Over To You: Is Skrillex’s Grammy The End For Dubstep?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 1 October, 2017


Skrillex collects his Grammy. Has dance truly gone mainstream in America?

So Skrillex won a Grammy, Deadmau5 was there to engage in publicity stunts / rivalry in front of the cameras with him… and to some observers, it seemed to spell both the acceptance of dance music into the American mainstream and the death of dubstep.

But is it really either? Regarding acceptance of dance music into the mainstream, does this really mean that Main Street America is all of a sudden swinging its tastes around towards repetitive beats and all-night parties?

And regarding the “death of dubstep”, if you’re one of those who thinks Skrillex is a proponent of the dubstep scene at all, do you think that poking your head over the trench to collect an award one day of the year is really going to change a whole musical scene (a scene that began in south London, UK and that – like dance music always, always has – continues to mutate and warp with healthy disregard for any mainstream, never mind one thousands of miles away)?

Interesting questions. My view is no to both. American musical taste is a big old tanker which one tweak of the tiller isn’t going to sudden push off in another direction. And dance music is so easy to make and enjoy that it’ll do it’s own thing regardless of anyone – its restlessness is part of its nature.

But what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

So – over to you: Does Skrillex winning a Grammy mean the end of dubstep and/or the acceptance of dance music into the mainstream in America?

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