7 Things We Learned in 2012

In 2012 we possibly saw more DJ controllers launched, more column inches written about dance music, more leaps in digital technology, and more blows to the old ways of the music industry than in any year before. But what were the trends driving the changes? What is changing in the world of DJing as these things have happened? And what will it all mean for DJs in 2013 and beyond?

10 New DJ Controllers For 2012: A Bluffer's Guide

With CES on now and NAMM next week, this is traditionally a busy time of year for new DJ and music gear. So don't fall behind now! Use our quick guide to stay up to date. With new gear from Native Instruments, Rane, Gemini, Reloop, Numark, DJ-Tech and several others, here's our round-up of what's on the radar at the moment.