7 Hidden Features On The Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 Controller

Last updated 20 December, 2023

Own a Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10? Beyond the controller’s headline features like track separation, Mix Point Link, and DMX lighting, the FLX10 has a few hidden tricks many users don’t know about. Check out the video lesson above for seven “secret” features you may not have spotted.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:11 Jogwheel displays
  • 3:57 Quick search
  • 5:22 Performance pads
  • 6:59 Fader start
  • 8:51 Cable clip
  • 9:52 Serato settings
  • 12:16 Logos

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Lesson notes

This is a truly complex DJ controller. Other features of note include:

  • A dual deck mode, which allows you to control two decks with one jogwheel
  • The ability to instantly separate an acapella from an instrumental and have it running on the opposite deck in time with the original track
  • Multiple display modes for the in-jog screens that not only let you see track artwork and add your DJ logo to the screens, but have parallel waveforms and even display information about what’s going on on the performance pad
  • The ability to send different parts of a track through the effects
  • Separate utility applications on your computer for fine tweaking
  • A “hidden” menu on the unit itself containing yet more settings

It’s not surprising that people find themselves still discovering new things that they can do with this unit months after purchase.

In the above video lesson I talk you through a mixture of beginner, intermediate and advanced features on the unit, including some I’ve just mentioned. But for the full exhaustive talkthrough of absolutely everything you can do in both Rekordbox and Serato on this, you should take a look at our DDJ-FLX10 video manual and training tutorial.

At nearly two hours long, this is the single best place to discover all your unit can do. And it’s completely free. Click here to go to it.

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