Review & Video: beaTunes 5 Music Library Fixer & Playlist App

beaTunes 5 full review beaTunes is an app for Mac or PC that helps you to improve, correct, update and manage your music files. It analyses your tracks to give you accurate information regarding the tempo, key, mood, danceability and more. It aims to take away the stress of manually checking the metadata of a huge [...]

Video: Harmonic Mixing In Traktor 101

Harmonic mixing, or mixing in key, is a crucial skill for DJing nowadays, ushered in on the back of digital music technologies (especially pitch preservation at varying tempo, and the ability for software to pretty accurately guess the key of any piece of music). Here's some advice on doing it in Traktor.

Review & Video: Mixed In Key 8 For Mac & PC

A decade ago, when key detection was almost unheard of, Mixed In Key revolutionised the game, giving DJs a simple way to instantly know what was likely to mix with what. But with key detection now built in to all major software, does Mixed In Key 8 do enough to make it worth buying? We find out...

Try Key Detection In Serato DJ Today

Serato just announced that you can now take part in the Serato DJ 1.8 Public Beta. The upcoming Serato DJ version will come with key detection and key shifting baked in, along with an update to Pitch 'n Time and the ability to remap Serato DJ functions on supported hardware controllers.

Serato DJ 1.8 Finally Adds Key Detection, Free To Everyone

Serato has added key detection to its Serato DJ software, bringing one of the most asked-for features to the popular digital DJing platform for the first time. Serato DJ 1.8 - which will be available as a free upgrade from the end of October - features the company's own proprietary key detection analysis.

Beatport Pro Now Lets You Filter Songs By Key

Beatport announced over the weekend an update to its Beatport Pro online music store: You can now filter songs, genres, and artist releases by musical key, allowing you to make purchase decisions based on your harmonic mixing needs.

Your Questions: Traktor Key Mixing Vs Mixed In Key

Digital DJ Tips member Rayanaldo writes: "I’m fairly familiar with manually mixing in key. Then I discovered Mixed in Key. Awesome! Then Traktor came out with the key detection feature, even better! Only problem is while there are a few tutorials that explains how to mix using Traktor key notation, most if not all explain it using major minor sharps so and so forth."