Kaleidoscopic Serato DJing: Don’t Do This On Acid!

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
projection serato
Last updated 26 November, 2017


Take a look at this video. We’ve already seen the Emulator touchscreen DJ system, but these guys have gone off in another direction and projected a hacked Serato screen back onto their decks and mixer.

It’s obvious that they’re into ahem, visual stimulation by the amount of Hendrix-esque / psychedelic material they’ve added to the set-up alongside the controls for Serato – and it looks absolutely stunning. Imagine a DJ with this set-up in some underground rave in a car park!

The boys claim a DJing benefit in that there’s no need to look at the screen when you’re DJing (you look at your mixer for the waveforms and select the tunes from a list projected just above the decks and mixer). I don’t know that there are really any benefits to the DJ from this, but it looks fantastic, it must have been absorbing to engineer, and it must also be great fun to play on. It may be kind of pointless, but art doesn’t have to have a point. I think you’ll agree it’s pretty awesome.

By the way it seems like the psychedelic acid decks wars have already started, with another developer staking claim to the idea as . Watch them both and make your own mind up…

• Thanks to Jason and Samuel for the heads up on this.

Mindblowing or a waste of time? Love to hear your thoughts below.

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