Phil Morse

As founder, publisher and editor of Digital DJ Tips, Phil is behind much of what appears on the website.

Phil has worked as a journalist (music, technology, food, news), as a web marketer, but most of all, as a DJ and club promoter, which he’s done for nearly 20 years.

Through that time, Phil has played at scores of venues across the UK and Europe, booked and met many of his DJ heroes, and promoted countless events and nights.

He started out DJing on vinyl, but when digital arrived in the mid 2000s, Phil was an early adopter, and hasn’t looked back since, now being an evangelist for all things digital.

As well as writing for the blog, he can be seen over on its YouTube channel, presenting reviews, overviews and talkthroughs of many of the products, techniques and philosophies of digital DJing.

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