuck Fou
    DJ Kim Yoo Suk

    Etc etc :p

  35. Numbdrum says:

    Geat article! The "Name", I spent months trying to work out what name to use. I had as many as 200 that I was considering and I would go through the internet looking for availability of .com's and .net's as well as if they were already being used in my area and social media sites. My first choice was to use my initials JAG but it had already been taken by a few DJs so I went on to consider my nickname "Gatorade" which was given to me over 20 years ago but of course you can see the type of troubles I might run into with that one down the road. So the search continued... I was at work one day thinking about "The Name" again when it hit me, I am a little hard of hearing (aren't we all at times) as I have some scaring on my eardrum from an operation that didn't heal correctly. So the name "Numbdrum" came to me! I spoke it out loud a couple times and thought it was pretty catchy so I called a friend in marketing and ran it by him and he liked it so I ran with it.
    My name is DJ Numbdrum and music runs through my veins!

  36. Brian Diehl says:

    I am an older person (37). When I was younger back in the 80's and 90's everyone used records to listen to music and to Dj. So I use Dj Groove D. For "record groove" " music groove" and " D" from my last name. My logo is a simple one with light graphics " GrooveD" which looks like "grooved"

  37. Andilcii says:


    my real name is Robert Andil(I didn´t have my first gig yet) and I started to call myself "Andilcii" cause I liked Avicii´s style, but after some time, I figured out, that I don´t wanna copy someone and I have to think of something unique.. I came up with a "Soydek" this night and I wanted to share it with you, what do you think? One of my friend said that people might not remerber it easily... but I feel like logo could be nice 😀

  38. My name is Victor Love I Doc Love, and I use red a lot in my light show, people know when I'm coming on by that.

  39. Alan Shillitoe says:

    I have a poor real name for DJ name purposes. I'd already tried the anagram thing and come up with a couple of better options. I had also already liked the idea of using different names depending on what I wanted to play. So I have...

    Lethal Liaison - If I fancy DnB/Breaks/harder stuff
    Eolian Tallish - If I'm in a deep ambient mood.

    I have no idea what the last one means, but it sounds kind of deep and spiritual (almost Gaelic/Celtic) so kind of works in an onomatapeiac sense.

  40. So, out here in the sparse southwest town of Santa fe, you might imagine gunfights and taco stands. Actually, Santa Fe & Albuquerque were hubs of the cross-country punk band tours. (Yes, I saw Nirvana in '89 at a dive bar called the Rockin' TP. Our skate-punk scene was also heavily influenced by early hip-hop culture, which included graffiti.
    Here's where the name comes in- whenever I'd go out bombing, one of my tags was "FLO." And I'd draw a ladybug as the "O." So when our interests turned towards a new underground scene popping up in '92-'93, I befriended a DJ from the midwest who taught me the art of beat-matching, and in '94 at my first gig I had a thought- Flo was a little too simple/lame. So... Flo-Bug? Nah, let's make it roll of the tongue.... Flobug. It kept my graff sensibilities, and incorporated a new raver state of mind. To this day, it's what I'm known by. Cars drive down the street and scream it out the window, parents of the kids at those parties in the '90's call me that, the now teenage kids of some of those early ravers know me Flobug.
    I've never really used "dj" because I thought it was just inferred.
    I thought about my name deeply, and that name now garners respect around the globe with all the people I've played with. From Z-Trip to Hawtin; Derrick Carter to John B.
    I know I'll never achieve "superstar" status. But I still play every gig like it's my first, and Flobug will go down in history.

  41. Max Pardoe says:

    I'm not sure what name to pick. I want to use my real name, Max Pardoe, but I'm in this trio of producers/djays and they both have a made up name and they want me to make up one. What should I do?

    • djFaithFlapjacks says:

      Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I'm thinking of going into the Radio/DJ business, and I need a name. I asked my dad ( who is also a DJ ) and he suggested Faith Flapjacks ( My middle name is Faith ) . He was just goofing off though, so I currently just use it as a username to get a smile out of people. Any ideas? I really want to have Faith in there, and I'd prefer if the second word also started with F. Any ( appropriate ) ideas?

  42. djFaithFlapjacks says:

    I dunno, maybe something with Maximum in it? Maximum Mixer, Maximum ( insert favorite animal, color, or adjective ) . Maybe Maximum Gold, Maximum Blue, Maximum Fun, Maximum High, Maximum Dash, Maximum Man... Stuff like that.

