Cross DJ For iPad Gets More Controller Support

Cross DJ 1.4

Cross DJ 1.4 is now compatible with a whole host of DJ controllers.

Hot on the heels of all the iOS controllers and news from the BPM Show, Cross DJ from Mixvibes hits 1.4 with news of compatibility with a load of Midi controllers. As well as working Natively with the Vestax Spin2 and Numark iDJ Live, the software now works with eight controllers from Pioneer, Numark, Hercules and MixVibes.

The full list of controllers the software now plays nicely with is: Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro / Control Pro 2, Pioneer DDJ-WeGO, Numark MixTrack Pro / Pro 2, Hercules DJ Console RMX2, Hercules DJ Control Air, and Hercules DJ Control Instinct. You'll need Apple's Camera Connection Kit (CCK) and a power supply for your controller to make this work. The Midi compatibility is available as an in-app extension.

The software has also been tweaked to play nicely with iOS 7, which of course has also just been released. the new version (1.4.1) is just awaiting approval, and will hopefully be live on the App Store by the end of this weekend.

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  1. I have not played with this app for a while now... is it stable now and fit for real-world use?

  2. Gone-a-Mixin says:

    Hmmm. No support for the Numark IDJ Pro?

    • Probably due to landscape/portrait mode issue.

      • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:


        It's been on a few peoples wishlist and they have said (in between the lines) that it's in the making. I AM indeed guessing it has to do with that.

        Til then, the all new and improved DJ Player is my #1 choice in the iDJ Pro. Good integration with native mapping and very powerful software.

        The only reason to still wanting to have Cross is because it would bring it back to a Cross-Only (with RekordBox sync capabilities) situation for me on all three setups.

        Saves a boatload of doing this twice or even three times per track.

        Keeping the request alive at the Cross Forum


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