Friday Roundup: Why Is Rave Fashion Such A Disaster?

Rave fashion

Rave fashion: Do you agree it's a total disaster, or do you secretly quite like it? Pic: Matt Oliver via LA Weekly

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Meanwhile from around the web we've got a fun piece on rave fashion, a valuable free EDM sample resource, and a great interview with dance music stalwart Moby. Enjoy your weekend folks!

  1. Why Is Rave Fashion Such A Disaster? - Trust me, at the height of rave in the UK (1991-92) it truly wasn't any better - in fact it was strikingly similar. West Coast Sound has the story... Read more
  2. 12 Places You Can Download Quality EDM Samples for Free - Need some sounds for your Remix slots? Want to start experimenting with your own beats? Here's a resource list of free places you can go to get started, courtesy of Audiotuts+ Read more
  3. 30 Years Of Dance Music, As Seen By Moby - One of dance music's true survivors looks back on three decade of dance music, interviewed by In The Mix Read more

Do you think rave fashion is a disaster? Where do you get your free samples from? What do you make of Moby's take on the recent history of dance music? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. The day I have to give up my Kandi, UFOs, phat pants and ridiculous hats is the day I leave this scene forever πŸ˜›
    Hell, I've seen people in Kigurumis at HHC parties here.

    Say what you will about it, the clothes are fun, comfortable, and the style is distinct unto itself.

    If you want to see everyone in black shirts and nice pants, go to a top 40 club on the weekend. I want to actually have fun.

    • Stazbumpa says:

      ^ This.

      I was a massive fan of the rave scene in the early to mid 90's, the clothing was supposed to be bright (UV light!) but also practical. This is why the girls wore very little, and it's good to see not much has changed πŸ˜‰
      To be fair, to rip on the rave style is to miss the point of the scene entirely.

      • I think I'm feeling particularly nostalgic tonight cause I dug out my old Dune records ( ) are you ready to fly?

        But anyways, I love the old school style! It's really fun dancewear and there's really nothing like kicking your feet with a floor full of people with neon pants!

        The new scene, in my opinion, is really missing the one key element: unbridled fun. Starbumpa is right, the very notion of critiquing the fashion is simply missing the entirety of what the rave used to be (and, in some places, still is).

        It's fun. It's an escape. We're all real people doing our day to day, so it was fun once a weekend or once a month or whenever you could spare the time to get out to a world unlike ours. A world where no one would be judged for what they wore, where bright colours, flashing lights and stomping tunes showed us that living life didn't have to be grey drudgery.

        Anyone could rave, and anyone could wear what they wanted. Anyone could dance, and anyone could dance how they wanted. Judgement wasn't on the table. The clothes? They helped make the atmosphere. Rainbow beads up to their elbows! Bright shirts! Huge pants with teddy bears sewn on them! All the while dancing so hard to a song about rainbow unicorns in the sky it's almost like we believed the world would stop spinning if we ceased. No one on earth, in any culture, could feel threatened in this environment and that helped make it so accepting.

        Call it stupid if you want to, it is. It totally is. It's totally stupid, isn't it? But it was also the most goddamn fun I've ever had on this planet and being stupid was completely the point. The rave helped me in near immeasurable ways. Starting high school I was your typical outcast type. But there was a place where hundreds of others knew me, and accepted me, and we danced together in the most ridiculous way imaginable. We had more fun than I ever thought possible to music we loved more than anything else in the whole world.

        We went to enjoy life in a safe, happy location full of smiling faces, sweaty bodies and the most massive tunes the DJ's could muster. And together we all created a vibe unlike any other scene has in the entire world. We created a magical bubble where for one night, what was outside didn't matter. We shared our bubble with the greatest people from near and far. And together, we called it a "rave". And let me tell you, there was no name more fitting.

      • Schrottrocker says:

        @Weaver: hell yeah! I agree so much, 90's rave really had that strong positive power of imagination thing like it could really transcend you in that other world...sure it might look kiddyish but hey, you've got to be a kid somewhere in you or your not human! :)

        Btw that's something I love about that Moby article, he still spins real rave - wow! I have to agree with him it's weird how all music biz "makes" techno (or 'edm' if you want) underground though club life and raves is as vivid as ever. Like he says, even mainstream pop and indie rock went electronic these days, the industry could make a fortune of techno music but noooo...In the 90's Portishead and Underworld (to name only few) were in the top 10! I remember they even played Aphex Twin's 'Ventolin' on MTV in the afternoon. It could happen again, they could sell all the underground to today's kids but I guess music industry got finally stuck in a taking no chances loop...ok maybe there's a good side to that πŸ˜‰

        (oh and I don't give a bleep if EDM or electronica or techno is the umbrella word, it's all interchangeable)

    • I agree, old school rave style is the best. Girls in phat pants are so sexy, and not trashy looking like the stuff they wear where I'm from (which is pretty much nothing at all).

  2. Ah yes... Brings back memories of Global Hypercolour T Shirts and denim dungarees. Happy days :)

  3. KurtYKurt says:

    12 Places You Can Download Quality EDM Samples for Free .... this link is broke

  4. Schrottrocker says:

    dammit! there's a html tag in the links which destroys them, I was trying to put it in my two comments above but it doesn't show in text

  5. ForcedHand says:

    Rave fashion seems to want to break the rules of flattering clothing. Sure, it may be comfortable, but certain color combinations, textures, and styles have a detractive result (rather than additive). I'm not saying people shouldn't be creative, but fashion is what you wear to make a statement (while protecting your body from the environment). If people think OMG, I think I'm going to throw up when they look at you, maybe you should consider getting fashion tips from a gay friend.

  6. Matthew Boone says:

    As much as I don't mind looking around me and seeing half naked women everywhere, I really just go for the experience. I go to do my own thing and enjoy the music. Getting lost in the music is the reason I decided to learn to become a DJ.

  7. Oh you think the race outfits look funny? Check out the 90's hardcore/gabber periode in Holland, those days we'd visit house party's in our training suits and Nike sportshoes. Especially the "Australian" and "Cavello" suits where hot those days.

  8. Psychofrakulator says:

    Yeah, I remember the German rave fashion when I was young. It involved Gasmasks, reflective wests and vacuum cleaners strapped to the back of the boys and the girls wore lots of silver and thick fur jackets and wests in all colours.

  9. I saw this funny post the other day and thought it seemed relevant to this thread. Enjoy:

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