BPM 2012: Record Your Sets With The Reloop Tape

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 16 November, 2017


Reloop Tape
The Reloop Tape: A loveable solution to recording your DJ sets on the go.

It’s cute, it’s chunky, it looks like a cassette tape. It’s the Reloop Tape, a funky little answer to that DJ problem: “How do I record my sets?”

Roughly the size of a cassette tape, this £80 / €90 device comes complete with a set of retro cassette stickers to personalise it. It is designed to let you record your DJ performance when you’re playing at a party, on someone else’s gear, or even when you’re using LE software that doesn’t let you record directly.

Here’s how it works: You plug your source (probably a mixer output) in to its 1/8″ TRS output. You’ll need to be recording from a mixer with a spare output – most have this. A “record out” is perfect, but an unused “booth out” is fine too. (Just get the level right and remember not to move it while recording…)

Next you select recording quality – the choice is 128kbps MP3 and 320kbps MP3 (the former is fine for spoken material, the latter better for music).

Reloop Tape
It’s got two recording quality settings, plus a ‘thru’ – oh, and a ground terminal for some reason.

And finally, you plug any USB “pen” drive into the USB slot on the unit, which is then used to record your DJ set onto. No computers, no hassle. You simply remove the USB stick when you’re done, and you can import the MP3 to your computer when you are ready.

We didn’t get to try it, so I can’t tell exactly how you’re meant to set the output level. And I don’t know how long its battery lasts. But I am sure we’ll carry a review of it soon enough and find all these things out.

For now, suffice to say it’s one of the most loveable little accessories we’ve seen here at BPM 2012, and it solves a genuine DJ problem (Christian, one of Reloop’s staff members and DJs, came up with the idea when he couldn’t record a DJ set a few months back).

Do you like the look of the Reloop Tape? Would you buy one as an easy way of recording your sets? Let us know your thoughts below.


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