  43. djFaithFlapjacks says:

    Or you could just go with Maximum Pardoe. Maybe you could style it as MAXimum Pardoe.
    A few more I thought of:
    Maximum True
    Maximum Fall
    Maximum Grey
    Maximum Ray
    Maximum Ride ( just kidding )
    Maximum Beat
    Maximum Sound
    Maximum Bright
    Maximum Crush
    Maximum Slide
    Maximum Twist
    Maximum Shake

  44. djFaithFlapjacks says:

    What kind of music do you like? Like, say you like a band called Mudslide Crush, you could call yourself Maximum Mudslide Crush. Or, if that's too obvious, Maximum MS. Hey, you could do something with initials! Say your favorite music genre is Rock, and you like dragons. Put them together, and you have MAXimum RD. or you could go with your initials, or maybe the first letter of your crush's name and M.

  45. djFaithFlapjacks says:

    Or maybe you could do something with your surname. Pardoe is Old French for " for God " , so maybe you could do Maximum ( insert random French word ) . Your surname family Crest has a knight on it- maybe Maximum Knight, Maximum Steed, Maximum Honor, or Maximum Brave?
    Maybe you could use your Zodiac Sign. Say your Zodiac Sign is Tauras- you could become Maximum Tauras. Or Maximum JJ, if your a Cancer, because Cancers are June ( 21 ) through July ( 22 ) .

  46. djFaithFlapjacks says:

    But be creative about your name- people will judge you by it, so you have to think it through. For example, if you call yourself Maximum Blue, people might think you olay alot of blues music. Or, if you use something like my current DJ name ( Faith Flapjacks ) people probably won't take you seriously. Look at your name and say, what would I think of somebody with this name? Will this name effect my music? Will i be ashamed to introduce myself? And, most of all, am I satisfied with this name? Good luck!

  47. Kenneth Jeramy Chanze Newton-Bustamante says:

    So I was thinking about a DJ name, I wanted a variation of the word "solstice"...
    Here's some things I came up with:
    DJ SolstiXe
    DJ Red Solstice
    I make electronic music that can be hard but also can be soft and chill, relaxing.. What do you think? any suggestions?
    Also I don't know anything off my real name I could use.. Haha.

  48. Kenneth Jeramy Chanze Newton-Bustamante says:

    Was also thinking maybe "DJ Free Reign", I'd like something that has to do with freedom, being free, or being a hero or something.

  49. I've had many suggestions from friends like FAST EDDIE, E.R. MIX Eddie Clas and EROS. I've decided to stay with Eddie until I get a name that I like. I read all the tips I cater to all genres even though my heart goes with deep house, It still makes it difficult to decide

  50. Hey guys

    I'm new in this business which I just start learn producing. I'm a turkish and my name is Kemal Namli. I know its not a good name for making up a DJ name with. Thats why I'm here, I need your help guys. By the way, my favorite music style is deep house.

  51. DJ Sanctus says:

    i have picked DJ Sanctus i like it because it sounds nice. wat do you guys think of it ?

  52. Blitzcraig says:

    Just getting started, but the name I'll be using is a play on my real name. The idea for it came from constantly seeing "Craig" misspelled as "Kreig" on the waiting lists at local poker rooms. It was only a short jump from "Kreig" to "Blitzkrieg" to "Blitzcraig". I tend to like dark, aggressive music, so it should fit well once I start gigging.

  53. What do u think about "Ilan"?

  54. I was given the nickname K.Stein when I was in junior high and it hasn't left me since. Now that I have joined the DJing career, people have yet to let go of the name. In my hometown and towns surrounding us, people call me K.Stein. Do you think I should just keep it if it has stuck with me for this long? It rolls off the tongue and is definitely original, but is it something that others will catch on too? Please give me your input! Thanks

    -DJ K.Stein/ Kayyy Stein

  55. Hi. In many years i use in the net the username gotham or gotham78. First of all i dont to use the word dj in my name. I think to use gotham78. Its very bad to have numbers in my name?

  56. benedict pacia says:

    hi phil i would just like to have your opinion of what name should I go with, my name is Benedict Pacia (pronounced as pasha)and I play electro house/ house & progressive house :) it would be great if get a reply. thanks!

  57. Please tell me what you prefer...

    upper klim
    upper goth

    or nothing of that?

  58. DJFaithFlapjacks says:

    @ Benedict Pacia: Benedict Beat, Benedict Boss, Benedict Break/Brake, Benedict Boss, though I like Benedict Beat.

