Turn Heads With Avante Audio's Achromic Speakers

New company Avante Audio has announced its Achromic Series, a range of active loudspeakers with a distinct, minimalist design. The line is aimed at mobile DJs and performers looking for powered loudspeakers that look different. Avante Audio is the new speaker division by ADJ, makers of professional DJ lighting.

Kickstarter: Basslet, A Subwoofer On Your Wrist

An intriguing Kickstarter campaign called Basslet just launched: it's a subwoofer that you wear like a watch, giving you that "thumping" impression you feel when you're stood next to a bass bin, albeit on your wrist. When you listen to music, it vibrates to transmit low end to your body.

Review & Video: SubPac M2 Wearable Sub-Bass Audio System

In this review we take a look at the SubPac M2, which I have to admit has been sat in our equipment room for a while now, as I was hesitant to review it unless I just "didn't get it" and ended up slating the thing. On paper it's got "novelty" written all over it, right? Let's find out...

Review & Video: Cerwin-Vega P1000X Loudspeaker & P1800SX Subwoofer

In this review, we take a look at the Cerwin Vega P1000X loudspeaker and the P1800SX subwoofer. While occupying the pricier side of things, Cerwin Vega is a pro audio brand known for quality, ruggedness, and awesome sound. Was it able to carry on those characteristics into these compact, portable speakers?

How To Choose A Small DJ PA System

If you’re looking at DJ PA systems but you’re not sure where to start, in this article we’re going to arm you with all you need to make an informed choice.