Over To You: Have Digital & Sync Changed How Well We Know Our Music?

Digital DJ Tips reader Jason Wilson writes: "When I bought vinyl I would play it a thousand times to get to know the tune(s) inside and out. With MP3s however, I find it too easy to spend money on seven to eight tunes and never really get to know them, so the sync function helps me to make my mixes smooth. Is this cheating?"

Exclusive: Technics Brings Sync Button To Turntables

Ever since they were announced by Technics a few weeks ago, DJs have been wondering why the enormous cost of $4000 for not even two, but simply ONE of the new generation of Technics turntable. We can nor reveal why: They will have sync built in.

Your Questions: Why Is Sync A Dirty Word?

This weekend’s big question comes from member Tim Leavitt. He says: “I understand that getting two tracks totally locked in by ear is something that takes years of practice. And yet I can’t help but think that this problem is almost completely, automatically solved by the Sync button."

Your Questions: Beatgridding & Beatmatching Difficult Tunes

Our reader asks: "How do you beatgrid songs where the BPM drifts? Do you have to put cues all over the place, like every other 30 seconds?"

Video Masterclass: Sync & Master Clock In Traktor

Ever wondered what's going on behind the scenes when you click "sync" in Traktor? What "master clock" and "auto" mean? Today we have a guest video post, recorded specially for Digital DJ Tips, that explains all.

The 7 Dirty Secrets Of Digital DJing

While the new tools of digital DJing give true music fans the chance to spin great DJ sets when otherwise they probably wouldn't even have tried, the same tools in the wrong hands can wreak havok in the DJ box. We lay bare the secret weapons digital DJs use... and abuse!