Over To You: How Can I Make My Controller Louder?

Digital DJ Tips reader Jeff writes: “I’ve got myself a gig at this bar a couple nights a week. The problem is, last night while I showed them what I could do/tested my equipment on their system, I couldn’t get the volume to be quite what they wanted."

Opinion: Why A Digital DJ Should Never Play From Behind The Bar

I'm not going to front. I'm a newbie to the DJ game, a newbie in his early forties. But I want to tell you what I already know: that if you get a gig in a bar, you should do everything you can to avoid being made to play from behind the bar itself. Here's why:

7 Easy Steps Towards Your First DJ Booking

Whether it's your first gig ever, or your first gig in a new town, or your first gig having not played out for a while, getting it is an art form in itself. And for today's digital DJ, it definitely doesn't involve sending out mix CDs or getting yourself an agent.

6 Ways To Survive When DJing In Sports Bars

Turning up at your regular DJ gig to find a bar full of sports fans and the commentary on full volume brings its own set of challenges and rules of play for digital DJs. Here's how to add to the atmosphere, have fun and get some great music played when you're sharing your DJ set with a sporting event...