Friday Roundup: How To Organise Music Using Multiple iTunes Libraries


We've been filming for our forthcoming Digital DJ Masterclass at the site of a very famous club this week. This is a recreation of its dancefloor - but can you name the club?

Loads going on at Digital DJ Tips this week, with the launch of our Make Your Own Sample Sets course, and filming for the forthcoming Digital DJ Masterclass happening as I type, here on location in Manchester, England. But we've still had some downtime to get some quality DJ/music based reading done. This week, we found a great tutorial on using more than one music library with iTunes; uncovered a good list of books to help you with being more creative; and learned about software that can help anyone make music, even those with no musical training. It's all here:

  1. How To Organise Music Using Multiple iTunes Libraries - Traktor Tips offers the solution to organising music on different drives or for different type of DJing by using multiple iTunes libraries, and goes on to explain its use in Traktor Read more
  2. Four Books To Inspire Creativity - Need a creative spark to finish the DJ mx you're working on or the tune you're writing? Dubspot has gathered up some great books that might help you with your "writer's block" Read more
  3. Want To Make Music But Don’t Understand It? Try "Daft Punk In A Box" - Evolver FM writes about this ingenious way of making new music with not much more than a novel piece of software and an ear for what sounds good. The purists will hate it, but will it lead to more good music being made? Read more

What did you think of this week's stories? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Of course that's the Hacienda.

  2. The Hacienda!! Never been to the UK but have seen 24hr Party People 3 times, great movie/time in musical history. Have you ever played the Hacienda Phil?

  3. Shame - its turned into apartments now!

  4. DJ Ben Blayton says:

    I needed that tutorial on setting up a seprate library with Traktor and I Tunes. I know the songs and all the mixes that I have eat up a lot of space. So time to make a move. I am also going to see about moving stuff to a clould cause externals crash
    Thanks for posting

  5. Noel Lowdon says:

    Saw mike pickering DJ at the Leeds Warehouse Last Saturday... For a hacienda special - The guy still has it! Legend !

  6. Jefff Scott says:

    One of the owners of the company I work for used to DJ in the Hacienda, he also co-owns Fac 251 in Manchester with Ben Kelly and Peter Hook! I done some work down there in preparation for the opening, was awesome standing on the top floor which used to be the Factory records boardroom!

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