The World's Biggest DJ Survey Results Are In...

Census 2016

Over 12,000 DJs voted in our annual DJ census, and today you can find out the results...

Each year, Digital DJ Tips conducts its Global Digital DJ Census, the biggest DJ survey anywhere in the world. At the end of 2016 when we conducted the most recent survey, over 12,000 DJs took part, meaning this survey offers a unique and accurate reflection of our audience and, by extension, of the DJing world as a whole. And today, we're letting you in on the headline results...

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Some key takeaways...

  • DJing is no longer a hobby of the young - we have a huge audience from 18 to 55 and over, pretty evenly spread throughout. They're almost all male, though
  • DJing is still attracting new people: 50% of our audience has been DJing under 5 years with 20% under 12 months
  • Our students are spread among all types of DJing - party DJs, mobile, club, turntablists, controllerists, producers. Becoming a DJ/producer is the ultimate aim of the majority of DJs, though
  • Controllers still rule, Windows trumps Mac, and Serato, Traktor and Virtual DJ still boss the software world (although Rekordbox is gaining fast)
  • Beatport and iTunes between them cover the needs of most of our audience for buying music online, with the others barely getting a look in
  • Spotify rules streaming (although less than half of you subscribe to a streaming service), but Apple Music is gaining fast
  • Facebook is your favourite social media platform by far, and the majority of you use YouTube - but Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram have sizeable followings, too
  • Digital DJ Tips readers also regularly check out DJ Tech Tools and Mixmag online, but no other DJ-related sites pull more than 10% of our audience
  • More than two-thirds of our readers earn at least something from their DJing - although for most it is a small amount of their overall income


The results are fascinating, but what you don't see are the full results (ie actual numbers of respondents, comments, and the questions we don't publish for space reasons), or the year on year shifts.

We've alluded to some of the latter above, but additionally, what we're seeing is both a maturing of the audience (in age and in skills), more DJs earning more money, and a huge interest in music production.

What we also note is the interest in other types of DJing by more and more DJs - the crossover between mobile, club, DJ/producers, turntablism, controllerism, open-format and so on is bigger year by year. Basically, DJs seem increasingly interested in learning about this great hobby/job as a whole, and not just sticking to their own little ghettos. This is a development we both encourage, and enjoy being a part of.

Until next year! :)

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  1. Very interesting results. Especially the 35-44 age group, now I don't feel too old 😉
    "Digital DJ Tips readers also regularly check out DJ Tech Tools and Mixmag online, but no other DJ-related sites pull more than 10% of our audience" - I'm very surprised not to see DJWorx part of that list.
    Anyway, thanks for the info!

  2. Armand Vermeulen says:

    South Africa Represent 🇿🇦

  3. Chris Britton says:

    I was surprised to see how far Trance had fallen on the list of styles of music played

  4. says:

    I thought I did this survey, but seem to be on the far side of the Bell curve. Here is where I am at...
    - DJ hobbyist since 1979, with a recent 15 year hiatus to pursue other more lucrative ventures.
    - Prefer designing and building large format quality sounding systems, with a techy edge to the gear.
    - Dropped using vinyl in the early 1980s for tape (too many issues), and CDs in late 1984 ($345 CD player!)
    - Didn't like MP3s for live venues until 320Kbps became mainstream and mature.
    . Still prefer uncompressed the best, but can get my (coded) library on a flash card!
    - Last few years using DJ software, and am getting the hang of it. Found Virtual DJ to my taste.
    - Started dabbling with DMX lighting late 2016 and found linking Freestyler to VDJ. Looking promising!
    - After two DJ controllers, Stanton SCS3 (Software based) & AMDJ VMS2 (Hardware based)...
    . Deciding to go fully software defined and use a large touch screen.
    - Clipping 60, I am obviously "old school" and will not be hitting the EDM clubs any time soon.
    - Find special events, fund raisers and weddings my venue of choice.
    - I like checking in on various technologies, including DJ forums.

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