Friday Roundup: Shocking Plot To Copyright All The World’s Sounds Revealed

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 6 November, 2017


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Shhhhhh! The man is going to copyright every sound in the world, so you’d better pay or stay quiet. Wunderground has uncovered a dastardly plot, as reported in today’s Friday Roundup…

In today’s Friday Roundup, Wunderground uncovers a dastardly plot by “the man”; Kaskade reacts to what SoundCloud did to his mixes; a look at the true meaning of success in the newly-glamorised world of DJing; how to use social media to grow an organic fan base; and why (being serious for a second) piracy truly robs everyone. All these stories and more are shortlisted for you in our weekly muster of the best DJ news from around the web. Have a great weekend!

  1. Universal Music & SoundCloud Copyright The Entire Spectrum Of Sound – You’ll never guess what SoundCloud and Universal have been cooking up (according to Wunderground…) – the “truth” will shock you! Read more
  2. Five Cheap DJ Tricks And How To Avoid Them – DJ Techtools gives a rundown of five DJing cliches. We don’t agree with them all 100%, but the site has a point… Read more
  3. What Defines Modern DJ Success? – What does success really mean in the DJ business today? Traktor Tips gives us food for thought Read more
  4. How Luciano Got 2 Million Social Media Followers – Promotion is a key aspect in furthering your DJ career and influence. Check out on JustGo how Luciano leveraged social media to a spectacular degree Read more
  5. Kaskade’s Big Move Following His SoundCloud Ban – After having his music taken down from SoundCloud recently, Kaskade announced big plans to “stick it to the man”, again as reported by JustGo Read more
  6. Piracy Kills EDM, Too! – Despite the megabuck DJ/producer earnings you see touted by mass media, music piracy is disastrous for all music makers, as DJ Mag points out… Read more
  7. Ibiza’s Top 10 Dance Tracks – A countdown of the hottest summer tracks on the White Island, via In the Mix/Shazam. Get the vibe even if you can’t go… Read more

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