Musikmesse 2013: Mum & Baby On The Decks

DJ Freshfluke

Mum and baby behind the decks at the American Audio booth. Below is the video we made. Top marks!

Best fun we've had at Musikmesse 2013 so far was when we spotted this brilliant DJ (DJ Freshfluke) and her baby rocking it on the American DJ booth. Don't know if it was the whole idea, the dubstep reggae she was spinning, or the look on the little dude's face when mum dropped the bass, but we loved it... and can't stop laughing every time we watch the video! Oh, and look closely - the baby is wearing earplugs... Enjoy the video below...



Did you enjoy our little mum and baby video? Let us know your thoughts below...

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  1. thoses who don't know DJ Freshfluke is a moderator on bouth NI Traktor forum and the American Audio forum. so I'm sure some of you have interacted with her on one of thoses forums

  2. Love it! That baby will grow up loving music!

  3. No ear protection on the baby?

  4. Now he can say he was dj-ing since he was a baby. 30 years of experience at 30 years old...

  5. DJ TonyOK says:

    Too cute. I have a newborn too, Ill have to try it

  6. Aron djtacticx says:

    woow.. i like that

  7. Cliff Whitney says:

    Phil... How did you know I was having a bad day?

  8. Hmm. That baby needs some hearing protection! can't see any unless there's some flesh-colored earplugs there.

  9. siyabonga says:

    Nice one mum,too bad the baby can't hear your magic touch!

  10. Honestly I wasn't having the best day, this absolutely made me smile!!!

  11. COOL...A real-life experience - Dare any of you guys do do that on a gig!!

  12. Really!!???

  13. Does anybody know the song at the drop lol?

  14. Cute vid. Using the "Funky Worm" riff? Well, that's another story.

  15. houseinc says:

    Native Girl!!!

  16. Very Cool!!!! Love it

  17. Cool Baby cool Music happy smiles lov it.

  18. I've seen her name on many forums, I always thought she was a guy - Lol!!
    Sorry Dj Freshfluke. Very cute video, If that don't make you smile - nothing will!

  19. I always wonders where DJ's came from!

  20. heya,

    thx for your kind words and concerns.

    the baby had ohropax - flesh colored wax earplugs that can be moulded to fit everywhere. "real" headphones is something a baby does not tolerate yet, this is sth for older kids. loudness was limited and we taped the vms so we didnt exceed the limit.

    also, we had no monitors, which means: while DJing the loudness was even softer than in front of the store (where the db are measured).

    the kid loved it & slept most of the time when i was DJing. :-)

    p.s.: we're right in the middle of the transition of track 2 & 3 of this mix: - since this was pretty much the only time the baby was awake while i was DJing, i remember that i was playing the playlist of said mix i recorded a few weeks ago. before you hate: it was the beginning of the messe and i was making myself comfortable with the whole situation (plus wait & see if the baby will be as easy as expected) so i played something "safe" first, later sets have always been mixtures from playing completely free with only fragments of old or new playlists here and there.

  21. Woow a House full family! But I realy think it's a little bit to noise for the kid!

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