  59. I would like to find universal name that I can use in all types of music from pop - rap to dubstep

  60. john parker says:

    How about universal kingz

  61. Viktor Rosberg says:

    Hi guys! I really need your help to find a good name!
    I kinda want to use my own name or something like it atleast, but name is pretty boring and not catchy at all: Viktor Rosberg.
    In school some call me "vikros" and it works quite well in swedish, but in english it just sounds wrong. I've also had some thoughts aboutt usling my last name Rosberg (which in swedish means Rose Mountain)

  62. Great thread, but being female, this all runs a bit too masculine for me. I'm looking to learn this year just as a personal goal, but in my experience, I wouldn't be surprised if I end up entertaining somebody somewhere. Just thinking ahead. I might just use my first name and middle initial like so. Should I be a bit more creative maybe or does this work? I like all the names on here.

    • I'm in the same boat, name and goal-wise. I may never find myself in a club, but I ought to have some sort of musical handle. I have a perfectly good nom-de-web, which might work.

  63. Pernillecia says:

    I don't really have a dj name, or i do, but it's shit and i hate it. My name i Pernille Rumpelthiin originally and nobody can spell it so that's not what i'm going for and my name, Pernille doesn't really sound well in english, so i thought of Pernillecia, i think it's cool and it has my name in it and my idols name is Alecia, i thought that was amazing. And i think people can spell Pernillecia and it sounds cool in english too. But i'm not sure, i've thought of so many things and i don't know if i want DJ in it either or if i should add more to it? What do you think?

  64. Juan Rivera says:

    This Website is awesome , my dj name back in the day was Dr. Love i had it for quite some time . Then i thought it was too soft it needed more action or spunk to it , since i moved i wanted to come up with a fresh new start . I specialize in latin music ex. salsa , merengue , bachata and some latin house i'm ready to step up my game i just need a catchy name , my name is juan rivera and i tryed initials but don't sound too catchy in spanish so i want to use something close to both american and hispanics that will be stong and yet cool for them to remember please help.

  65. Mine is Straba. It's the first 2 letters of my first, middle, and last names. Pretty simple, but it works.

  66. Mike Blades says:

    Knew a guy once who was learning to DJ (never really got anywhere as he was more into picking up the ladies and getting trashed)......would go by the name DJ CEMENT MIXER.....When asked why he would smiles and say "cause my mixes are solid"......
    Such a wanker!!!!

  67. The name that my parents call me is Dhrubo. As a young kid I didn't like that 'h' in that name, so I got rid of it and left it at Drubo. In the last year, I've been called Dr. Ubo, so I chose that as my DJ name. What do you guys think of that?

  68. I will use my real name "Xhuljo Guga" as dj name and i don't want too use "DJ" in the title I don't deserved, I'm not a real dj I'm just a boy that likes to play music for the people. Maybe one day if I'm going too bee rely good at djing and perform for a big a really big crowd like that at tomorrowland I will add "Dj" at the title.

  69. Emily Brown says:

    I have a character in my graphic novel who is a DJ (sorry I'm not a DJ I'm an author) but I had NO names for him so I found this and decided one the name NVP no idea what it means but sure sounds awesome!

  70. Michael Krippner says:

    I'm wondering if my real name would be good enough... my middle name is Trent, so maybe Trent Michaels or something? Or should I be more imaginative??

  71. Alessandro Mosca says:

    So I had a bit of trouble finding a name and I thought I would need to come up with some word that sounded cool or something (e.g disclosure) but then it was thrown out to me that my name (Alessandro Mosca) is good and i should keep it... any opinons?

  72. I saw you mentioned a website like 99designs. I used to get a DJ name and logo. I set up a contest and I got more than 300 DJ names. Now I am considering between 2 names.

  73. Phillip Kershaw says:

    Hi, I'm after a good DJ name and my name Phillip Kershaw. My nickname has been (Kersh) through school and partly threw my age up to 27. I mix hardcore (powerstomp) DJ joey riot, DJ kurt ect. Could you guys help me out please on ideas of names I would appreciate it guys and girls I'm from uk. I've had few ideas, well 2 ideas
    DJ Kersh
    DJ k3rsh
    Well that's about it to be honest could you guys let me know what you think of them 2 please and any maybe like that with it been my nickname or any other ideas with my name or I have son called Baily Kershaw or any ideas basically. Would be really great full on any opinions. Thanks

  74. Phillip Kershaw says:

    Just looking now for upto date post now just realised its 2014 when I looked last post before my post do I just go on forum on main page and search DJ names? Thanks for your help

  75. Jad Hamadeh says:

    Hey, so far i changed many names (im still young so it doesnt matter). But, now i want one to stick with me throught out my career. I chose HMDH (the consonants of my last name, hamadeh). I made a logo for it, you can check it out here:
    I want to know if it is a catchy name. Should i stick to it? If not, do you have any suggestions?

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