The Digital DJ Tips DJ Test is Live - How Will You Score?

DJ Test

You can find out your own unique DJ Score, and get a free personalised improvement programme, by taking The DJ Test... a brand-new tool for DJs from Digital DJ Tips.

For months now we’ve had a crack team of savvy web geniuses locked away in a secret bunker somewhere in central London working on something totally game-changing, and today we’re unveiling to you exactly what all the effort has been for: Introducing... The DJ Test.

About The DJ Test

The DJ Test is our brand new completely free online tool for DJs, dedicated to showing you exactly where you’re at right now with your DJing and then showing you exactly how you can become an even better DJ, based on your results.

The DJ Test ingeniously benchmarks and scores you as DJ, based on an objective and scientific measure of your DJing skills. Once you’ve spent a few minutes taking The DJ Test (from your laptop, phone or tablet), you’ll instantly find out your current DJ score and get a personalised coaching report PDF to identify exactly how you can improve. Then, we’ll send you a series of free concise training videos with the tactics and direction towards making those improvements.

So this isn’t just an opportunity to see who’s the highest scoring DJ between you and your mates and tell everyone on Facebook (although that bit's fun too), it's a brand-new, totally free and revolutionary way of both scoring your DJing skills, and improving in the areas you need help the most.

How to take the test

You can take the test on your laptop, mobile or tablet, and at the end of 40 simple yes/no questions, you'll get your DJ Score, and a free personalised training programme.

You can take the test on your laptop, mobile or tablet, and at the end of 40 simple yes/no questions, you'll get your DJ Score... AND a free personalised training programme.

Taking the test is dead easy, and a lot of fun:

  1. Visit our brand-new website The DJ Test, and answer a simple set of questions about where you're at in your DJing right now (don't worry, it takes less than 10 minutes)
  2. From your answers we’ll instantly give you your "DJ Score”
  3. Based on those answers, we'll immediately email you a 100% personalised coaching PDF, full of easy ways to improve
  4. Over the following five days, we'll send you five free training videos, plus extra articles and resources to help you take the lessons even further

Click here to head over to The DJ Test now - and don't forget to come back and let us know how you get on...


There’s nothing else remotely like this in the DJ world and it’s been painstakingly developed through our experience of working with over 14,000 DJs worldwide who have taken our training courses. The DJ Test is a unique tool for getting yourself a competitive edge as a DJ - so click here to take The DJ Test now.

Have you taken the test? What score did you get? How useful did you find the personalised training and follow-up videos and resources? Let us know your thoughts in the comments...

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  1. Fonny Boons says:

    "77" not bad at all , overall good scores , just need to promote myself better and learn to scratch , then i'm all good 😄😄
    The promo/sell myself bit is true but when i am dj'ing 2/3times a month i guess it's not that bad
    Great survey

  2. Pete Input says:

    84 points. :)

  3. Kenneth Brown says:

    Scored 78. Same issue with self promo skills

  4. Kynthia Mahofa says:

    I'm pretty new to djing so I'll admit I got a pretty whack score. But that's besides the point though. Once I took the test I thought I'd get my report sent to me pretty soon, but it's been a whole day now and there's nothing in my inbox.So... what am I meant to do to get it? Try the test a couple more times (of which I wouldn't want to as it can be a tad bit tedious)? Thanks for the help in advance.

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