Video Interview: Tony Andrews Talks Digital Sound Quality

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 16 November, 2017


Tony Andrews
Funktion One’s Tony Andrews knows more than most what it takes to get digital sound as sweet as possible, and he’s going to help us come up with the definitive guide for digital DJs to get sound quality right.

Have you ever DJed after a CD or vinyl DJ and not been able to get the same sound quality out of your digital gear? Been forced to play “in the red”, sounding awful in the process? Bought a tune that sounded OK on your PC but crap in the club? Got confused over which audio format sounds best?

Digital sound is far harder to get right than analogue, and one man who knows that pretty much better than anyone is Tony Andrews of Funktion One.

Tony is on a crusade to educate about the benefits of proper sound, and has been for over 40 years. So we figured if he couldn’t help us explain to digital DJs – from bedroom guys to superstars – why great sound is so important, nobody could. And what’s more, we thought, who better to help us draft out some simple steps to make sure our digital DJ sets sound as good as possible?

Tony has generously agreed to help, and so we’re excited to be working with him on the digital DJ’s definitive guide to getting the best sound quality possible. It’s coming soon! (Update: Here’s Tony’s 7 Rules For Great DJ Sound Quality article.)

Meanwhile, as a prelude to that guide, Tony took ten minutes out of the busy BPM Show 2012, to chat with us in the car park (read: smoking room) at the back of the hall about what the problem is with digital sound, and why we should care. Here’s that interview.


Have you found your DJ sets tend to sound worse sometimes that CD or vinyl guys? Is there anything you’d particularly like us to address in the article or articles to follow? Please share in the comments.

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