Remix Decks Unlocked In Traktor 2.6.2 Update

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Remix Decks unlocked Traktor 2.6.2
Last updated 13 November, 2017


Remix buttons
Want to map more buttons than the Traktor Kontrol F1 has got? No problem, now that mapping features for the Remix Decks are available in Traktor 2.6.2’s mapping editor. Pic: tomash

Traktor 2.6.2 – which is now available – finally allows users to map the Remix Deck controls to controllers other than the Traktor Kontrol F1. The update also adds support for the imminent Traktor Kontrol Z1 mixer, a Flux button to the transport section, and some improvements to the way the software works with the Traktor Kontrol Z2.

The Remix Decks controls include “added controls for direct mapping of Remix Deck cells [and]added controls for advanced Remix Deck features: Reverse, Quantize, Cell Load, Cell Delete and Cell Capture”, according to Native Instruments. This is one of the most asked-for changes since the day the Remix Decks and the F1 were first launched.

It will be particularly good new for owners of controllers that have both RGB buttons (for the full range of feedback), and a bigger grid that that on the F1. With such controllers, it is now going to be possible to map for expansive Remix Sets without the need to scroll through sample banks so much. Will it help the Remix Sets idea to gain more traction? Only time will tell, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

• Visit your Service Center to download Traktor 2.6.2 as of now.

Have you been waiting for this so you can map the Remix Decks yourself? Is this likely to get you to start using them? Or do you think it’s something that’ll never interest you? Please share your thoughts on the unlocking and on the reRemix Decks in the comments below.

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