Friday Roundup: Laidback Luke's Five Golden Rules Of DJing

Laidback Luke offers his five golden rules of DJing

Laidback Luke offers his five golden rules of DJing

This week's Friday Roundup is coming to you from the NAMM show in LA - but we'll keep our NAMM round-up till Monday. Meanwhile, here's what's hot for DJs out on the internet this week.

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  4. Laidback Luke's Five Golden Rules Of DJing - solid advice from the veteran DJ on what really matters if you want to make it as a jock, from In The Mix Read more

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  1. Link "to Should Native Instruments Build Their Own Dj Computer?" does not work

  2. I like Laidback Luke's golden rules but unfortunately playing mainly commercial gigs I have to adjust the final rule a bit- more like 20% for me (if I'm lucky) and 80% for the crowd! Anyone one else agree with this?

    • DJ Vintage says:

      I think this wholy (sp?) depends on the type of gig. First of, any paid gig is a commercial gig, right? So, a wedding qualifies as a commercial gig, as does a corporate event (I've done those with 2.000 visitors, trust me it's a job lol). At those, I'd say 20-80 AT BEST! You might end up having to play 10-90).

      If you are playing a very genre-specific dance event, then yes, 50-50 sounds about right, especially if you want to create a name for yourself. You'll need the 50% to make a noticeable difference from the next guy in the line-up.


  3. DJ Vintage says:

    A Traktor PC? Who ever thought of that one?

    First of all, you have very little to no control about the components available to you. Second, having a bugfree OS is a pipedream (Windows, Linux, OSX, the all have REGULAR bugfixes and upgrades). So, before you can guarantee a bugfree application, you need to make your OS bugfree. And keep your drivers updated for the hardware components you are using.

    And if you are Traktor and you make a niche OS, no hardware manufacturer is gonna take your OS into account when designing new stuff.

    All in all I'd say nice daydream but destined to fail miserably. Not to mention the amount of knowledge, manpower and money needed to go this route.


    • ForcedHand says:

      An external laptop with the Traktor name makes no sense. If someone is looking for a laptop with the Traktor logo, just get a sticker and slap it on your computer.

      If however, you allow the definition of "A Traktor PC" to include being inside a controller, then you might have something worthwhile. Basically, it'd be someone else's computer with Traktor branding. Granted, that would increase the cost of the controller, but it would tend to simplify (AKA reduce the footprint for) the layout... which would be nice for a lot of people. No laptop means no laptop stand, no extra cables, nothing to block your view, etc.. I think we call all see how this has some merit.

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