DJs Contribute New Pattern Player Kits To Traktor Pro 3.9

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 5 June, 2023

Native Instruments has announced Traktor Pro 3.9, with new Pattern Player Kits added from Nicole Moudaber and Fabio Florido, as well as native compatibility with Apple M1 and M2 Macs, and integration with a new earnings sharing platform called Aslice. Let’s look deeper…

Traktor’s Pattern Player, now improved.

Apple Silicon (M1 & M2) Mac Support

Traktor now natively supports Apple M1 and M2 processors, resulting in increased performance and more fluent waveforms.

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In other platform news, support for MacOS 10.15 has been deprecated, and graphics cards supporting OpenGL 2.1 are now mandatory on Windows.

New Pattern Player Kits from Nicola Moudaber and Fabio Florido

The Pattern Player is available in the Traktor Pro Plus subscription version of the software, and it now has new kits from these two DJs, called “In The Mood” and “6am Vibes” respectively.

2 new Pattern Player features

Also, Pro Plus subscribers get two new Pattern Player features, called “Edits Retention” and “Sample Recall”. The former makes customised patterns persistent until you change kit or hit “reset” (the button with the red square around it below), the latter letting you recall sounds and pattern parameters together.

The button highlighted resets the pattern, which now otherwise remains persistent as long as you’ve got that kit loaded.

Aslice integration

Aslice is a new platform that aims to help producers get fairly compensated when their music is played, by DJs submitting their playlists and pledging part (the suggested amount is 5%) of their earnings, to be distributed among the producers on any given event’s playlist.

Aslice attempts to get producers fairly compensated when their tracks are played, and is now integrated into Traktor.

We know nothing of this platform but if you do and it’s something you want, well, it’s in Traktor now.

More info

For more information, head to the Traktor support site.

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