How Digital DJ Tips Is Funded: What You Should Know

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 30 March, 2024

This article contains an important update on the way this website, DJ school and community is funded. We feel that if you are to trust us with your time, decision-making and training as a DJ, you need to be sure there’s nothing hidden going on with the advice we give and the recommendations we make.

What we do

Digital DJ Tips has grown since 2010 from a tiny blog to an industry-respected business, with six full-time team members spread across the UK, USA and Europe. We are a leading DJ school, and the world’s biggest DJ technology website. Our best-selling book on how to DJ, Rock The Dancefloor!, is shortly to reach its second edition, and we support the industry we work in annually with our Global DJ Census, the results of which we share freely.

Here at Digital DJ Tips, we’ve always striven to be an authoritative voice in DJing, to offer the best DJ training, and to provide a nurturing, friendly community for our students and subscribers. In order to uphold the highest standards in the ever-more murky online world of hidden influence, misinformation and plain low-quality content, we continually review and raise the values we hold ourselves to, especially with regards to who can influence us, and how. This article shares with you where we’re at as of today.

What’s not changed

Firstly, a recap: Digital DJ Tips is not and never has been paid anything by DJ gear / software manufacturers or anyone else for reviews, inclusion in roundups, endorsement, news stories, or anything else. The decisions on what we do and don’t cover are ours and ours alone. That’s not changed and won’t ever change. When we occasionally partner with brands (for instance, to give away free gear), we are always abundantly clear about what’s going on.

Additionally, back in 2018, Digital DJ Tips took the bold decision to go completely against the tide and stop accepting any advertising at all on its website. Advertisers never influenced what we said about their products anyway, but we felt we had to be seen as fully independent too.

It was a move that we knew would cost us a lot in future revenues, but we believed (and still believe) it was the right thing to do. In an environment online where – we’re sure you’ll agree – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to trust any advice or recommendation for products or services, we felt it was imperative to take a visibly more honest approach.

What has changed

This year we’ve decided to go further. We’ve removed all affiliate links from our site, and switched off monetisation on other channels such as our YouTube channel. We want you to be confident that we do not write or make videos about products or services just to make money when you watch our content or click on links. Instead, you can be sure that we only feature products and services we feel are worth talking about. It’s up to you if you choose to buy them, and where you choose to buy them from.

Also, we have removed everything from our sites (like cookies) that can be used to track you, by us or anyone else (here’s looking at you, Google, Meta and Amazon). We want to be able to assure you that not only are we independent and unbiased, but that nobody is profiling what you do online, at least not in our name. Again, this is all at a cost to us, but we know it is the right thing to do.

We can proudly say that 100% of our funding comes from our students.

Thankfully, Digital DJ Tips has another extremely important funder – you.

When you invest in a course from Digital DJ Tips you’re not only getting the best DJ training out there, but you’re also helping to support:

  • The Digital DJ Tips website, available for free to everyone, and which provides unbiased, authoritative news, features, reviews, roundups and more to the DJ community
  • Our awesome full-time team, who as you know are always happy to help solve your DJ queries, questions and concerns – whether or not you’re a student of ours!

So what can you do to help? Simple! If you enjoy this website, if you enjoy our reviews, if you enjoy interacting with us and our community, then when the time is right for you, please do consider buying DJ training from Digital DJ Tips.

You’ll not only become a better DJ or DJ/producer, but in the process you’ll be helping us continue to be 100% independent, unbiased, and free from outside influence of any kind.

Thank you once again for your support!

Phil, Steve, Faye, Juanmi, Lauren and Ben
Your Digital DJ Tips team ❤️

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