Friday Roundup: Look Who's On The First Ever DJ Mag Top 100...


The first ever DJ Mag Top 100, from more innocent times..

This week at Digital DJ Tips, we've started turning our attention back to making some new scratching for controller DJs training for you guys, with lots of exciting stuff coming up in the next month - sign up to be the first to know. Meanwhile, as ever, we've been scouting the internet in our downtime for stories of interest to our readers. From the first ever DJ Mag Top 100, to the best Hallowe'en tunes, to the most ridiculously easy way to make mashups ever, there's sure to be something to interest you here. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

  1. You won't believe who's on the 1993 DJ Mag Top 100 - Interesting list, plus a great quote from Sasha in here about hitting the dancefloor in the middle of his set and forgetting he was DJing… Read more
  2. 10 Most Popular Hallowe'en Songs - Billboard and Neilsen BDS have named the 10 Most Popular Hallowe'en Songs. Misses my personal favourite, The Automatic's "Monster"… Read more
  3. MashupDJ Enables The Three-Click Remix… - Well seeing it was Hallowe'en yesterday, maybe you could do an, ahem, monster mash. Seriously though, this is ridiculously easy stuff for anyone to attempt Read more

Did the Top 100 from 1993 surprise you? What's your favourite Hallowe'en tune? And is it a good thing that mashups are getting easy to make, even for the musically braindead?! Share your thoughts below...

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  1. Vega,Farley,Knuckles,Humpries,Hunter,Morales,Soul 2 Soul......lots of great names on this list. Looking at their list today it's hard to believe that they ever acknowledged soulful dj's. Perhaps they should have discontinued the magazine after '93?

  2. HankBizzle says:

    It's actually interesting how many of them are still big names today. I wonder how many of the current top 100 will still be around in another 20 years. My guess is not very many.

  3. Old Grey Cat says:

    What a sweet find. Thank you for sharing!!!

    I've got this old vinyl of Basil Hardhaus on NuGroove listing off names, sorta like this. When I found it (second hand in Baltimore), it turned me on to so many names and sounds familiar to my ear, but new to my eyes.

    I also listen to country music, from the modern pop-schmaltz to the early carter family stuff, and it's funny, early house always reminds me of the fresh-from-appalachia stuff. Minimalist, soulful, torn-edges-vibe.

    90's forevah! Haha....

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