Ableton’s New Push Is Standalone, Modular & Battery-Powered

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 31 May, 2023


Ableton has today announced the latest version of its hardware instrument Push, which for the first time is available in a completely standalone version, that you can use without a laptop, anywhere, thanks to its built-in battery and WiFi.

In another development, Ableton has announced that the instrument will also be available in a more traditional controller format – and that it will be modular, so users can upgrade a controller version of the Push to standalone at any time they wish.

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Push continues to have an 8×8 grid of pads as its centre, but now users can plug external instruments, synths and effects straight into Push’s built-in audio interface to record directly into either Push sets or Ableton Live. It is possible to send gate and CV signals to modular gear for a combined Eurorack/Push setup, or use Push with class-compliant Midi gear.

Standalone playability

The new Ableton Push is standalone, modular, and has a battery and WiFi built in.

This is the big news, of course. Ableton says:

“As a standalone instrument, Push is designed to sit at the heart of a laptop-free music setup. With a built-in battery and storage, you can make music without plugging in a single cable using instruments and effects you know from Ableton Live, along with your own Packs and sample libraries. Connect to WiFi to transfer sets back and forth between Push and Live.”

On the technical side, the standalone configuration of Push is powered by a specially adapted Intel NUC Compute Element, which combines a processor, RAM memory and WiFi in a credit-card-sized component.

But maybe the most forward-looking part of this whole unit is the modular nature of it. As Ableton says:

“If you buy your Push without a processor, you can add one yourself later using the Upgrade Kit. And it will also be possible to replace the processor, hard drive and battery later, so your instrument can keep up with the advance of technology.”

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Push is available now through at £1669/$1999/€1899 (standalone) and £879/$999/€949 for the more traditional controller version. Upgrade kits will be available “late 2023”, and will cost £879/$1049/€999.

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