10 Reasons Why You Need Mixing Power Skills Today

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 25 March, 2018

Of everything we sell, our Mixing Power Skills online training course is the Digital DJ Tips online video course that has made the biggest difference to the biggest number of DJs’ lives, and it has been a runaway success since its launch. Here are 10 good reasons why if you don’t own this, you really should:

10 Reasons To Get Mixing Power Skills

  1. It teaches you the mixing secrets of the pros
  2. It works across any platform, DJ software package, or type of gear
  3. It focuses on the complete picture, getting you ready for power mixing in every area of your DJing, from music to mindset to muscle memory
  4. It actually shows you the mixes and breaks them down into step-by-step methods. It’s just like being there and being able to ask question after question
  5. It contains 31 different mix techniques, and the principles it teaches mean you can go on to invent hundreds of your own
  6. It works with any kind of music, indeed we use the widest possible range to teach, from house to hip-hop, pop to rock
  7. It has practical techniques that anyone can learn, from beginner to experienced, and all of them are taken from real life DJ sets – this is the real stuff
  8. It shows you how to make big BPM changes in your sets, so you won’t be “tied to the tempo” ever again
  9. It shows you how to mix and match genres and styles, for truly attention-grabbing multi-genre DJ sets
  10. It is yours for life to come back to whenever you want, for a single payment


As with all our courses, Mixing Power Skills comes with a 12 month 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t feel this course has transformed your mixing, then you can refund at any time.

So for all these reasons it’s the perfect time for you to get 31 DJing techniques that will change the way you play forever.

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