How To DJ Using Tracks With Different Volume Levels [Live DJing Q&A With Phil Morse]

Last updated 10 August, 2023

In this replay of our live Q&A lesson, we discussed the “best” gear for DJing, how to DJ using tracks with different volume levels, tips for success, and more!

Here’s what’s covered…

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:57 Rekordbox 6 Made Easy course
  • 4:12 This week in DJ news
  • 11:29 Any tips for applying to DJ at a music festival?
  • 14:47 Can you automatically extract a track list from a recorded DJ mix?
  • 17:08 Is djay Pro AI a good Serato alternative for DJ gigs?
  • 19:44 What are the best wireless in ear monitors (IEMs) for DJing?
  • 20:28 What gear do I need to livestream DJ sets to multiple platforms?
  • 22:28 Which gear should I buy to become a professional DJ?
  • 24:27 How we teach DJing: The Complete DJ Course & Rock The Dancefloor!
  • 30:23 Can I beatmatch tracks using just the “drum” stem?
  • 35:05 What’s the best way to beatgrid difficult tracks in Serato DJ Pro?
  • 37:56 How to DJ using tracks with different volume levels?
  • 41:54 What’s the best standalone DJ system in 2023?
  • 42:56 Best laptop for DJing on a budget?
  • 45:18 What are your thoughts on PCDJ and other less known DJ software?

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