6 Reasons Why There's Never Been A Better Time To Start DJing

It used to be the case that everyone grew up wanting to be a football player or in a band. Today, it is more likely to be a football player or a DJ, and I hate to break it to you kids, but unless you are the right build and have enough natural ability, you ain’t going to be a pro football player.

Welcome! 5 Things Brand New DJs Should Do First

So you got a DJ controller for Christmas. That's awesome - welcome to the big, wide world of digital DJing. You've come to the right place to get started, as we are the world's biggest digital DJ training site, with everything you could possibly need to get going.

6 Top Mistakes Beginner DJs Make

Everyone's got to start somewhere. If you're at the beginning of your DJ journey, you're bound to commit errors that other more seasoned jocks have gone through and have corrected through experience and practice. Here, we list six of the top errors new DJs make, and how they can be avoided.